HBO has become one of the most famous cable television channels in the world. It has more than 25 million subscribers and it is not surprising, since it is considered by many to be the best series broadcaster. This is because it has produced most of the best series in the history of television.
His productions are usually synonymous with quality at all levels , but above all, his best series stand out for the depth of their plots and their complex characters. So, we are going to show a list of the 16 best HBO series of all time.

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The best HBO series
If we made a ranking of the best series of all time, without specifying the television channel, many of the series would top the list. This is why true moviegoers will appreciate this list of the best series on the platform in particular.
As always, the selection is based on scores from pages like IMDB and Filmaffinity, on the criticism of the general and specialized public, and on the personal evaluation of a server.

16. Entourage (The Entourage) (2004 – 2011)
This HBO series tells the life of a young actor and “the entourage” that surrounds him. The protagonist, named VInce, has risen to the top of fame and his friends accompany him to keep him grounded. But it won’t be easy…
Series produced by the remarkable Mark Wahlberg, who also participates as an actor, among many others, because if something makes this series stand out as one of the best HBO series, it is because of its cast and its cameos . Below you can see the movie they made just after finishing the series to conclude the story:
If you don’t know this series, we don’t understand what you are doing reading this article.

15. Johm Adams (2008)
A documentary series of only 7 episodes about part of the history of the United States . The name of the series refers to the second president of the United States.
If you like history, this series also has doses of war scenes and a faithful portrait of the time that easily make it one of the best.
If you don’t know this series, we don’t understand what you are doing reading this article.

14. The Nwesroom (2012 – 2014)
A series that deals with the future of a team of editors and journalists who are in charge of the news for an American network. It has three seasons totaling 25 chapters.
Much of the attention will go to its lead actor Jeff Daniels, who is the news anchor and is on the verge of personal and professional collapse.
If you don’t know this series, we don’t understand what you are doing reading this article.

13. Silicon Valley (2014 –

Silicon Valley is a series created by Mike Judge and broadcast since April 2014 on HBO. It has already been confirmed that there will be a sixth season and we would not be surprised if there were more in the future. A comedy that portrays the coexistence and business growth of a group of computer scientists from Silicon Valley. Although it may remind The Big Bang Theory, it has more mature and serious points than this one.
If you don’t know this series, we don’t understand what you are doing reading this article.

12. Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) (2000 –

Larry David is not only the name of this HBO series, but also its main character. A sitcom that began its journey almost two decades ago, and that has not stopped making a large number of fans laugh. With 90 chapters divided into 9 seasons and episodes of about 30 minutes, you will be pleasantly surprised.
A series about the stories that Larry lives, who is a semi-retired television writer and producer, after the success of Sinfeld (a series in which he participated in real life as a producer and co-creator). Thus, this series mixes real aspects of the life of its protagonist with fiction.
If you don’t know this series, we don’t understand what you are doing reading this article.

11.Deadwood (2004-2006)
Despite only having three seasons, this is one of the best Western and cowboy series in history.
A hard series that deals with issues such as misogyny , racism, prostitution and endless controversial issues, all of them revolving around a society in chaos . What can go wrong?
If you don’t know this series, we don’t understand what you are doing reading this article.

10. Westworld (2016 –

For many, Westworld will become the successor to Game of Thrones . We do not know if it will be up to the moment, but it is true that with only one season it has already caused the applause of (almost) all its viewers.
The genre of cowboys and Indians arrives in its version 2.0 with the idea that its homonym already brought in the form of a movie (translated into Spanish from Spain as Almas de Metal or in Mexico as Oestelandia).

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9. Two meters underground (2001 – 2005)
A different series from the rest of this list. In this case, Six Feet Under (Six Feet Under) masterfully deals with the particular situations experienced by a dysfunctional family .
This family is characterized by having a funeral company, which will create the most peculiar and tragic situations. A simple bet but one that wastes quality thanks to the depth of its characters and the amount of emotions that they uncover in those who see it.
Notably, Six Feet Under has one of the best series endings of all time .

8. Oz (1997 – 2003)
This series largely takes place in Emerald City. No, it is not a city, not even a territory; It is the fourth level of a maximum security prison called the Oswald State Correctional Facility.
The series is not only a shocking story about the goings-on that occur inside the prison (with all its harsh truth), but it is also a criticism of the United States prison system, since, far from reforming the inmates, it ends up transforming them. into real monsters.
Other issues they touch on are the dilemmas between mercy and punishment, as well as the morality of the death penalty. Something that few series have tried and less getting to become one of the best series of all time.

7. Rome (2005 – 2007)
Discovering Rome from the time of the Republic until it became an Empire is quite an adventure thanks to this series.
It is one of the most expensive series in history, mainly because of the large number of spaces and actors that were needed. To get an idea, it was possible to have more than 350 people performing the same scene at the same time in surfaces of 20,000 square meters . With only 22 chapters and two seasons, it had a budget of 100 million dollars.
Not only is it one of the best series on the platform, but for lovers of the genre, it will be one of the best series of their lives.

6. Boardwalk Empire (2010 – 2014)
A series that describes some overwhelming events that occurred in the city of Atlantic City.The original story for the series comes from a book titled Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City. The adaptation to the small screen was commissioned by none other than the producer of The Sopranos.
A series that has 56 episodes and that announced its second season just two days after the broadcast of the pilot episode.

The series won more than 50 Emmys, a Golden Globe and two SAG awards thanks especially to the impeccable performance of Steve Buscemi.
A complex network of politicians, corruption, gangsters and government agents fairly faithfully stage one of the darkest periods of the big city.

5. True Detective (2014 –

True Detective has yet to prove his worth. It has a second season that was not up to the first , but that, without a doubt, is one of the series that has created the most hype when the first chapters appeared.
Such was the phenomenon after the first season, that the same directors of the series warned that it was impossible to meet the expectations of the fans in the second, and even created the term “True Detective effect” .
This concept spread by fans refers to what happens when a first season is so tremendously good that it makes it impossible for the second to match it or even come close.

4. Blood Brothers (2001 – Miniseries)

Possibly the best war series to date. A faithful and cruel representation of war and the situations that soldiers must live. Soldiers who do not stop being people with their respective fears, dreams and families.
But wars usually wipe out the latter two and make the former appear.

3. Game of Thrones (2011 –

Game of Thrones is currently HBO’s flagship series . This series has broken all records in recent years.
Although her fast-paced fantastic world is coming to an end, she will go down in history as one of the best in the world. It simply has it all: wars, love, betrayal, strategy, deaths (many many deaths), unexpected plot twists, memorable moments, image and script quality, and endless events that blow the minds of viewers and social networks.
A perfect series for a large number of people, which has also accompanied an entire generation.

2. The Wire: Under Listening (2002 – 2008)

Almost certainly the densest series on this list .
A police plot that stands out for an elaborate and intricate plot where two worlds are shown that constantly collide with each other: that of urban gangs and the bodies of the law.
It was especially acclaimed for showing in a very sincere and faithful way the reality that police officers live and the processes that they must follow to arrest a suspect.
Not suitable for all tastes, since it can be somewhat complex and slow on some occasions, but it is always loaded with high doses of reflection. A sample that quality can only be savored little by little .

1. The Sopranos (1999 – 2007)
This series simply needs no introduction. The world of television did not know what it was to make good series until this essential masterpiece for all series fans jumped onto the screen.
With a total of 86 episodes spread over 6 seasons, The Sopranos became one of the most beloved and praised series by critics and viewers; standing out especially for its unbeatable script .
If you don’t know this series, we don’t understand what you are doing reading this article.

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