The engagement ring is considered a token of love. The moment when the lover gives it to his future bride is always moving and will be remembered for a lifetime.

No woman wants to give it up. Vip or not, the engagement ring is a must for all women: you cannot get married without having received it together with the marriage proposal.

Even for VIPsĀ  , the story is the same. Famous singers and actresses show off wonderful rings, some fine and elegant, others remarkably showy and exorbitant prices . The future spouses, in fact, spared no expense in order to receive the big yes from their beloved.

Whether it’s diamonds or sapphires, star rings always leave fans in awe. On the other hand, these are celebrities who cannot fail to desire rings of a thousand and one nights. And perhaps, as they say, there is no love without carats.

Find out with the 10 most beautiful and most expensive rings of the stars >>

10) Victoria Beckham, a precious ring for a timeless story

It was back in 1998 when Posh Spice received this precious engagement ring from her current husband, David Beckham, a 3- carat teardrop-shaped diamond, with an estimated value of 80,000 euros . The two got married the following year and their love continues today, along with their 4 children.

9) Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s proposal

Justin Timberlake asked for Jessica Biel ‘s hand during a vacation to a Wyoming resort. The two boyfriends, at the time, had just emerged from a crisis that had threatened their long relationship. Then, however, the romantic proposal of the singer arrived, accompanied by this splendid ring , with a square and homogeneous cut stone. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got married in Puglia in 2012 and in 2015 their first child, Silas, arrived.

8) Kate Middleton and Lady Diana’s ring

The most moving proposal ever. Prince William asked his Kate to hand over him with his mother’s engagement ring , Lady Diana . A jewel of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding an oval blue stone, 12 carat, set on an 18 carat white gold ring. A ring that, in addition to the great economic value, has an enormous emotional value .

7) Kim Kardashian and the unusual ring

Kanye West asked his Kim’s hand in spectacular fashion, renting a stadium and orchestra just for the occasion. The engagement ring , therefore, could not fail to be equally showy . It is a 15-carat diamond, signed Lorraine Schwartz, with which the 2 stars sealed their love. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have, in fact, been married since 2013 and have 2 children.

6) Lady Gaga and the returned ring

Lady Gaga had received a romantic heart-shaped engagement ring from her partner and actor Taylor Kinney . She herself had declared: ” She gave me her heart on Valentine’s Day and I said yes “. But the heart has returned to the sender: the two broke up recently! The wedding, therefore, never took place.

5) Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s blue ring

The Spanish actress received an engagement ring with a 3-carat blue sapphire stone surrounded by diamonds. With this jewel Javier Bardem , actor and her current husband, asked her for her hand and received a resounding Yes. The two have been married since 2010 and have 2 children, Leonardo and Luna.

4) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s ring

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married in an intimate ceremony on August 23, 2014. The two actors, even if today they seem to be experiencing a strong crisis, have lived a beautiful love relationship that led Brad Pitt to ask her hand with a truly unique ring. In fact, Brad asked a famous Beverly Hills jeweler to design a one-of-a-kind piece for his Angelina, with no expense spared. The estimated value, in fact, would be around $ 250,000 .

3) Carrie Underwood and the yellow diamond

The famous country singer received a very special ring. Her current husband, Mike Fisher, asked her for her hand and gave her a round, 12-carat yellow diamond surrounded by two rows of paves. Apparently, the husband spared no expense as the estimated value of the jewel would amount to a whopping 800,000 dollars !

2) Sofia Vergara and the ring on Christmas day

Joe Manganiello asked the actress Sofia Vergara for the hand on Christmas day 2014. A diamond surrounded by diamonds accompanied the speech in Colombian language, made by Joe Manganiello to the Modern Family star who, in fact, is of Colombian origin. The two got married in November 2015 at a Palm Beach hotel.

1) Beyonce, the most expensive ring

Beyonce and Jay-Z married in 2008 after many years of engagement. The rapper spared no expense for the ring with which he decided to ask the singer’s hand. It is anĀ  18-karat ring with an estimated value of 5 million dollars , designed by the jeweler Lorraine Schwartz.