How do you imagine a tattoo? Most likely you have in mind the classic mini butterfly or, on the contrary, a huge dragon that shows itself all along the back. Do you have in mind the little heart that you have tattooed with your hers, or the body of Fedez which is literally an illustrated poster. 

But also the world of tattoos changes, and tattoos are updated, modernized . And tattoo artists are always looking for new ideas for their work. And here in 2021 tattoo meets graphics. And the new protagonists become … the letters! Lettering Tattoos are in fact the current trend . Write, for the whole body, mottos, poems, sentences with effect. Or just names of loved ones. As long as each letter is a work of art.

In this new post we return to the world of tattoos and see together what lettering tattoos are, how they are performed and which are the most tattooed models. Welcome back to our portal!

How was the Lettering Tattoo born?

First of all: how was tattoo lettering born?

Specifically, it is actually a neologism, the meaning of which is associated with a type of writing that tends to mix calligraphy – therefore typical traits of a personality – and typography , for example a Word font! How would you write the Arial font freehand? Or Georgia? Or the famous Times New Roman? This is how Lettering is born. By customizing something impersonal.

Writings in tattoos have always existed but once upon a time there was not much attention paid to them. Today, however, with the Lettering Tattoo even the writing becomes a work of art to be tattooed and always carry with you . A painting to show together with the chosen symbol. Or even alone, like that, just letters. It can also be associated with advertising graphics and thus obtain something unique.

With the lettering tattoo in practice you have no limits of choice and you can tattoo whatever comes to mind. But be careful, however, to tattoo something interesting and beautiful to see and carry with you.

How is this type of tattoo done?

To perform the Lettering Tattoo you must first of all  have a precise idea of ​​what to do. Many of us have in mind the fonts of the Word program and usually they take inspiration for their tattoo from them. But even billboards or signs can provide some ideas about it. When you are sure you prepare the drawing – or ask the tattoo artist to prepare it. Then colors, styles, embellishments are chosen. So in the end we start with the customization of the design, according to the tastes of the tattooed.

As soon as there is a definitive agreement, the design is reproduced on the skin . And on that track, the actual tattoo will take shape . What counts in this type of tattoo is the skill of the hand that performs it, so it is then up to the hand of the tattoo artist to transform an idea on paper into a work of art on skin. These are real calligraphy exercises, or rather the interpretation of other people’s handwriting. An art that transforms graphic signs into paintings.

What is engraved with Lettering Tattoos?

Important words, names. These are ultimately the main requests of those who opt for this kind of tattoo.

Some words are so requested that they are now in the teaching manual of the “lettering tattoo artist”: Love, Destiny, Truth, Friendship .. in four different languages, they must be ready for engraving. Lettering in Chinese or Arabic characters are also other elements of great fashion in this style. And here the skill of the tattoo artist on duty really shows.

Finally, some requests want ancient or extinct, or even invented and fictional alphabets . The gothic one much in use at the time of Nazi Germany, the “elven” one that recalls the writings of the film on the Lord of the Rings, or still someone asks for Egyptian hieroglyphs, while in some cases we even tattoo written in Klingon, directly from the saga of Star Trek! The important thing is, in general, that you or those who perform the tattoo, are well informed about the true meaning of the words you will use and the symbols you will associate with them. In some cultures, a slight error changes the meaning of an entire sentence and can cause damage that only the laser can erase!

For the rest there is free rein to the imagination and imagination of each of you.