A question that many men must solve when they are intimate with a woman is how to make her reach orgasm. The thing is complicated if we take into account that each woman is different ; so she will not all be excited the same.
To be able to know what makes whoever accompanies us in bed feel a hundred, good open communication is necessary, which allows us to discover how to fully satisfy our companion. If this is achieved, sexual intercourse can be more than pleasant.
As we know that achieving such a degree of rapport is difficult, we bring a list that includes the type of men who are not capable of satisfying women in sex. Previous considerations on female pleasure
Understanding how female pleasure works is somewhat more complex than male pleasure. While in men, the orgasm is linked merely to reproductive purposes; in women other factors influence. The hypotheses about the choice of partner made by women propose that this selection serves as a reflection of a mechanism for selecting men who are in better conditions.
Nor should we lose sight of the fact that some women are not as sexually active as others; there are those who can go weeks without sex (a trend that increases with age), while others do so almost daily or several times a week.
Similarly, we must also consider that not all women are excited the same, nor do they take the same amount of time to reach climax,nor is this achieved through the same practices . The frequency of time it takes to reach orgasm (and its quality) is something significant that always depends on the partner, a factor to take into account. What 5 flaws do men have that least satisfy women?
Sexual behavior is very different depending on how capable a man is of making a woman reach orgasm.
It has been seen that women choose the men with whom they have the best sex because they perceive them as the best candidates with the ideal traits for a better prepared offspring. In this way, the behavior of the man during sex plays a decisive role in the probability of reaching orgasm., which will be a reflection of how good a parent he will be.
On the other hand, men who are less able to give quality orgasms to women and who are perceived as worse parents, will have these five defects, so it is advisable to be attentive to what is chosen. 5. Little sense of humor
A fun person with a good sense of humor can make us smile even in our saddest moments. What has been discovered, moreover, is that men with little sense of humor or not given to joking around , are also less able to satisfy a woman in bed.
Apparently, a sense of humor is linked to more intelligence, a trait to be taken into account in all aspects of life, including sexuality. So, if a girl meets a guy who isn’t funny or not at all funny, let her know that she probably won’t enjoy it too much when they frolic between the sheets. And this imperfection requires a lot of effort to improve. 4. Lack of creativity
Like a sense of humor, creativity plays an important role in the perceived attractiveness of men and, in the same way, is relevant in their sex appeal.
An uncreative mind reflects a less developed and empathetic intelligence, which probably translates into poor abilities to stimulate and show affection for the well-being of the woman with whom he is intimate, a serious deficiency that must be highlighted.
Thus, both sense of humor and creativity go hand in hand , since both are faithful signs of perceived intelligence and, therefore, of better genetic quality. 3. Not very affectionate
The men who least take into account the woman’s pleasure during sex, those who do not worry about her reaching orgasm, those who do not care about the sexual position they perform while they are comfortable and who do not bother in stimulate the erogenous zones properly (needless to say that oral sex does not go with them),they are hardly indicated to satisfy any woman.
Showing love and worrying that she enjoys in bed is the result of fluid communication, in which there are no taboos to talk about what you both like or how; which allows you to talk freely about any consensual activity that will make you touch the sky, including the use of sex toys.
On the contrary, not doing it is a scourge for a good sexual relationship to prosper and very determinant of the inability to satisfy any woman. 2. Unfaithful
We will not discover the philosopher’s stone if we say that men who are perceived as less faithful are the least likely to please women in sex.The attractiveness of a man depends on many factors and one of them if he inspires enough confidence in the woman, so that she manages to open up emotionally and physically to him.
The more mistrust or suspicion of infidelity that she notices, the less she could feel that this man is a good lover. Infidelity is one of the worst defects that will prevent a woman from enjoying good sex. 1. Bad smell
Finally, the men who least satisfy women are those who suffer from a strong body odour. The bad smell sends signals that the woman’s brain identifies with a worse immune system and inferior genetic quality., imperfections that would be perpetuated in a possible offspring; Hence, this type of men are the least chosen as potential partners and, consequently, they give less sexual satisfaction.
It has been hypothesized that women select men who have different immune system alleles as their ideal partner. In this way, through the smell, they would unconsciously capture which men are better to have better offspring, since the possible offspring would develop a better immune system, thanks to the combination of the different alleles of both parents. And better offspring would be achieved with better orgasms , which is difficult if you have this defect, which prevents women from fully enjoying themselves.