The world of the game is a universe of rituals and symbols. Casino life has a very special charm, celebrated by art and literature. Dice, chips and roulette play a role in our collective imagination. The cards have an iconography that we often find in literature, painting, photography. Even fashion has never been indifferent to the world of the game.

There are many stylists who have decided to bring this colorful universe to the catwalks. Spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. Luxury, fun, challenge, thrill. One of the most significant names in this regard is certainly that of Moschino . In 2019 Jeremy Scott presented one of the maison ‘s collections inviting his guests to a very luxurious ” Game Show “. Victory guaranteed, for everyone. The models paraded very sparkling and sensual. Jeremy Scott was inspired by the dazzling pop universe, that of television and gambling halls. The dazzling splendor of the Eighties has thus returned . Thirsty, cut-out, draperies that best enhance sculptural bodies, LEDs, sequins and gold. Even the hair has been backcombed and curled, they have headed leonine hairstyles. In cases like these we know very well that the game is played more than ever on accessories , and Moschino is certainly not afraid to dare. The casino dominates the scene. It turns with a shoulder strap that faithfully reproduces a slot machine or a bottle of champagne.

Another house that owes a lot to the atmosphere of the gaming world and undoubtedly Dolce & Gabbana . The game is as much a luxury as a key element of the colorful and folkloric world of southern Italy. Dazzling colors, shiny silk. We saw models parading in black and white rigged like jacks of Anglo-French poker and rummy cards, with one eye. We saw silk pajamas with playing card prints, a bag that becomes a queen of hearts. Cards are a reference element for Dolce & Gabbana, so much so that they also become a red thread for home design . For example, for the kitchen we can choose a very designer and colorful refrigerator decorated entirely with Sicilian papers.

The relationship between fashion, luxury and gaming is so close that the city of Las Vegas has focused more and more on this type of market. In recent years, the gaming mecca has welcomed the opening of dozens and dozens of fashion ateliers and shops dedicated to luxury. The windows of the great fashion houses and the events dedicated to this sector have multiplied. Tourists particularly appreciate.

American casinos do not get too formal about the dress code of their patrons, especially in a very hot city like Las Vegas. It is not uncommon to see casino guests in flip-flops and baseball caps , especially in the morning or early afternoon. Things start to change in the evening, very often the clothing becomes more formal at night. However, there is no precise rule, the dress codeit varies a lot depending on the environment and the style of each casino (often, in fact, when you decide to spend the evening in a specific casino, it is better to find out precisely about it). The imagery linked to the game world influences fashion, but also the game follows its fashions. It is not uncommon to find players with brave and rather extravagant outfits at the green table, especially when it comes to internationally renowned high-rollers .

Even in Europe the atmospheres linked to the world of the casino, in particular the game, are gradually becoming more and more relaxed from the point of view of dress code . However, some casinos still apply strict restrictions on clothing today. At the Montecarlo casino , or at the historic site of the Venice casino , that of Palazzo Ca’Vendramin Calergi , men can access some rooms only in jackets and women only in evening dress. The casino is still a place of charm and refinement, in which the atmosphere plays a fundamental role, which continues to inspire fashion and the imagination of all times.