After years from the tragic death of Lady Diana , among so many secrets and some revelations, the curiosity about her private life has never ceased .

It was 1981 when one of the most beautiful and most talked about weddings of all time was celebrated. The very young Lady D wears a dream dress with an endless train. From that moment on she made the whole world fall in love while, perhaps, on the other hand she was already beginning to lose a little of her Carlo.

The gossip and rumors about the sad Princess accompanied her for many years, and it is perhaps precisely because of this media morbidity that the driver lost control of the car in which Diana died.

In all the stories we always hope for a happy ending but for Diana Spencer, unfortunately, it was not so. So, to all those nostalgic for her, all that remains is to remember her through the most intimate shots of her throughout her life.

Let’s find out together the 10 rarest and most intimate photographs of Lady Diana :

1) Lady D in a wheelchair (1963)

This sweet little girl and Lady D. Diana Spencer was born on 1 July 1961 in Sandringham, United Kingdom. Little Diana was the fourth of the five children of the Viscount and Viscountess Althorp . The Spencer family is one of the oldest and most important British families. Furthermore, it has been closely connected with the Royal Family for several generations. Princess Diana grew up in Park House , near the royal residence of Sandringham, of which her family was a regular tenant. In fact, this photo was taken in 1963 right at Park House, Norfolk.

2) Lady Diana and her brother Charles (1968)

This photo was posted by Charles Spencer, Diana’s younger brother , where she is seen both in the family home in Berkshire. In this photo, Charles’ resemblance to his nephew Harry is evident. In addition, there are also those who find that little Charlotte, daughter of Prince William and granddaughter of Diana, remembers very much the traits of her grandmother.

3) Diana as a child (1970)

In these beautiful images taken in Lady D’s youth you can glimpse the beautiful smile that enchants the world. In this photo she and she have been immortalized at the age of 9 , with long hair and a beautiful slender physique. In the photo on the right, little Diana is having a game of croquet in Itchenor, West Sussex, during a party.

4) Lady Diana cousin of marriage (1980)

In this photo Diana Spencer is taken shortly before the wedding with Charles of England. In fact, it was in the summer of 1980 that she got engaged to the Prince. After many invitations to court, to the theater and on board the royal yacht Britannia, the two lovers decided to get married. From that moment on Lady D began to suffer a real attack from photographers and the media but her popularity grew dramatically.

5) Diana with Camilla (1980)

From the beginning of her troubled romantic relationship with the Prince of England there was always the shadow of the eternal rival in love Camilla Parker-Bowles . In this photo, taken in 1980, the very young Lady Diana Spencer was immortalized with Camilla . In fact, they were both heading to a Charles race at Ludlow Races.

6) Nordic style for Carlo’s competitions (1981)

It was 1981 when the sweetheart Lady D wore this sweet and warm red sweater. For the Polo match in which I compete in Carlo , Diana chose a Nordic style for her pullover with sheep, combining it with white trousers. Also on this occasion the photographers managed to snatch some images of sweet kisses between the two lovers.

7) Diana Incinta (1982)

Lady D, after her marriage in 1981, becomes pregnant . In the summer of 1982 she, she in a pink dress, is photographed waiting for her first child: Prince William . On June 21, 1982, in a private wing of St Mary’s Hospital, Diana gave birth to the future heir to the throne. William was the first heir to be born in a public hospital instead of a palace, as was tradition, but Diana was adamant.

8) Lady D with little William

In this photograph Lady D poses happy and smiling with her first child William . The future heir to the throne, who celebrated his 35th birthday this year , was little more than a child when he had to face the pain of the tragic loss of his mother, much loved by both children.

9) Diana with second son Harry (1986)

Two years after William’s birth, Diana and Carlo’s second son also arrived . Harry was born on September 15, 1984 . The Princess reveals that during her second pregnancy she was very close to her husband and that the latter was hoping for the birth of a baby girl . On May 19th, Harry, definitely grown up, married the beautiful American actress Meghan Markle. For her simplicity and closeness to her people, Meghan was soon defined as the “new Diana”.

10) Lady D in costume (1997)

In this photo, Princess Diana, who loved places with the sun and the sea, was portrayed during her holidays in the south of France . Obviously stolen shots, which portray Lady D in private moments, of leisure and rest. Unfortunately, on August 31 of the same year Lady D lost her life together with her partner Di lei Dodi Al-Fayed , due to a car accident.