Since its premiere on June 16, the series ‘Euphoria’ has generated great controversy for all the explicit sex scenes that appear in the series . However, before the new HBO series arrived, other programs had already been criticized for dealing with the subject with too much violence or in a very explicit way.
Although we are quite used to seeing racy scenes on the big and small screen, sometimes the writers want to create a groundbreaking effect and treat the sequences without any hesitation .
For this reason, we bring you a list of the most controversial sex scenes of recent years that we have been able to see in series and that have generated controversy and debate.

The 7 most controversial sex scenes in recent years
Below we detail some of the series that have generated astonishment among their fans and critics with some of their risque scenes.

1. ‘Girls’
Although its fans are used to seeing scenes of all kinds in the series ‘Girls’, HBO managers are not so amused. According to official sources, the network wanted a scene from season 2 where semen appeared to be censored. However, the show’s creator, Lena Dunham, managed to get it to air.
The scene in question was in which Natalia (Shiri Appleby) let her boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver) finish the sexual act on her chest. This gave rise to a debate about whether it was too explicitto issue it.

2. ‘How to defend a murderer’
Another series that suffered an attempt at censorship was ‘How to defend a murderer’, however on this occasion it was carried out, although it was later rectified. When the series was broadcast in Italy, the network responsible for it, Rai 2, censored a scene where two boys were seen having sex.
A viewer complained about what happened on Twitter and a stir was created. Finally, the chain rectified, apologized and broadcast the entire episode .

3. ‘Game of thrones’
The famous series has not been able to escape criticism for some of its scenes. More specifically, the one that generated the most controversy was the one thatRamsay Bolton forces Sansa to have sex with him .
Many fans of the series complained about the writers, accusing them of including an unnecessary violation for the development of the story and asked that these issues be dealt with more delicately. Finally the writers decided to include less sexual violence in the following seasons.
Teen sex on ‘Glee’ sparking controversy | Fox

4. ‘Glee’
In the third season of ‘Glee’ there is an episode where two couples from McKinley High lose their virginity . This did not please the parents’ association at all, who did not see it as acceptable for a series to show teenagers having sexual relations.
According to the president of the Parents Television Council, Tim Winter, “The fact that ‘Glee’ shows children having sex is reprehensible. Teen sex is now more common on TV than adult sex, and ‘Glee’ reflects just that trend. The research proves that television is a conditioning factor that influences adolescents and their decision to become sexually active. Fox knows that its series appeals to children and that it shows teen sex is grossly reckless.”

The series starring Tom Hardy also created controversy. From the beginning of the program, the incestuous relationship between Delaney and his stepsister Zilpha Geary is shown. However, the scene that created criticism and rejection was one from season 4, where, between flashbacks and hallucinations, Zilpha is shown having sex with a being with her face covered by a strange mask.
The scene that Sheldon plays in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ | CBS

6.The Big Bang Theory
If we had never said anything, it is that a sitcom like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ could generate controversy with a sex scene. In a Season 10 episode, Sheldon dreams that Penny and Leonard have turned their bedroom into a sex dungeon .
Many of his fans considered it as something funny, but British television censored it, claiming that it was too sexual a scene.

7.Silicon Valley
Another scene that caused controversy was one from the ‘Silicon Valley’ series in which equine sex was explicitly shown . This sequence from season 3 provoked complaints from PETA, which called it forced rape, since both the female and the stallion are tied up with rope to cause insemination.

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