One of the best-known sex scenes in cinema is the Eyes Wide Shut orgy, that oneiric bacchanal of people wearing masks that many dream of reproducing in reality, even if reality is not a Stanley Kubrick movie. The great sex parties have always been within the reach of a few, exclusive events for women and men with high purchasing power or who belong to a sectarian club. However, in Spain there are a few places where orgies and group sex sessions are held.

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Where orgies are practiced
There are many swingers clubs, although not all of them meet the minimum conditions required of a place of this type, not even hygienic conditions. Others prefer to go to private orgies, with a less sordid atmosphere and a wealthier client profile. There are options for all budgets and tastes , but we present the 10 best-known orgy venues in Spain.


Nothing better than this avant-garde city to try new things. The mixture of cultures and the constant influx of tourists will make you live unrepeatable moments.

Training Pedralbes
It is one of the most famous orgy venues in the Catalan capital, and it has a long history that exceeds a decade. It is dedicated to practices of this type and every night it is filled with people willing to have good sex. The premises are located at number 16 Doctor Joaquin Albarran street , in Barcelona.

Felina Barcelona
One of those places with its own personality. Some first-time customers are looking for a point of spontaneity and freshness that this place may not have, but if you are looking for exclusivity and exquisite treatment from the staff, you are in the right place. Orgies of all kinds and of all sexual orientations are practiced. Felina Barcelona is located on Calle Can Bruixa, number 42 .

This place has only been open for a short time but is gaining fame. Everything is due to its careful decoration to celebrate the best orgies inside a luxurious mansion. It is located on Calle D’Angli number 69 . Very appropriate!

Charlie Privee Orgies
are not practiced in this place, at least not on a regular basis, but marathon sex sessions are organized, and some of them last 24 hours. These sessions are aimed at bisexual men with an open mind. Charlie Privee is at number 32 Calle Josep Estivill .


The capital of Spain could not be missing from this list , and in such a liberal city there must be, out of necessity, places where orgies are held.

Eden Parejas
It has been postulated as the perfect place to practice group sex in Madrid. Orgies are always celebrated in a serious way and, in addition, the owner of the premises is personally in charge of advising the rookies. It is located at number 12 on London street , in the heart of the Salamanca district. It has all kinds of facilities such as a jacuzzi, dungeon, dark room or massage tables.

VIP Encounters
A place of orgies that has 25 years of experience. Depending on the day of the week, there are parties of one theme or another, so you should take a look at their website before going. You will find them on Calle Vicente Caballero number 14 in Madrid .

moments located in thePenascales street number 1, also in Madrid . The Liberal Sauna (the main attraction of the establishment) has a Jacuzzi, dungeon, locker room area, showers, rooms with beds and much more. Everything you need to spend an unforgettable night of pleasure in Madrid. On their website we can find an extensive list with all the sexual fantasies that can be fulfilled. Why don’t you take a look at

Pub Triangulo
This place located on calle Dr. Esquerdo number 67 specializes in threesomes, but they also organize gang bang or glory hole events. If you don’t know what these terms refer to, you’d better google. The site is somewhat elitist and men have to pay a higher amount, but it is a serious and elegant place.


The capital of the Turia is also perfect for clandestine meetings or liberal venues. We bring you the most outstanding of them all.

Agania Swingers
Without a doubt, one of the most famous swingers in Valencia. The space is one of its main assets, and it is that it has 400 square meters so that you feel comfortable or comfortable. They have spaces such as the Dungeon or rooms of sin and theme parties are organized with some regularity. It is located on Calle Musico Gomis number 32 .


In Seville, this type of business is beginning to expand . Couples are increasingly liberal and go to orgy venues, like the one we bring you here.

Liberal Seville
As Rafaella Carra used to say: “To make love well you have to come to the south”. And to make love well in Seville we can go to Sevilla Liberal, a club for members only located on the Santiponce Valenciana highway, kilometer 2 . They organize orgy parties like Tuesday Swingers, Sexy Wednesdays or Low Cost Thursdays. An option for all pockets.

Other options
If you don’t like the atmosphere of any of these places, we still have more options for you. There are many web pages to organize sexual encounters . It is not about the typical contact pages, in which you do not know who you are going to meet, but they specialize in tailor-made meetings so that everything goes smoothly. Some of them are SpicyMatch or Passion Liberal.
If none of what we have mentioned above catches your attention, why not try Grinder ?
It is a geosocial application, although it is mainly aimed at the gay public. It has emerged as the main alternative to Tinder, only in this case everyone knows what they are looking for.
The most important thing, according to industry experts, is that taboos on sex are being eliminated and society accepts, albeit at a snail’s pace, that everyone is free to exercise their sexuality as they please. That yes, always with protection and respecting the freedom of the other.

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