Obviously first of all it must be said that taking a camping holiday has PROS and CONS and is a very subjective experience: if for some of us taking a holiday in the open air and in the middle of nature is stimulating, pleasant and cheap, for others less predisposed, especially mentally, it involves the risk of experiencing a nightmare vacation! So before choosing this type of holiday keep in mind what the PROS & CONS of this experience can be.

Here are the main PROS of a camping holiday:

  1. It is cheap!  You can enjoy your well-deserved holidays without spending a fortune (especially if you are in high season);
  2. You don’t have to book  or at least in many places that aren’t bungalows, you don’t need to book, just go there and set up your tents;
  3. Proximity to the sea,  especially in summer, most of the campsites are located a stone’s throw from the beach, so it is very convenient for those who do not want to walk;
  4. Contact with nature.  For those who want to immerse themselves in the green, the camping holiday offers just this as the main attraction;

Instead, the main CONS of a camping stay are:

  1. Uncomfortable,  since you spend day and night in a tent. If you suffer from back pain and other physical ailments, camping may not be a great experience;
  2. Shared bathrooms,  here is another “inconvenience” related to the type of holiday! It is not pleasant to share showers and bathrooms with others, especially if you have certain bodily “needs”;
  3. Insects and mosquitoes.  If you organize your camping in the summer, among the many inconveniences there is the massive presence of insects and mosquitoes, which can really hurt you if you are not equipped with spray and other anti-sting remedies!
  4. Organizing ourselves for the kitchen,  obviously we need to nourish ourselves in the days we will spend at the campsite, so we need to organize our field kitchen;

Camping trip: here is everything you need for your tent holiday

In order not to risk finding yourself unprepared for this type of holiday, it is better to take care of everything in detail, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here is our handbook of essential things to take with you on the campsite.

Stay & Accomodation

Obviously, first of all you need to have everything you need with you for the night and for the stay:

  • The tent is obviously the first thing to take with you to the campsite. It is preferable to add a plastic sheet to put under the awning to isolate humidity and prevent soil, foliage and animals from entering;
  • Hammer, useful for setting up the tent;
  • Inflatable mattress or sleeping bag;
  • Pillows, sheets and a blanket, the latter important as it can be cool in the evening, especially if you are near the sea;
  • A flashlight: otherwise in the evening it becomes a problem to see something;
  • Zampironi and everything you need to avoid mosquito bites;
  • Line for drying wet clothes and clothespins;
  • A broom with a small blade, useful for sweeping away the dust, which will inevitably enter the tent;


If you want to cook on the campsite, here’s what you can’t miss:

  • Camping stoves;
  • Pots;
  • Plates, cutlery and glasses (since you are camping, perhaps it is better to use plastic ones);
  • Table and chairs;
  • Cool bag or mini fridge for camping, to store drinks and food;

Our handbook for camping holidays is over. If you have any doubts or recommendations, write to us!