Collective suicides, sexual abuse, kidnappings and animal and human sacrifices are just some of the most horrifying rituals of satanic sects, small groups that usually act in secret and in isolation with apocalyptic messages and worship of the Evil One. Do you want to know more about these demonic groups
? What are their symbols and rituals
? What objective do they pursue and how are they organized?
Discover the most amazing things about the worshipers of Satan in the following articles.

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1. Satanic sects: the phenomenon
2. Symbols and rituals of the satanic sects.
3. The most famous satanic sects.

Satanic sects: the phenomenon
Satanism is the organized or isolated practice of rituals of invocation of the devil within the procedures of black magic. When the exaltation of Satan is developed in a systematic way in large or small groups, structured and organized , we speak of satanic sects, although its definition is somewhat confusing.
The experts do not dare to give a canonical definition of what the satanic sects are, since one of their fundamental characteristics is the heterogeneity and diversity of their groups. the various sectsThey do not respond to a common profile , but are carriers of the most varied principles and practices.
From the perspective of faith, Satanism and its sects obey the work of the devil who wants to separate men from the path of God, but from a sociological point of view we must speak properly of groups formed by people who culminate a process of deepening of esoteric aspects .
The functioning of these sects would not be very different from that of a normal sect: recruitment, isolation of the person, induction into a value system, brainwashing, etc. What characterizes them and makes them special is that they handle all kinds of superstitions and occult practices that coincide in pointing to Satan as the supreme being.who must be worshipped.
One of the identifying signs of Satanism is that they are usually very small groups surrounded by great secrecy, and although the goals vary according to each cell, it is very common to find self-destruction as the ultimate goal with all sorts of apocalyptic messages. In many cases the ultimate goal is collective suicide.
The people who usually end up in the sects present profiles with traumatic experiences, unstructured lives and identity crises , for whom Satanism supposes a revelation and a liberation. Offering a subversion of morality and order, they had their peak in the 1970s and their orgies of music, drugs and irreverence.

Symbols and rituals of the satanic sects
In reality, Satanism is nothing more than the inversion of Christian religious codes, and the rituals revolve around initiation, invocation, prayers and holidays in order to get rid of morals and principles and embrace subversion. Their common thread is the Antichrist, and despite their heterogeneity they have their common elements.
Like all other sects, the satanic ones need some codes, some symbols and some rituals to consolidate their system of beliefs. These are some of the most widespread among this type of satanic groups.

1. Inverted Pentagram
The most used and most widespread symbol in the satanic world is the inverted pentagram, a five-pointed star represented in reverse that is used to invoke evil spirits. It is the translation of the four elements of the universe plus the spirit, but also the transfiguration of man, with his four limbs and his head.
When left with the two points up, it also represents the image of the male goat with the two horns, and it is always usually represented surrounded by a circle .

2. Baphomet
It is the demonic deity par excellence, and is represented as half man half beast in an anthropomorphic image of the male goat. In some traditions the Baphomet is also iconized with a head with two faces ., and his bearded appearance is even mistaken for the severed head of Saint John the Baptist.
We know that the myth of Baphomet was created by the Order of the Templars and during the Middle Ages it served as the basis for the Inquisition’s accusation of certain groups for heresy. In any case, Baphomet is, in addition to the representation of the devil, a supposed source of energy and wisdom that invests men with decision and power .

3. The Hexagram
Some confuse it with the star of David, but the hexagram is one of the symbols most used by sects in black magic rituals. In the hermetic and cabalistic world, the hexagram, which graphically is the superposition of two triangles, represents the connection of the superior kingdom with the inferior kingdom..
By representing the two triangles, one the material world and the other the spiritual dimension, the satanic sects use the hexagram to increase the power of their desire through the spiritual realm and accelerate the manifestation of their will in the physical world .

4. The extended tongue
Surely you remember Gene Simmons, a member of the rock group Kiss, sticking out his tongue at concerts, in which he also used to wear makeup with a satanic aesthetic. Well, the symbol is far from innocent, because the extended tongue is a satanic symbol.
At its root, it is a symbol of death and evil .
Indian gods, various mythological monsters and beings from the Aztec cosmogony appear in his representations with their tongues hanging out. Its most direct translation is the goddess Kali, which in Sanskrit means black, and represents brutality and fear . The goddess is represented with four arms in one of which she carries a severed head.

5. Tau Cross
This symbol is a contribution of Eastern traditions to classical Satanism, since the Tau Cross symbolizes the god Matras of the Persians and Aryans of India. This is the angel of light, which according to Christian tradition corresponds to Lucifer (“the bearer of light”), but also represents the god of the sun, Tammuz.
To understand it, we must first banish the concept of Christianity that assimilates God with good and light, and the devil with evil and darkness. Contrary to what one might think, Satanism is a practice of exaltation and claim of light, only for purposes other than those of Christianity. Tammuz was the Mesopotamian divinity of fertility and spring .

6. Inverted Cross
It is the symbol of blasphemy to the suffering and death of Jesus, the individual’s rejection of the belief system that is part of Christianity. Since Satanism’s source of legitimacy is its rejection of obedience and submission , the inversion of the main symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the inversion of the cross.
In fact, not even the inverted cross is an original symbol of Satanism, because according to tradition, Saint Peter was crucified at his own request on an inverted cross , believing that he was not worthy of being nailed to a cross like Jesus.

7. The pact with the devil
One of the favorite rituals of the satanic sects is the pact with the devil, through which the individual sells his soul in exchange for great powers to satisfy his own will. According to these ceremonies, to make a pact with the devil, an invocation ritual must be performed in which the sacred symbols are blasphemed and a sacrifice is practiced .
The ritual is carried out with a previous fast of fifteen days based on black bread and black beans or milky narcotic herbs, and is always carried out the night from Monday to Tuesday, or from Friday to Saturday, preferably in secluded places such as cemeteries , abandoned houses or even sacred precincts.
With a sword a circle is traced with an exit path and a triangle is marked with blood. The individual lies in the center, barefoot and with his head covered. After the invocation phrases, according to one of the great experts in Satanism Eliphas Levi, you have to express your wishes on a parchment and burn it so that the barter can take place .

8. The Satanic Ritual
The satanic ritual par excellence is the black mass, and therefore it is a simple inversion of the liturgical rituals made sacred by the procedures of black magic (which, unlike white magic, invokes the forces of nature to achieve malevolent ends) .
For the satanic, the black mass is the means to awaken within themselves a source of energy that turns the will into something identifiable and measurable . According to this premise, Satanism is a liberating element, because it allows man to detach himself from the facilitating God and, a priori, man remains the sole owner of himself.
There are many variants of the black mass, but all require the main satanic symbols.(a skull, an inverted cross, a seal of Baphomet, an inverted pentagram, black candles…) and ritual procedures such as dances, songs, prayers and burnings.
Some acts such as drinking from the chalice or saying a prayer are inverted liturgical rituals .

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The most famous satanic sects
We know the main practices of the sects of Satan thanks to the detailed study of some of these groups that became famous for their fanaticism and their amazing rituals.
The five most important satanic cults of today. | Image from: Social networks.

1. The Manson Family
The most famous satanic sect is the group organized by Charles Manson that spread terror in California in the sixties. Around him he formed the Manson Family , a handful of young people who believed at face value the theory of this psychopath about an alleged war between whites and blacks.
His group had a lot of hippie: although Manson was a common criminal, he took advantage of the pull of the hippie movement toattract idealistic young people as guru of love , but little by little his practices became more eccentric. At one point, the Manson Family retreats to the desert to await the Apocalypse.
In one of those, Manson got the idea that he could record an album , but producer Terry Melcher did not show up for the appointment. Enraged, the guru ordered the family to kill everyone found in Melcher’s house, not knowing that he no longer lived there but was the new residence of director Roman Polanski and his pregnant wife Sharon Tate.

She is she died along with seven other people on the fateful night of August 8, 1968.

2. Chango’s brothers
Creepy is also the sect “The brothers of Chango”, which will make your hair stand on end even more when you find out that it had its center of operations in the town of Terrassa , in the province of Barcelona. In 1992 the National Police investigated some supposed sacrifices of babies that were bought from families without resources.
After the first arrests, some members recognized the celebration of rituals in which the blood of animals and even children was drunk . The sect was tightly controlled by the priestess, who controlled the members and threatened to kill anyone who wanted to leave the group. Chango is a deity of the Orishas animist religion.

3. The Seth Worshipers
What makes this group one of the most dangerous sects in the world is that they are scattered everywhere in small cells so as not to be beheaded, and they act with absolute secrecy and secrecy to avoid revealing the horrific practices they carry out, such as murders. , kidnappings, rapes and incitement to suicide.
Members of the satanic sect known as “Seth worshippers” venerate the Prince of Darkness and, to ensure his mystical powers, continually offer rituals and sacrifices in which blood becomes the sacred element. In the most extreme cases, child sexual abuse and cases of necrophilia have been recorded .

4. The Narcosatanics
The so-called Narcosatanicos were one of the cruelest satanic cults that flourished in Mexico under the mantle of the priest Adolfo Jesus Costanzo . This began in the black masses in 1983, with animal sacrifices that became more and more frequent. When in 1987 he became emotionally attached to the sorceress Sara Alderete, people began to disappear.
The last of his victims, Mark Kilroy, triggered an investigation that led the police to Rancho Santa Elena, where 17 bodies were discovered . The members of the Narcosatanicos sect fell one by one, and confessed to the practice of human rituals in the ranch of horrors. But the worst was yet to come…
Upon reviewing the facilities, they discovered a cauldron with dried blood and human remains such as genitals, brains and eyes. Adolfo Jesus had convinced his acolytes that drinking that potion granted immortality, while he made necklaces-amulets with the spine of some victims. An authentic orgy of blood and sadism.

5. The Movement for the Restoration of the 10 Commandments
It happened in Uganda, in 1978. A woman gathered around her a movement of about 5,000 people after revealing alleged visions of the Virgin. At first it was a fundamentalist Catholic movement that pursued strict compliance with the commandments, but its methods soon crossed all red lines.
And it is that, mixing Catholic fundamentalism with local Ugandan traditions, the members of this sect only ate once a day, worked hard, were forbidden to speak and sleep, and complied with strict celibacy. The leaders of this group, one of the most disturbing satanic sects in history, assured that the world would end in the year 2000.
When that did not happen and the members began to reveal themselves, they set an ultimatum: March 17. After a party, the building they were in exploded , and other members were stabbed and poisoned.

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