Let’s start immediately with the biography of Winnie Harlow and discover together all the stages that led to her success!

Biography of Winnie Harlow

Chantelle Brown-Young, better known as Winnie Harlow was born on July 27, 1994 in Toronto, Canada. She comes from a family of Jamaican descent and has two sisters. Her parents are named Lisa and Windsor.

When she is only 4 years old, doctors diagnose her with vitiligo , a chronic disease characterized by skin discoloration due to a lack of melanin. In fact, there are white patches all over her body which are even more evident on her due to her olive complexion.

During her childhood she suffers from bullying because of her particularity that makes her different in the eyes of others. She changes schools and suffers from depression, even thinking about suicide.

Fortunately, she recovers quickly and works hard to make her dream come true. In fact, since she was a child, Winnie has had the desire to become a model.

In the beginning, it is very difficult because no fashion agency is interested in her because of her illness, but in 2014 comes the turning point of her life. In fact, Tyra Banks, famous supermodel and host of the television program America’s Next Top Model , discovers her and asks her to participate in her program. Winnie doesn’t think twice and immediately accepts.

She is eliminated in the second week of the finals and takes part in a separate contest called. In this contest she continues to participate in the photo shoots and fashion shows of the edition together with the other eliminated competitors, in an attempt to get back into competition. After completing the different photo shoots, it is revealed that she had received the maximum score from the public and she is readmitted into the competition. Winnie arrives in the final but unfortunately does not win the program.

After participating in the famous TV show, she gains more and more notoriety by becoming the first model in the world with vitiligo, and for her the doors of high fashion are opened. In 2014 she is the testimonial of Desigual, the well-known Spanish clothing brand, which chooses her for her campaign, to convey a message of positivity, acceptance and love for oneself. In September of the same year, she walks the runway for Ashish, another well-known clothing brand at Fashion Week, which takes place in London. She was the face of the covers of magazines like ID and Dazed.

In 2015 he participated in the advertising campaign of the Diesel brand along with other models. With her particularity and uniqueness, Winnie Harlow transmits a further message of positivity and acceptance, which has always been one of the hallmarks of the Italian brand, famous above all for its jeans.

In the following months he worked for some glossy magazines, such as Glamor magazine and Complex. She appears in the summer 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan and makes an appearance on the Vogue Italia website, thanks to an interview and a photo shoot. In August 2015, Harlow posed for the cover of the September issue of Ebony magazine, where she and she appeared alongside former America’s Next Top Model contestant , Fatima Siad.

In 2016 he participated in the commercials of MAC Cosmetics, Sprite and Swarovski.

She also takes part in several music videos of famous artists such as Eminem, Beyonce and Calvin Harris, who want her at all costs for her originality and uniqueness, while in 2018 she parades during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show breaking down stereotypes once again of beauty. Among the different brands for which she poses, we can also include Puma, the well-known sportswear brand.

Winnie Harlow’s private life

Not much is known about his love life. She has been spotted several times with Lewis Hamilton, but the two have never confirmed their relationship. In recent times she has instead confirmed her relationship with Kyle Kuzman , a basketball player of the Lakers, who plays in the NBA, complete with posts on social media.

Despite being very successful in the fashion world, she decides not to abandon her studies. In fact, another dream in the drawer of the young model is to one day become a successful journalist.

She is a very social girl, and on Instagram she can boast a very high following: over 8 million followers in fact follow her posts!