In its beginnings, the YouTube video platform did not allow the option of saving its files in the memory of our computer; much less do the same in the mobile phones of yesteryear, today considered authentic antiques. Complaints about this great limitation of the audiovisual portal were accumulating among users; So Steve Chen, Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley, owners of the web domain, got down to business.
Thanks to their expertise, for some years now we have several pages and applications that allow us to download videos from YouTube at zero cost , so that we can take them wherever we want.

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How to download YouTube videos: a very simple guide
Different web pages have emerged over time, all of them designed to facilitate the download of videos from the YouTube social network to the device of our choice. Regardless of which one we select, all of them follow the same simple steps :
1. Select the YouTube link that we want to download
2. Open the web to save links
3. Paste the link of the video in question in the highlighted field, which will appear visible form on the screen.
4. Click on the “Download” button.
5. Depending on the page, the link will be saved directly in our folder, or a list will be displayed with those available links in the desired format and available quality. They will also give us the option to change to the format we want. The 6 best websites to download YouTube videos
Although the options are varied, many websites designed to download YouTube videos, although free, are not exempt from banners and italic spam, so you have to be careful not to click so that you don’t our computer is filled with unwanted advertising, or who knows what.
OnlineVideoConverter, popular website to download Youtube videos. | Image from: Internet.
For now, these are the websites that work best:1.
With a very intuitive design that will allow us to download YouTube videos very effectively, as we have already shown above, this page also offers the possibility of searching for the desired videos from the same.
This option is located below the paste bar of the link that we will save. We just have to write the keywords to find the desired link in the field marked for it. We are interested in this website because it is free of unwanted advertising. 2. This is
another of the ideal web pages to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion without problems , as well as for free.
It also makes it possible to download files in any format, whether audio or video, without the need for specialized software on the computer and compatible with any browser. The downloaded files are of high quality and do not take long to be available . 3.
Y2mate is another alternative you can turn to. In this case, this website allows not only to store videos from YouTube, but also from Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Youku , the Chinese version of YouTube.
In any case, regardless of the origin, you can download files in MP3, MP4, 3GP, WEBM and all in high definition. 4.
This is one of the fastest options you will findavailable to save your favorite audiovisual files.
It is neither more nor less than a YouTube video converter in MP4 and MP3 format , which can be downloaded to any mobile terminal, laptop or tablet. 5.
A website to download videos from YouTube (and also from Facebook) that works perfectly.
You can download videos and music from YouTube just by pasting the URL of each video in the corresponding field and also choosing the quality (high or low) . 6.
Free of advertising and free of spam is, another of the most efficient links to download videos that you will find.
On the same central page you will find where you have to attach the URL that you are interested in having on your device, with two tabs to indicate if you want to have it on your Android or Windows . Websites to avoid
If you come across one of these two websites in your search while researching quick and easy ways to download YouTube videos, we advise against using them, basically because they contain a lot of spam and are not at all reliable .

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YouTube GO, the app to download videos from YouTube
But YouTube has taken note and has seen that users want the option of being able to download the files we want from the platform safely. For this reason, they are developing a mobile application called YouTube Go, which avoids the obligation of having to go through third parties to have a video on the web. Still no release date, it is known that yes, we can have so much music, video clips, tutorials and even movies.
Youtube Go is the best application to take advantage of Youtube. | Image from: Internet. What advantages does YouTube Go offer?
The ambitious YouTube project can be used in up to 130 countries , and has the following points in its favour:1. Allows you to control the amount of data
Probably the star point of Youtube GO is that it does not require an Internet connection to work . What’s more, YouTube Go allows us to decide how much data we want to use to download a video, something that counteracts the massive consumption that other applications require in this regard and that drain our phone of megabytes.
Likewise, it also offers the possibility of viewing videos before downloading them, so that they do not accumulate in the phone’s memory and we have to delete them; all without consuming data. 2. Share videos
Instead of wasting data unnecessarily,Youtube GO allows us to share videos with those who have this application on their phone and are physically close. In this way, we can practically instantly enjoy the content that we send and receive from our friends and acquaintances without incurring excessive data expenditure. 3. Select the resolution of the videos
Another advantage of this download app is that it has three quality options that we can choose to view and/or download videos , each of them with an assigned consumption data number. So these are:

  • Baja (5.8 MB)
  • Media (39,0)
  • Alta (48,7)

4. Choose where to store videos
Thanks to Youtube GO, we can predetermine that the videos that we download are stored on an SD card or that they are saved in the phone’s memory . Now, we will have to be careful not to saturate it too much, since some devices reach their limit quite quickly.
Once they are saved on our phone or card, we can play them as many times as we want without having to worry about spending data , because as they are stored, it will not be necessary for the megabytes to be activated. 5. Gives access to the same content as on YouTube
Having been created from the official YouTube page, YouTube GO gives the user access to the same videos that they would find on the mother website:video clips, gameplays, concerts, television programs, tutorials or funny videos , among many others.
Similarly, the added value of YouTube GO is that it does not crash when we use it, since its operating system does not use the buffer. In other words, it will not load the information in the memory of our phone . A joy if your Internet connection is not the best and that will avoid long waits until you can play your favorite videos.

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