Political Science and Translation and Interpretation are just some of the humanities degrees with the most opportunities for your future in Spain. If you have already decided that you want to study a humanistic degree, this article will clear up your doubts about which one to choose .

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The 10 humanities degrees with the most opportunities for your future in Spain
Despite the fact that, especially after the crisis, the humanities and social sciences degrees had been very discredited due to the rise of technical and scientific degrees, you should know that the companies are increasingly incorporating more humanists.
Contrary to what you may think, studying a humanity can give you a promising future , but you must know which one to choose. We offer you a support guide, pay attention. 1. Law
continues to be one of the humanistic careers with the greatest professional future, and young people know it. For this reason, in addition, it continues to be one of the most requested annually.
When the student combines Business Administration and Management (ADE) with law, the possibilities skyrocket. The business world already incorporates a whole specialized sector of legal advice and legal department , not to mention that there are more and more companies that are exclusively dedicated to offering these services to other companies.
Success, for all this, is guaranteed, especially with specialization in data law and digitization. 2. Management and Public Administration
The degree in Management and Public Administration, designed for the training of intermediate cadres in administrative and financial management, is very useful because public companies do not stop looking for professionals trained in knowledge of the environmentlegal, social and economic.
Modern states increasingly demand professionals with more training, especially in the field of digitization and new technological challenges , but once that degree of specialization has been reached, employment rates are very high.
The public administration, among the careers with more exits to the labor market. | Image from: Headway.
In addition, there is a great advantage that benefits the student: if he wants to do oppositions, when studying Business Management and Administration he has a long way to go, because there is a great correspondence in the syllabi . 3. Information and Documentation
It is increasingly clear that the future lies in the data business, and in the field of the humanities there is a very specific field for it: Information and Documentation. In the digital age, this humanities degree can be successful , but yes, the student needs training and updating for new needs.
Previously it was focused on managing archives and documentation in libraries, but now it can be complemented with digitization studies . Companies are incorporating more and more experts in this field, which is why it offers a promising future. 4. Marketing and advertising
When the market in general reaches such a saturation and the competition becomes so fierce, the need for professionals trained in marketing appears: more and more companies are investing in sales and advertising departments .
There is an urgent need to highlight the brand itself and put it on the market in the most attractive way possible . What until now was an art in search of originality, is becoming more and more a science in which it is about analyzing profiles and generating effective strategies taking into account the possibilities of digitization. 5. Psychology
One of the great booms in the world of work in recent years has been the boom in business psychology.The application of systems such as Scrum and Agile make psychologists an object of desire for the most important companies.
In addition, it is evident that the economic crisis and the effects it has had on many people (depression problems) and the new needs of a society that is more stressed and impacted by technology make the psychologist a fundamental figure.
Depression in the workplace causes an increase in the demand for psychologists. | Image by: Nik Shuliahin / Unsplash.
Added to this is the growing need for psychologists for mediation or learning . For all this, they are increasingly in demand and employment in this area continues to rise. That is why it is among the humanities careers with the most exits.6. Translation and Interpretation What makes this degree a guarantee of success is globalization . The materialization of the old dream of the global village does not eliminate national differences, such as language, and that makes translators highly sought after.
In this case, the high level of recruitment is combined with the advantage that it is a very well-paid activity , so that studying Translation and Interpreting guarantees a stable future.
A very fashionable field of work is diplomacy and contact between state governments, which always requires large teams of translation professionals. Another area is that of the translation of series and movies for subtitles, because in what refers to the translationthe boom in audiovisual content , especially series, has displaced books. 7. Sociology
Sociology is resisting the onslaught of the new world, which has carried ahead brother degrees such as History or Philosophy. Society is increasingly complex and the comprehensive study of it offered by the interdisciplinarity of sociology is very attractive for a versatile professional profile.
Faced with the challenges posed by the new century, organizations such as unions, governments, NGOs and other derivatives use sociologists to carry out analyzes and studies. Through them you can learn about social trends and evaluate social, environmental, linguistic, urban policies, andelaborate statistics and studies for its treatment . 8. Political Science
The explosion of new political formations on the national scene and the incorporation of more and more middle class people into political elites is just one of the reasons why it is worth studying Political Science. It is not only the politician, but everything that surrounds him: analysts, advisers, consultants, image consultants…
In addition to being a humanities degree that attracts a lot of students due to its content, it is an opportunity to gain a foothold in an exciting world with many possibilities of success. Apart from professional politics, one of the aspects that has been growing the most in this area in recent years is that of political consulting.
Political science, among the best careers. | Image by: Ferran Feixas / Unsplash.
In this case, not only has the employment rate increased, but it is also a job with a not inconsiderable remuneration . 9. Teaching
Among the jobs with the most future in Spain we find that of digital teacher. The demands of more training in the professional field coupled with the fact that we have less and less time for everything make Skype the preferred means of learning German or studying for a degree, for example.
Distance or online education is sweeping and there are more and more online teachers. Therefore, if you are convinced that teaching is your vocation, do not be afraid of unemployment: it is true that the lists for teachers are in many cases collapsed, but in the meantime you can have a good salary with initiatives like these. 10. Journalism
There is an advantage and a disadvantage in studying Journalism. Let’s start with the good: it is one of the busiest humanities or humanities careers. There is no doubt that there are more and more communication media and in the digital age, journalistic portals and digital media are reproduced, increasing competition and, also, hiring.
The bad: the pay. It is an open secret that journalists are not in the range of the best paid professionals and, especially in the beginning, the salaries are very low and sometimes even abusive. But the vocation overcomes this obstacle and with determination and perseverance a bright future can be achieved .
Business communication techniques, SEO positioning and social networks are the most demanded facets apart from the traditional journalist.

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