Visiting Jalisco is knowing history, nature, charming towns and, in addition, discovering the traditions and culture of Mexico. In this state we find 7 magical towns, where the diversity of natural landscapes and architectural styles leave no one indifferent.
The state of Jalisco offers all its visitors a journey through picturesque streets, intense scents and traditional cuisine .

  • The 20 most beautiful Magical Towns of Mexico.

Some tourist places in Jalisco
Jalisco is a state in western Mexico famous for its innumerable tourist attractions. Its magical towns, the city of Guadalajara and its nature stand out . Below we detail some of the most popular and tourist places in this state.

1. Tonala
This ancient pre-Hispanic town is located 14 km from the city of Guadalajara. It is a small town in Mexico that still preserves a calm and peaceful atmosphere fostered by its artisan tradition. Its inhabitants live from their crafts, a creative ritual that is reflected in their beautiful works of art known throughout the world. Its central streets are full of shops and architectural riches.
Tonala craftsman. | Axis Coday.

2. Puerto Vallarta
This beautiful town is located on the border between the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. It stands out for combining its great natural beauty with a great diversity of tourist places . It presents a unique mix of landscapes, ranging from the tropical jungle, through the beaches and ending with the cliffs. This tourist town of Jalisco stands out for its great gastronomic offer that is mixed with its traditional architecture.
Flyers in Puerto Vallarta. | Alonzo Reyes.

3. Guadalajara
It is the capital of the state of Jalisco and one of the most famous cities in Mexico. It is known for its architectural beauty and its extensive history.. It has a great diversity of entertainment centers such as parks, fairs, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, etc.
We cannot leave Guadalajara without visiting the Degollado Theater, the Regional Museum, the City Museum, the Government Palace and the square where the towers of the cathedral, symbol and emblem of Guadalajara, are located .
Guadalajara, in Jalisco. | Kenneth Lopez.

4. Cathedral (Guadalajara)
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Jalisco is the famous Guadalajara Cathedral. The visitor is amazed when he contemplates the two 65-meter-high towers, converted into a symbol of the city. It was built in 1561 by order of King Philip II of Spain. The original towers collapsed in an earthquake in 1818, but were rebuilt.
Panoramic of the Cathedral of Guadalajara. | Youtube.
The building features a combination of Gothic, Moorish Baroque and Neoclassical influences. In addition, inside is the second largest organ in the country . As a historical note, it should be noted that during the war of independence it served as a refuge for the insurgent troops.

5. Teatro Degollado (Guadalajara)
We find another of the main tourist places in Guadalajara and the state of Jalisco. It is the Teatro Degollado, opera stage since 1853. His style is ornate neoclassical, because of the influence of Italian theater.
Theater beheaded, in Guadalajara. | Via Mexico Magazine.
The vault has frescoes representing the fourth canto of the Divine Comedy. Its portico is made up of 16 Corinthian columns and is currently used for opera performances, classical ballet, concerts and theatrical performances.

The 7 magical towns of the state of Jalisco
The state of Jalisco has named 7 magical towns of Mexico . So if you visit this region, you cannot leave without seeing these beautiful and popular towns in Jalisco.

1. Mazamitla
The town is located in the southwest of the state of Jalisco. Is atypical mountain town that is framed by Lake Chapala. Its center is characterized by its cobbled streets and its houses with tile roofs, white walls and wooden doors. This town, of colonial origin, is considered the entrance to the Sierra del Tigre, forests where you can find wooden cabins, streams, waterfalls and extensive green meadows nestled between mountains.
Mazamitla. | Flickr.

2. San Sebastian del Oeste
This town owes its beauty to its mining past. In colonial times it had more than 20,000 inhabitants but after the closure of the mines it became a ghost town. Efforts to recover its tourist attraction with its haciendas, ranches and temples have borne fruit and it has become one of the7 magical towns in the state of Jalisco . Its main attraction is its lush forests, coffee plantations, mansions, haciendas and houses with red roofs.
West San Sebastian. | Unknown Mexico.

3. Talpa de Allende
Located in the vast mountainous landscape of the Altos de Jalisco, Our Lady of Rosario de Talpa has become one of the most revered images of Mexico. Every October 7, three million faithful make a pilgrimage of 120 kilometers to worship this virgin of the magical town of Talpa de Allende. This picturesque town has become an important reference point for religious tourism. The Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Rosario stands out, its cobbled streets, the numerous parishes and the chapels of great importance for their history and architecture.
Talpa of Allende. | Flickr.

4. Lagos de Moreno
Lagos de Moreno is one of the most important and beautiful magical towns in Jalisco. It was part of the old Ruta de la Plata during the colonial period and stands out for its architectural wealth, the result of the mining life in the area. Its bridge over the river Lago receives daily numerous visits, as well as the rest of the buildings in the village.
Moreno Lakes. | Wikimedia Commons.

Few introductions are needed for the town of Tequila, known worldwide for its famous spirit. However, we should not get carried away by the popularity of its typical product, since Tequila is more than a drink. Its cobbled and colorful streets , the agave cactus fields, the old haciendas and distilleries make this town one of the most beautiful in Jalisco.
Tequila town. |

6. Tapalpa
Tapalpa is located in the middle of an extensive wooded territory. Its image evokes the old farming and ranching communitiesof the area. It is a perfect tourist destination in Jalisco if you want to practice adventure, recreational activities and rest. Its houses with white facades and red roofs, its provincial style and its beautiful natural landscapes stand out.
Tapalpa. | David Bjorgen.

7. Mascota
This magical town of Mexico is located within an enclave of beautiful landscapes with rivers, valleys and mountains. In its streets you can breathe the urban atmosphere that was lived during the 19th century and that was impregnated in them, with its haciendas and mansions, and that is now combined with the current provincial air.
Pet. | Justin Vivanco.

The 5 magical towns near Guadalajara (Jalisco)
If you visit the capital of Jalisco, a good option is to take advantage and take a day trip to one of the magical towns that are near Guadalajara.

1. Comala
Comala is located in the state of Colima. Its average annual temperature of 25 degrees, its streets full of white houses and red roofs, its squares and its natural environment presided over by its volcanoes, make this town near Guadalajara one of the main tourist destinations if we are close to the capital of Jalisco.
Eat it. | Eco Tours.

2. Sayulita
Sayulita is a magical town in the Riviera Nayarit corridor. It has a wide range of activities and options for rest, withits secluded beaches, its intense waves that have made it the capital of surfing, its colonial architectural treasures and its cosmopolitan and traditional atmosphere. Also noteworthy are its extensive areas of mangroves.
Sayulita. | Mexico’s beaches.

3. Ajijic
Ajijic is another magical town, due to its houses painted in bright colors, its kiosk located in the central square and its promenade along the boardwalk on the shore of Lake Chapala. It is usually quite crowded with people having a drink, eating seafood and buying handicrafts . Its atmosphere is multicultural and it enjoys a formidable temperature throughout the year.
Ajijic. | Wikimedia Commons.

This town is located in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara. It is considered the cradle of many Mexican customs and traditions . It is one of the most important places in pottery production and visitors who come can take a nice souvenir. In this town the temples and the colonial, modern and contemporary architecture stand out.
Tlaquepaque. |

5. Teuchitlan
This municipality of Jalisco is located in one of the most visited areas of this Mexican state. It is a must to visit its enigmatic vestiges, which correspond to the first inhabitants of the area, of which the archaeological remains of Guachimontones stand out . In addition, we can enjoy its beautiful streets and squares.