The Vietnam War is one of the most well-known events in contemporary history today. It has been almost fifty years since the first military defeat in history for the United States occurred in Vietnam. This war lasted more than twenty years and to celebrate its end (since there are never winners in war) we have compiled a selection of phrases about the Vietnam War.

Einstein said that “the world needs permanent peace and a good will that lasts, so that no wealth will serve for humanity to progress”.

Marshall said that “the war was lost in the living room, for it was there that television broke its comfort with the brutality of war.” This means that public opinion was totally against this war.

A phrase that can be applied to any war, since they are all meaningless, is that “war is the cowardly way out of all the problems that peace has.”

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Undoubtedly, a very wise phrase is the one that says that “the only real means that exists to end war and achieve lasting peace is none other than to totally eliminate the causes of war.”

In addition, peace is the only important thing because as Chavela Vargas said “to truly care for the world you must protect love, care for peace and protect justice to the maximum.”

Also, an interesting vision to see is that “peace is not really an absence of conflict but a way of creating very creative alternatives to be able to respond efficiently to any type of conflict.”

On the other hand we find the phrase “in war, the first victim is the truth” which alludes to the fact that both one side and the other side always alter, sweeten and change the reality of what has really happened in favor of one or the other, although really in war everyone loses.

Roosevelt said that “France had controlled Vietnam for a hundred years and the people were worse off than they were at the beginning.”

Another of the most well-known and chilling phrases that reflect the cruelty of war was “keep killing our men ten by ten and we will kill yours one by one. Finally we are sure that they will get tired before”. Eisenhower said about the Vietnam war that if “you have some dominoes next to each other and you hit the first one, they all fall quickly”.

Nixon said he was “not going to be the first president to lose a war” over the Vietnam conflict.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese who suffered and fought in the horror of the war are credited with saying that “nothing is dearer than freedom and independence.”

Also, Kissinger said about the conflict that “peace was at hand.”

Kennedy said it was finally his war. That they could help them, but that it was really them, the people of Vietnam who had to win this war.

Westmoreland, for his part, said that no nation should under any circumstances bring its military forces alone to the brink of war.

Another of the phrases that is considered to have been said at that time is that it is essential to “master pain and fear, overcome obstacles, fight to the end and annihilate the enemy.”

Graham Greene said about the Vietnam War that normal weapons were useless in this war, that it was a war in which conventional weapons were useless because it was conventional and therefore there was no simple answer, it was an impossible war. win (although really in a war everyone loses).