If you are looking for Viking and Nordic names for your baby , we offer you a guide to the most interesting ones with their respective history.
They are names of warriors and characters from the rich Norse mythology that offer a forceful and original sound. Now that we are all looking for different and unusual names for our boys and girls, this can be a good resource.

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100 Viking names (of Scandinavian origin)
The languages ​​of Scandinavian origin are North Germanic languages ​​with Indo-European roots. In its multiple variants we find Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Icelandic .
But it was also the language of the Vikings, warlike peoples of northern Scandinavia known for their history of aggressive raids on Europe. That is why among the Scandinavian names we also find several names of historical warriors, as well as gods and characters from the complex Norse mythology. 50 Viking and Nordic names for boys
Below we offer you a hundred proper names extracted from the Nordic cosmogony and thechronicles and the sagas of the Vikings , which may be ideal for your baby. We start with the masculine names: 1. Aila
It means holy, blessed. 2. Alf
In old Scandinavian language means “elf” and names these mythological beings. 3. Aren
Although due to its sound it may seem somewhat feminine, it is a male name and means “the one who reigns like an eagle”. 4. Arnbjorn
gave name to a Viking chief character from one of the great sagas of these tribes. 5. Arngerdur
Ancestral name, collected as a warrior’s name in the long list of Viking chronicles and sagas. 6. Ax
Very popular name among the warrior tribes of the north, diminutive of Axel which means “the father of peace”. 7. Baggi
In the ancestral Nordic language, it gave its name to several warriors and means “backpack”. 8. Balder
His name means “prince” and he is a character from Norse mythology (god of peace, light and forgiveness). 9. Bjorn
Name that was used by various kings of the Norse dynasties. It is a male name and one of the most popular. 10. Bergljot
Compound name meaning protection from light: from Berg (protection) and Ljot (light). 11. Bo
In Old Norse it simply means “to live”. It can also be used as a feminine name, although it is originally masculine. 12. Bodil
Nominative of Danish origin meaning “commander”. 13. Dag
In ancient language, it was used by the northern peoples to designate the day. In Norse mythology he was the god of the day. 14. Daven
It is a masculine name of Scandinavian origin that means “beloved”. 15. Dustin
Its origin is the ancient word Dorstein, which means “Thor’s stone”. 16. Egil
It was a very popular name in the Viking Age. In Norse mythology he was in charge of taking care of Thor’s goats. 17. Einar
Named an influential Viking chieftain, and in his language it precisely means warrior chief. 18. Eindride
It is a compound name that in Old Norse unites “ein” (one) and “rida” (to ride).19. Elvis
Its original ancient form in the Scandinavian language is Alvis, and it means “wisdom”. 20. Erik
Widespread name that comes from the Norse Eirikr, a combination of “Ei” (always) and “rikr” (governor). He named kings and chieftains. 21. Esben
Danish variant of Asbjorn, which is formed from the union of Ass (God) and Bjorn (bear). 22. Gerd
It is the masculine variant of Gerda, which means fertility. It is widely used in Germany and Scandinavia, even today. 23. Gisli
Name of Norse mythology and that gave name to several Viking warriors. Its meaning, undoubtedly epic, is “Sun Ray”. 24.Haakon
Norwegian dynastic name that, among others, gives name to the current crown prince of Norway. It means skillful, useful. 25. Hallr
Ancient name meaning “rock”. 26. Halstein
Arises from the union of Hallr (rock) and Stein (stone). name of kings 27. Halvard
Viking warrior name meaning “the guardian of the rock.” 28. Holger
Union of the words holmr (island) and geirr (spear). It was the name of an important general of Charlemagne, a Danish nobleman. 29. Helge
The masculine form of Helga, from the word “helling”: Saint. 30. Hans
Very common name of Germanic reminiscence that means sweet and protective. Its translation in Spanish is Juan. 31. Harald
Very popular name. It means war chief and gave its name to the first king of Norway, Harald Halfdanarson or Harald I of Norway. 32. Inge
Ancient name of a Norse god, and according to legend he was one of the three sons of the first man Mannus. 33. Ivar
Old Norse name used by numerous kings and warlords, meaning archer. Even today it is widely used. 34. Jensen
Of Finnish origin, it means the son of Johansen. 35. Jorgen
Danish and Norwegian variant of Jorge, “means man of agriculture”. 36. Knut
From Old Norse knutr, meaning “knot.” He gave his name to the Danish prince who defeated the king of England in the early 11th century. 37.Lars
Scandinavian diminutive of Laurence (Laurentius). Very popular name in Sweden, it refers to the “laurel”. 38. Leif
Literally means heir. 39. Niels
Danish variant of Nicolas, and means “the triumph of the people”. 40. Njord
was the Norse god of the sea, fishing and fertility, and literally means “strong, vigorous”. 41. Odd
Viking warriors used to give their sons this name: it means “the edge of the sword”. 42. Odin
He is considered the main god of Norse mythology, and is the divinity of wisdom, war and death. 43. Olaf
It comes from the Old Norse Anleifr, a conjunction of the words “anu” (ancestor) and “leifr” (heir or descendant). Name of kings, such as Olaf the Great of Norway. 44. Olson
means son of Olaf. 45. Porir
Literally means “Thor’s warrior.” 46. ​​Ragnvall
Composed of the phrases Regin (advice) and Valdr (power). The modern adaptation of him is Ronald. 47. Sigurd
Variant of Sigfried, a character from Germanic literature and mythology. His name means “guardian of victory”. 48. Sven
Very popular name nowadays, which in old Norse means “boy”. 49.Thor
One of the most popular gods in mythology, whose name means “storm”. He was the god of thunder and strength, and he controlled the weather and the protection of crops. 50. Viggo
Name formed from the root “vig” which means, in old Norse, war. 50 Viking and Norse names for girls
Although women were not dedicated to war, Norse mythology is so rich that it has also given several very suggestive female names. Here are another fifty: 51. Alfhild
Beautiful maiden daughter of the Swedish king, in Old Norse means “battle of the elves.” She was engaged to the Viking Alf in northern mythology. 52. Adalborj
Old name formed by the root of the words Adal (noble) and Borj (save).53. Aslaug
Comes from the union of Ass (God) and Laug (promised woman). 54. Astrid
Formed by the roots ass (God) and Fridr (beloved). He has given his name to many queens and princesses, and is still a very popular name. 55. Bjorg
Equally popular name meaning “help, rescue”. 56. Brenda
Comes from Brandr, an old Norse name meaning sword. 57. Brynia
Word that in old Norse means “love”. 58. Dahlia
Literally means “valley”. 59. Droplaug
Female ancestral name that is currently very popular in the north. 60. Elin
Feminine name that refers to what shines. 61. England
Nordic word that in its old version means angel. 62. Erika
Its meaning, a variant of the masculine Erik, is “only princess”. 63. Eyra
Scandinavian goddess of health and healing. One of the Valkyries. She means “euphoria”. 64. Freya
In Norse mythology, goddess of love and fertility. 65. Frida
Her root in ancient Germanic languages ​​is frithu, which means “peace.” 66. Frigg
Mythological name that refers to the wife of Odin, goddess of the home, motherhood and domestic arts. 67. Fulla
Mythological Divinity: She was one of the assistants of Frigg, the wife of Odin. She comes from fullr (complete). 68. Gerda
Name of Germanic origin that refers to fertility. 69. Gna
Celestial Messenger at the service of Frigg, wife of Odin. 70. Gunilda
The meaning of her is “war, battle” and has been a name of many Germanic queens. 71. Gudrun
In Old Norse it means “secret of god” and, in Norse mythology, she was the wife of King Sigurd. She recognized for the unique beauty of her. 72. Helga
Feminine form of the name Helge, meaning “holy.” 73. Helmi
Meaning of pearl. She is gaining a lot of popularity. 74. Hilda
Name of very widespread Germanic origin, and whose root means “battle”. 75. Hlin
Helper of Odin’s wife, her name means “protector”.76. Idun
She is one of the goddesses of the Nordic pantheon, in charge of maintaining eternal youth. 77. Ingrid
It is formed from the root Ing (one of the gods of Norse mythology) and means “Ing is beautiful”. 78. Kaira
Its meaning in the ancient language of the north is “peaceful”. 79. Karen
“Immaculate”. It is one of the Nordic names that has penetrated our territory the most, and it is increasingly chosen to name our babies. 80. Kaysa
It is the Scandinavian variant of Katherine, Ekaterina or Catalina, and comes from the word “purity”. 81. Krista
Mixes ancient reminiscences with the penetration of Christianity: she means follower of Christ. 82. Lena
Short form of Helena, which comes to give name to the “radiant, luminous, burning”. 83. Liv
Adaptation of the ancestral word Hlif (protection). In Scandinavian Liv means “life”. 84. Lofn
One of the Norse goddesses, who had permission from Odin and Frigg to join people in marriage. 85. Ludmila
Name of great popularity and a more than positive meaning: “the beloved of the people.” She has given names to queens, princesses and even a saint. 86. Nanna
It comes from the old Norse and its original meaning is “bold”. In Norse mythology, the goddess Nanna dies of grief at the death of her husband Balder. 87. Nilsa
It was the feminine name meaning “victory”. 88. Undine
Undines were aquatic nymphs of great beauty who inhabited lakes and ponds in ancient Norse mythology. 89. Ragna
From the name Regin (council), referring to power and governance. 90. Ragnheidr
Again formed from the root Regin (advice), and add Heidr (brightness). 91. Saga
Norse goddess of divination. 92. Seren
It was the old name for the word “star” in Norse. 93. Sigrid
Sigr means “victory”, and Fridr “beautiful, fair”. He has given his name to dozens of princesses and queens of the north. 94. Sif
She was the wife of Thor and goddess of fertility and family in the Nordic cosmogony. 95. Solveig
Very popular name in Norway, Denmark and Iceland: it means “force of the sun”. 96. Torhild
Its origin in Old Norse means “Thor’s fight”. 97. Tyra
Means strength and is the female variant of the male names Porvi and Porveig. 98. Urd
The ancient Norse word “urdr” means “fate”. In ancient mythology she was one of the goddesses of fate. 99. Valkyrie
In Norse mythology, the Valkyries were maidens who carried heroes killed in war to Valhalla. Well known for Wagner’s composition. 100. Vilborg
Ancestral name that refers to Icelandic mythology.

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