The popularity of drones has increased in recent years. If as children we enjoyed the famous remote-controlled cars, the hobby of this new century is to fly drones by remote control. Now, among all the possibilities, you have to know how to distinguish which are the best brands of cheap and expensive drones , since there are versions of these devices for all kinds of pockets, with different benefits.

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Drone, with or without a camera
One of the attractions of drones is that they allow you to record images thanks to the HD cameras that are incorporated, so it is not just a toy that can be made to fly several meters above the ground, but also it also represents an opportunity for photography enthusiasts to capture images from heights and angles that would be unthinkable .
Therefore, we must bear in mind that this can increase the price of a drone, so it should be considered that, in case we are not looking to capture images but simply enjoy the experience of handling one of these multicopters, we will probably have to Opt for a cheaper brand.

Top 5 Cheap Drone Brands
If you plan to buy a drone and you are new to this world, here we present a list with 5 of the best brands of cheapest drones.

5. JJRC H20

An ideal option for those entering the world of drones is to start with one of the cheapest drone brands on the market, the JianJian.
The JJRC company’s H20 model stands out for the speed it can reach (thanks to its measurements and design for optimal handling). Likewise, the H20 holds up well in the air even if there is a gust of wind that could destabilize it.
If you want a fast drone, that can rise several meters from the ground (up to 40) and that does not make your pocket cry (50 € or 60 $ approximately), it is a very good recommendation. Yes, it does not have a camera.

4. Quadron Evo
The Quadron Evo is a medium-sized drone (54 x 40 x 9.8 cm) but very light (840 grams in weight). One of its strong points lies in its solid structure , so that we do not have to suffer if it crashes into a tree or a wall, since it can absorb impacts without damaging its engine.
It can be operated from a radio control and has a range of 5 to 7 minutes. It costs 56 euros (69.12 US dollars).

3. Rolling Spider mini drone Halfway
down the list we have this little drone that has very powerful extras. First of all, it can be attached to two carbon wheels that allow the drone to move along the ground and even climb walls .(hence “Spider”). For the more traditional ones, it can fly and glide without the need to have the wheels attached.
Another advantage of the Rolling Spider is its motion sensors, so that when it is turned on, the drone hovers in the air at low altitude and remains there waiting for our orders. In addition, it has a camera in its lower part, which also serves as a counterweight to stabilize itself when it rises. You can save the images you take on your computer with just a USB. Downloading an application on our phone or tablet will be enough to enjoy one of the cheapest drones ( €79 / $97.5).

2. Syma x11C
If we talk about cheap drone brands, we have to include those from the Syma firm. The x11C type fits in the palm of your hand,however, the size of its propellers is proportionally larger than those of another class of the same brand, which gives it greater balance when flying, something that it also does more elegantly.
Good news: it does have a camera to record video or take pictures in HD. However, its autonomy is relatively short (7 minutes), and that without putting the camera in operation. Now, the 45 euros or 55 dollars that it costs are well worth it.

1. Syma x5C Explorers
At the top of the cheapest drone brands we place the Syma X5C-1 Explorer. This little one does not have to envy anything to other multicopters of higher ranges , since it incorporates the same possibilities at a reasonable price.
This device, about the size of a pigeon, is equipped with a 720-megapixel high-definition camera, has a sturdy structure that allows it to absorb impacts well, has an 8-minute battery life and has triumphed on Amazon for about 40 euros (50 dollars approximately).

The 5 best brands of expensive drones
Also for more flexible pockets, we have designed a list with the best brands of expensive drones.

5. DJI Tello
The Chinese brand DJI has launched its Tello model drone, very manageable although its price already amounts to 3 figures.
In your case, it allows you to perform elegant flights just by throwing it upwards, as well as dizzying pirouettes that will test the pilot’s skill.The Tello also has a 5 megapixel HD camera , which we can connect in real time to our mobile phone thanks to the Tello app for the Play Store or Apple Store.

For 109 euros (about 135 dollars) you can have one of the toys from one of the most expensive drone brands, which we can fly up to 100 meters away.

4. Parrot Ar Drone 2.0 Power Edition
We started to climb the price scale. 209 euros (about 260 dollars) costs the next drone on our list.
Very easy to pilot even for the little ones, it can be done from a mobile phone application or from a tablet. Its camera is 720p in HD, in addition to allowing recording at 30 frames per second. LThe duration of its charge is 18 minutes and its radius of action is 60 meters.

3. Parrot Bebop 2
The Parrot Bebop 2 is a renewed version of the Parrot brand, with a more robust frame and is equipped with an LED light that will make it possible to handle it in areas without light or hours of darkness.

The camera it has is a fisheye like the one we find in the mythical GoPro . Unlike other drones seen in this list, the Parrot Bebop 2 records images in Full HD. Its 25-minute battery life will make it possible for us to control it at unthinkable distances (up to 300 meters).
It is on Amazon for about 560 euros (691 dollars).

2. DJI Phantom 3

DJI repeats as one of the best drone brandsQuite expensive, but very versatile.
Among its accessories are: a 4K video camera, as well as flights that reach 2 kilometers away from our position (we can choose whether to direct them from the remote control or through an app downloaded on the mobile phone. As if this were not enough Through a screen we can see where the drone is at all times Thanks to its Video Positioning option, the Phantom 3 can detect if there is any obstacle nearby and thus avoid it Finally
, we can put it in “return home” mode “so that it returns autonomously where we tell it, in case we lose it or if the drone itself sees that it does not have enough battery to fly. If you are willing to drop 660 euros(776 dollars), tell us how it is.

1. DJI Mavic Pro
Again, a DJI branded product. The Mavic Pro is one of the few folding drones that exist , which makes it very comfortable to transport without having to hold it in your hand.
Among its improvements over other models are its great speed (up to 60 km), almost half an hour of battery life and the 6 km distance to which we can remote control it. Like any smart drone, the Mavic Pro locates if there are obstacles nearby to avoid them in time .
It has a video camera with 4K resolution and 30 frames per second, as well as another Full HD capable of recording images at 96 fps. Do you have 1075 euros or 1326 dollars
In case you have nothing better to pay and you want to treat yourself, you know.