There is nothing wrong with using rare words in your usual lexicon, as long as you explain the meaning to your interlocutor so that he can understand you. We offer you a selection of strange, beautiful or funny words to enrich your vocabulary and have more interesting conversations (if possible).

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36 rare words to add to your vocabulary
Spanish is a very broad language and the second most spoken in the world. However, very few know the meaning of these strange words or, rather, words.

1. Abracadabrante
One of the rarest words in Spanish and also one of the most recent. As many can guess, it serves to define something surprising, which seems almost magical .
“Then the wizard made my cousin disappear. He was abracadabrant”.

2. Abuhado
Just as we use “tabby” to refer to a pattern that resembles tiger skin, “abuhado” refers to someone or something that has the appearance of an owl .
“Juan has huge eyes. His face is very bushy”.

3. Acendrado
This is one of our favorite rare words, and not because of its similarity to the private label of a certain supermarket. It can be used to describe something pure, that is flawless .
“This wine is aged, that’s why it’s so expensive.”

4. Acme
No, the RAE has not included the mark with which the coyote tried to catch the roadrunner. What this curious word really means is the high point of an illness .
“He has not left the house because I am at the height of my cold.”

5. Amigovio
Amigovio defines a relationship of less commitment than a courtship. The word “follamigo” has similar connotations and the RAE is thinking of including it in future updates.
“He doesn’t want to commit me so much, so we could say that Maria is my friend.”

6. Amover
It is not a colloquialism that has finally been accepted by the Royal Academy, but a rare word that is synonymous with dismissing or removing someone from their job .
“The scandal of the works forced the mayor to remove several of his advisers.”

7. Cuddling
This strange word is also included in the RAE and defines the act of giving someone a loving hug , that is, giving a hug.
“I was sad and not anymore, because she gave me a hug.”

8. Afterglow
There are words that serve to define things that we would never have imagined would have a name. This is the case of the afterglow or the effect of sunlight on clouds .
“It was mid-afternoon and the views were beautiful. The sun cast a reddish glow on the clouds.

9. Ataraxia
Ataraxia is a very strange word and is used to define the absence of feelings .

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10. Barbian
Another strange Spanish adjective that defines a daring, self-confident or jovial person . If they tell you on the street, don’t be offended.
“Carlos always makes me smile. It is made in barbian”.

11. Bluyin
Spanish has adapted many of the English words that we use on a daily basis, and bluyin is one of them. As you may have imagined, a bluyin is nothing more than a pair of jeans .
“He put on the blue jeans that he had just bought.”

12. Bonhomia
Although you may not have heard it too much, bonhomia is not such a strange word as it seems. Define positive aspects such as goodness or kindness .
“Juan behaved with bonhomie, he is a true gentleman.”

13. Burdegano
This is, without a doubt, one of the rarest words in Spanish thanks to its sound. A hinny is an animal that is born from the cross between a cape and a donkey .
“You are a burglar! Look what you have done!”

14. Cagaprisas
A dirty word that, surprisingly, is accepted by the RAE. A hustler is a very impatient person, who is always in a hurry .
“There are still two hours left for the concert. Sit down, you’re a hurry-up.”

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15. Cederron
Adaptation of the English term CD-ROM. This word will fall into disuse, since nobody uses these storage devices. It is the same case as “floppy disk”.
“I put the CD in the computer and the program started.”

16. Haiga
Some may confuse it for “haya” from the verb “to have”. For the rest of mortals, a haiga is a large or very flashy car .
“What a haiga Juan has bought. It would have cost him an arm and a leg.”

17. Unfading
The sound of this strange word is very beautiful, despite the fact that very few people know the meaning. Something unfading is something that cannot wither, that is imperishable .
“Our love is unfading, it has no end.”

18. Isagoge
Isagoge is everything we do before taking action in any field. It refers to the preambles or introduction and has its origin in the Categories of Aristotle.
“The isagoge was good, but the aftermath was even better.”

19. Jipiar
One of the words with a more curious sound and, in case you were wondering, it has nothing to do with hippies. “Jipiar” means to moan or whimper .
“The baby started to jipiar because he wanted the pacifier.”

20. Limerence
This beautiful word is synonymous with infatuation, although it refers to the involuntary mental state in which the lover finds himself.
“When she walked in, limerence took over me.”
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21. Mamporrero
This word from the agricultural field serves to define the honorable trade of directing the reproductive organ of the horse in the act of coitus . Someone had to do it…
“Juan (the one from the haiga) has been hired as a thug to guide the horses in the stable”.

22. Melifluo
Of the words in Spanish with the best sound. In addition, it is applicable to its meaning: soft, sweet or delicate sound .
“The word mellifluous is very mellifluous.”

23. Bat
If you have ever said “murciegalo” and thought you were wrong, we have news for you: “murciegalo” is the original form of “murcielago” .
“I will not enter that cave. Bats scare me a lot.”

24. Mondo
It has a meaning very similar to that of another rare word on this list such as acendrado. In this case it refers to something genuine, which has no added or superfluous things .
“It has no dyes or preservatives. It is a mondo, refined product”.

25. Nefelibata
Said of the person who is always in the clouds, far from reality . We all have a nefelibate or nefelibata in our lives.
“Gloria is always absent, focused on her thoughts. She looks like a nephelibate.”

26. No
Despite being such a simple word, we are sure that you had not heard it in your life. It is an apocope (reduced version of a word) of senor .
“No, come with me please.”

27. Orate
“Orate” has many synonyms, but it is always good to add new words to your vocabulary. The RAE offers the following definition: person of little judgment, moderation and prudence .
“Don’t jump out of there, you’re going to kill yourself, pray often.”

28. Papahuevos Join
our favorite words that, without a doubt, we will add to our lexicon. It is also accepted “papanatas”, although the latter is more common. Come on, a fool of a lifetime.
“Juan is a papahuevos, he is not capable of connecting two neurons.”

29. Papichulo
You may have heard it in a reggaeton song, but the RAE is considering adding it to formal Spanish. It is a Latin colloquialism to define a man with great physical attractiveness .
“Look ‘aunt’, often papichulo goes there”.

30. Petrichor
One of the favorite smells of many people is the smell of wet earth after rain . That is exactly what “petrichor” means.
“I went out to the valley after the storm and the petrichor got me drunk.”

31. Sapenco
If we enter the field of flora and fauna, there are many rare and curious words. One of them is “sapenco”, which defines a land snail with transverse stripes and an inch in length .
“I found a sapenco in the middle of the forest.”

32. Serendipity
We have all made a serendipity at some point, and this word is nothing more than an important discovery that occurs accidentally .
“The discovery of penicillin was a serendipity.”

33. Uebos
This archaism has nothing to do with what you are imagining. Having uebos means having needs or emergencies .
“Each person has the uebos of him, like Juan.”

34. Wanderer
The Castilian language is versatile and fickle, adapting according to the use of its speakers. “Wanderer” is an accepted version of “wanderer” .
“I was left alone and without a job, so I threw myself into the street like a bum.”

35. Wailing
According to the Royal Spanish Academy, a “wagging” is a “ moan or cry of a newborn ”.
“The baby’s groan when he woke up from his nap was disheartening.”

36. Vituperio
In your daily life you use more vituperience than you imagine, and this word means insult, slander or infamy .
“He began to hurl insults at him before the astonished gaze of those present.”

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