Get your keyboard and mouse ready because we review the best war games that we can play in 2018 . Although they are not exclusive to PC, they can all be played on a computer, the best platform to enjoy heart-stopping graphics.
The online mode is still the high point. Many recent games focus all their content on the competition between players on different maps and environments. This is the case of battle royale games, a genre that has gained enormous popularity thanks to titles like Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In this type of war games, several players must compete to be the last soldier standing.

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But not everything is in the online competition. The most classic players (the few that are left) expect something more from a war game, for example, a good story. For some, the bell mode is essential to have a good experience , and I am satisfied with some of the games that we present below.

    11 essential war and action games for PC
    If you have a computer powerful enough to run these games, you have it all. We have made this list based on games that have come out this year and others that were released in 2017, although they are still essential in the genre.

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    1. Battlefield V
    If you are looking for an interesting story mode and a setting to match , we recommend that you take a look at the new Battlefield, this time based on events of World War II. The fifth installment squeezes the graphics engine to the maximum, so the most powerful PCs can enjoy an unparalleled 60fps experience.
    However, DICE puts all the meat on the grill in multiplayer again. There we find eight new online game modes , among which a battle royale, a conquest mode with more simultaneous players on the map and an addictive cooperative stand out.

    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
    Treyarch is the company in charge of developing this branch of the saga, based on the multiplayer experience. On this occasion, we will be able to enjoy a new battle royal mode called BlackOut on our PC , in addition to the already mythical zombie mode. Treyarch has decided to focus on online and ditch the bell, a risky but brave move. For the fourth time in a row, Black Ops returns ready to take the throne of war games.

    3. Call of Duty WW2
    The saga had taken futuristic paths with Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare, but the owners of the franchise knew how to see what the fans had been demanding for so long: a return to World War II .
    That is exactly what Activision offers us in this new installment, a bell that puts us in the middle of the fight, recovering the essence of the first games . However, one of the faults that is attributed to the story mode is that it is very short: it barely reaches 6 hours of play.
    Luckily, the online mode offers us countless hours of entertainment. There is no doubt that Call of Duty is still the king of online war games , both because of the frenzy of the games and because of the new War mode, which does not revolutionize the saga but gives it a certain freshness.

    4. Just Cause 4
    Just before the end of the year we will be able to try Just Cause 4, one of the strongest bets from Avalanche Studios.Explore a vast open world in a ‘Mad Max’ style post- apocalyptic setting , where resources are scarce and danger lurks around every corner.
    As in the mythical movie starring Mel Gibson, gamers will delight in high doses of explosions, shootouts and chases in the most varied vehicles. Just Cause 4 follows in the footsteps of other action games like RAGE, from the same developers.

    5. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus
    Experienced players will fondly remember Wolfeinstein 3D, a game that revolutionized the PC shooter genre back in 1992. The formula was really simple: kill Nazis while walking through a labyrinthine prison. Come on, an old-fashioned war game.
    In a way, the union between Bethesda and Machine Games has kept the spirit of the saga intact. Those who want online action should look elsewhere, because The New Colossus focuses on a rogue and irreverent story that can reach 20 hours of play. Thanks to the replayable factor, each game will be different.

    6. Fortnite
    What will this game have that has become the obsession of so many players?
    Probably a hilarious battle royale system, new content every so often, and simple but outstanding graphics that less powerful PCs can handle.
    In addition to the multiplayer mode, Fortnite is, at its core, a video game ofconstruction and survival, recovering the mechanics of Minecraft that captivated the youngest a few years ago. A phenomenon with millions of daily players around the world.

    7. Star Wars: Battlefront 2
    The campaign mode has been a big disappointment, it’s full of bugs and barely reaches five hours. Then you might be wondering why on earth this game appears on the list. Calm down, young padawan.
    As far as online is concerned, Battlefront 2 is a delight. The progression system is one of the best we’ve tried and allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of some of the most well-known Star Wars characters such as Obi-Wan, Darth Maul or Master Yoda. Who doesn’t like that

    ? 8. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
    The second battle royale that we include in the list, only available for PC and Xbox One. It competes in number of users with Fortnite, although under a more serious and realistic aesthetic. Its main assets are a large arsenal of 30 weapons that adapts to the tastes of each player and a critically praised team game mode.

    9. Destiny 2
    The first installment was only available on consoles, but luckily computer players can enjoy this second part. In this futuristic shooter you will discover sets and scenarios that will leave you speechless, all at a 4K resolution close to 60 fps.
    Given the criticism of its predecessor, Bungie has thrown the rest and now the story script is much more worked. In spite of everything, the main course is still the multiplayer and the cooperative mode. It has a wide range of additional content and DLCs.

    10. Far Cry 5
    Far Cry 5 is fast-paced action, gunfights and explosions, the essential ingredients of any good war game. The Ubisoft title introduces us to a hostile Montana, where the shadow of Joseph Seed, a twisted sectarian, chases us at every moment. In my humble opinion, Joseph is the most interesting villain in video game history .
    Those who have been able to try it highlight the handling of weapons, the freedom of action in the largest map of the saga and a recreation of rural and puritanical America that makes your hair stand on end. At a graphic level, it doesn’t invent gunpowder, but it will easily convince the most demanding PC gamers.

    11. Risign Storm 2: Vietnam
    In war, the first to die is always the most unwary. The authors of Rising Storm (formerly known as Red Orchestra) know this well, and that is why they give realism and strategy the importance it deserves . Also, there is no better setting for a war game than the Vietnamese jungle.
    Visually, it leaves a lot to be desired for a game of this generation, but little by little all that is in the background and it dazzles you with its addictive approach and precise shooting controls. Exclusive for PC .

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