Even today the advertising of a well-known brand stands out on TV starring the beautiful Diletta Leotta who gives intimate advice to a man. In general, men’s underwear is a very growing sector and there are several brands that offer their men’s underwear collections every year.

Male underwear: even the female eye wants its part

If the man in the tank top is super sexy, the man in underwear can drive you crazy . Contrary to popular belief, the beauty of the muscles of the male body is enhanced by an intimate elegant man and not mortified, so, gentlemen, do not worry! Take care of your appearance even in the bedroom, even under everyday clothes.

Who says only a woman should wear underwear?

A well-made men’s underwear serves not only to feel beautiful but also to give the body a physical satisfaction made of softness, kindness, and above all practicality . There are not a few men who hate wearing underwear in bed, due to their feeling of discomfort. But it all depends on which brands you choose.

Here are the five most famous to consider in the following lines.


Not everyone considers it for men’s underwear fashion , but Intimissimi is instead one of the most requested brands by gentlemen. Their production of boxers with a modern cut and colors, makes these purchases always of great taste. Intimissimi also takes care of the production of t-shirts, tank tops, briefs, to make men proud of their beauty.

Calvin Klein

Despite the famous name, the prices of this brand are very affordable. The particularity of “Calvin Klein underwear for men” is that of offering matched items also in this sector. And therefore you will find the briefs that recalls the colors of the tank top, or the boxer with the elastic recalled by the color of the shirt. And obviously the most modern forms of design in the sector are available to the taste of modern man, attentive to all the smallest details.


Diesel is a brand much loved by young people as it produces briefs and boxers designed for low-waisted trousers. Therefore, the cunning of the Italian fashion house lies in making the elastic bands – which often bear the name of the brand – and the upper part of the underwear very interesting and lively, so that it appears even when it comes out of the edge of the jeans!

Diesel also has the advantage of having highly competitive prices, even below 20 Euros! Suitable for all budgets, therefore, it is one of the most sought after men’s underwear brands, especially by teenagers.


Armani is perhaps the most expensive but also the most complete and elegant line for men’s underwear.

With this brand you can find pajamas, briefs, boxers, thongs, sweaters and tank tops. A total dressing for the man who does not want to look bad under the sheets! Armani’s watchword, in all branches of his company, is elegance. And men’s underwear is also distinguished by this factor. Sure, it’s a considerable expense, but the result is really chic… and certainly very sexy.

Sloggi – Men Colours

Sloggi became famous, as a brand, thanks to some commercials that enhanced the feminine curves.

But as for the production of men’s underwear it is equally avant-garde.

The modern imprint of its men’s underwear items is revealed above all in the Men Colors Collection , which offers men’s briefs and boxers in bright and cheerful colors. Enough with that slightly tiring macho neutral, enough with grays or blacks … the modern man should not be ashamed to show himself “in color” even in the bedroom. And this is what conquers (perhaps) a woman.