Long skirts for winter are just an example of the women’s skirts that will be in vogue in 2022. Among the different models, there will also be trouser skirts, miniskirts and the most sought-after models for style and taste, proposed in the latest fashion shows, from the most important fashion houses.

What are the must-have skirt models of 2021 and which ones to change for the new year? Let’s see it in the following lines, in the new post dedicated to fashion, by our portal!

Women’s skirts: trouser skirts

The trouser skirt is the real star of the 2021 trends  . The trouser skirt models are comfortable and refined at the same time. This responds to two common denominators this year in the world of fashion style, which are elegance and practicality.

They are not suitable for everyone, true, but they are also very interesting, because in the fashion shows they played a role similar to men’s Bermuda shorts. The length of these models increases the skirt-like effect.

The colors of these models are: cream, white, blue, black and purple.

The perfect match is with jackets of the same color, or with crop top and pullover. The sophisticated and loungewear style is ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your everyday outfit.

Models skirts for women: miniskirts

The miniskirt rediscovers patchwork and preppy fabric for the new 2021 trends. The miniskirt concludes the knitted dresses , to make them more interesting and to enhance the female figure.

This item of clothing is worn following the Irish style  or with tartan. The skirt can also have a mirror effect. In this case, silver or gold is used.

Leather miniskirts can be kept in the closet and can be used next to a sweater or jacket of the same color (with a white shirt underneath). Thus, the miniskirt becomes the right compromise between the sexy and sophisticated outfit.

Complete the outfit with a miniskirt, black boots with rubber soles, high heels, or shoes with a low but fine heel. The shoes can also be combined with jackets or an elegant bag.

Long skirts

Long skirts are a must-have this year. Her trends di lei want them to be broad and romantic , but with character. The long skirts can be plain in the colors of winter (brown, white, black) or in one color, combined with other items of clothing.

The skirt dares a little more, maintaining its sophisticated character, when it returns to the classic with the animalier, or rediscovers the 40s with pleats. The floral style is less noticeable on the catwalk, but remains trendy this year too.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts were, on the catwalk, the favorite choice of the French maison Yves Saint Laurent.

These, specifically, enhance the shapes and are made of paint materials, such as latex. Goodbye to black and we move on to the trendy colors of the season, which are purple, red and yellow or even orange.

The sheath dress maintains its charm, does not give up femininity, but also enhances the energy of women and their desire to be protagonists (even a little sexy).

The skirt reaches the knees, but the skin is not exposed because of the black boots, also in patent leather, which reach beyond the knees, to slim the figure.