It is difficult for a person not to know who Paulo Coelho is. This writer is one of the most important in current literature, with dozens of books that have succeeded and continue to do so, even though decades have passed since they hit the market. His success lies in creating inspiring stories, with motivating phrases, that come with meaning and that are capable of filling us with optimism and good energy . In this selection of phrases by Paulo Coelho, you will find those for which he has become so famous, with quotes that you surely already knew, and others that will reveal to you not only the great writer that he is, but also the person, knowing his soul and his feelings in a few phrases that overflow love, both towards oneself, as well as the people around him and the world in general.

Paulo Coelho phrases of friendship

  • You have to be brave, take your risks, since nothing replaces experience.
  • Waiting is painful, as is forgetting. But the worst suffering is not knowing what to do.
  • When someone desires something with all his heart, the entire universe conspires to help him fulfill that dream.
  • I have seen many storms in my life. Many have surprised me, so I had to quickly learn to deal with them, understanding that I am not able to control time, but patience and respect the fury of nature itself.
  • When you look someone straight in the eye, no one can hide anything, or lie.
  • Take your risks, only miracles happen when you least expect it.
  • In life, the only serious problem is waiting for the right moment to act.
  • One is loved, because one is loved, there is no compelling reason to love.
  • When something you do excites you, you feel the positive energy through your body.
  • Every day of your life is different from another, each one will bring you a miracle, you just have to discover that miracle and not be blind.
  • Remember your desires and fight for your dreams. You have to know what you are looking for in life. There will only be one thing that will stop you: the fear of failure.
  • People understand each other much better thanks to culture. With it, souls understand each other better, overcoming economic and political barriers. We are all the same, with the same problems and concerns.
  • I have never seen an angel in my life, but seeing it or not is not irrelevant, since I can feel its presence close to me.
  • People are generally very reluctant to talk about their private lives, however, when you go online, they are more open.
  • When you fall into a river you don’t drown, you do it when you stay submerged in it.
  • You have to tell your heart that the fear of suffering is much worse than fear itself. There is no heart that has suffered when searching for its dream.
  • Everything that has happened once, will never happen again. However, if it has already happened twice, it will surely happen a third time.
  • Love is like a trap. It appears and we are only able to see its light, but never its shadows.
  • When a storm is violent, it tends to pass faster.
  • I love everything about my job, except speaking. I am shy when I get in front of people. But I love having eye contact with the reader who has already met my soul.
  • Each and every one of my characters are searching for their souls, they are my own mirror. I am a person who is constantly looking for his place in the world, and for me, the best way is through literature.
  • I write books for myself. The reaction that the reader will have is none of my business.
  • Although people usually say they are happy, no one is completely happy. We are always looking to improve and look for new desires that we do not have.
  • The world has enormous creativity but does not know it. From the first moment it is expressed, this potential comes to the surface, and you can begin to improve the world.
  • Love is not always going to take you to heaven. Your life is in danger of becoming a nightmare. But hey, it’s worth taking that risk.
  • We have to be able to stop, as well as being honest enough to stop, understanding that there is a mystery.
  • Let’s be clear, we must never confuse humility with false modesty.
  • My parents never encouraged me to be a writer because they thought I was going to starve. They thought that in Brazil no one can make a living this way. They were not misguided.
  • We always learn. The main problem is that you think you can understand the world. This is a mistake. The world is always moving, and will continue to move, so we will never reach a point of complete understanding.

Famous phrases Paulo Coelho love

I hope that you have enjoyed as much as we have with these phrases of Paulo Coelho about life and that once you have sat down to think about them and reflect, you can see your day to day with different eyes, as this author would say, as if it were of a miracle Life is precious and you have to live it as such, taking risks, fighting for your dreams and above all, doing what you most want. If you liked these motivating phrases from Coelho, you can download the images to use them wherever you want, put them as a wallpaper, upload them to your social networks or even pass them on to your friends or print them to keep them saved. Share so that those people who want a better life, changing their world from within, can have the knowledge that these famous quotes offer you.