Angela Lansbury , the very famous interpreter of The Lady in Yellow , a cult yellow-pink show from the Eighties and Nineties, is now a splendid 92-year-old. Even if, in the common imagination, she will always remain Jessica Fletcher , in classic dresses with an unmistakable style, she has shown a lot of attention to fashion in her life.

In fact, even if it is difficult to believe, in the actress’s wardrobe there is a lot of color , high heels and the inseparable pearls for gala evenings. From the beginning until today, Angela has always shown herself to be an elegant woman with very particular tastes, without ever falling into the vulgar.

Very wide necklines and elegant dresses and this is the look that actually belongs to the actress and in this article we will see the most beautiful dresses she has worn from the 40s to today.

Thanks to this gallery of images , the elegant and refined side of an actress we all love will be revealed . Let’s find out together the 10 unexpected looks of Angela Lansbury:

1) 1940: young and sensual

Long hair and soft hairstyle in perfect 40’s style. In the image on the left, Angela wears an elegant silk dress and shows off a dazzling smile. Diaphanous skin elegantly adorned with a pearl choker over a classic and refined bandeau neckline . In the image on the right, the actress sports a decidedly sexier look. Transparent dress and sensual pose, and 1948 and Lensbury also changes the hairstyle. In this beautiful image, her hair is gathered up and less fluffy.

2) Early 1950s

In 1950 Angela’s look changes again. While we’ve been used to seeing her wearing comfortable shoes and clothes when playing her characters, the actress has actually always loved her high heels and elegant dresses. In the photo on the left she poses for a photo shoot wearing a silk robe , while in the image on the right, the blue lace dress enhances her very slim waist.

3) Mid-1950s

In these two beautiful images the actress perfectly interprets the style of the fifties. For gala evenings, Angela Lansbury wears a classic black low-cut dress without forgetting the irreplaceable pearl choker . Instead, for the day she has a more sober and comfortable look: white Capri-style trousers and classic striped sweater.

4) 1960: only white

White is a shade that often returns in Angela Lensbury’s choices of looks . In fact, for her interview in 1966 with the journalist Barbara Walters , the actress chose a white mini dress and a bag and straw hat as accessories . Also for the twenty-second edition of the Tony Awards , the very young actress is wearing a strictly white peplum dress.

5) 1970: the maxi sizes

At the end of the 70s Angela is always elegant both with an informal jacket and with stronger colored suits. The warm velvet and the maxi sizes of her hide her always minute and graceful body for a daytime look, while the red is one of the most loved colors of her by the actress for the party evenings .

6) 1980: floral themes

It is the 80s and Angela Lansbury does not abandon her beloved red and flowers. In fact, in the first image she wears a crepe dress with floral prints in a beautiful bright red and the inevitable pearl necklace . While, in the second shot, in which the actress is awarded the Golden Globe in 1985, the shades of the dress are more pastel but always have a floral theme.

7) 1990: i because

Not only the classic black, white or red, Ms. Fletcher is also very fond of patterns. In fact, after the floral ones, the actress loves to show off polka dots . Small, large, the important thing is that they are polka dots! With a white shirt and a simple skirt or with an elegant dress in this pattern, the actress always proves to be up to any situation.

8) 1990: timeless red

In these two images Angela wears two very elegant dresses and both red or in any case in the shade of red. She is very sophisticated in the left shot with the suit , adorned with a brooch and the inevitable pearl choker, while she appears much more sexy and provocative with the long velvet dress and plunging neckline .

9) 2000: black tuxedo and white suit

Could a lady’s wardrobe be missing a tuxedo or a suit ? It would seem not to be the looks worn by the famous actress. With the advancing age and also the formal awards to her career, Angela Landsbury opts for decidedly more sober than others but just as elegant .

10) Angela Lansbury oggi

After talking about her return as Mrs. Fletcher, today Angela still remains a very elegant and refined woman, never abandoning her favorite colors and her memorable hairstyle .