Expensive cameras: our ranking

Here are the most expensive models of cameras and their main features, which make these products unique in their kind.

Leica S Type 007

Leica is a German brand, much less known than the famous names of Japanese competitors Nikon and Canon, but it too is an excellence in the field of photography.

The Leica S Typ 007   is a model of this house that made the history of photography.

All photography enthusiasts will have heard of it. The camera has a very high shutter speed, which manages like a burst to take up to 3.5 photos per second. Its price is around 18,000 euros .

Stephan Schulz, Head of Professional Photography at Leica, describes this camera as follows:

“Seen in terms of size, versatility and craftsmanship, the Leica S is the first choice for photographers who do not want to compromise”.

Hassel blad H4D-200MS

The  Hassel blad H4D-200MS  has been at the top of the charts as the world’s most expensive camera for a couple of years .

This has state-of-the-art technology: and indeed capable of taking 200 megapixel photos!

This camera has a very long shutter speed, in fact it shoots in 30 seconds, but despite this the result is surprising, as it manages to combine six shots in a single image, giving the possibility to make large zooms.

The photographed subject must remain motionless while the photo is taken. The value of this machine can even exceed  50,000 euros .

The  Hassel blad H4D-200MS is usually used for making movies and can shoot images in very high quality.

Leica 0 n°122

This vintage camera was auctioned last year (2018) at the famous Viennese auction house Westlicht. The model in question is a Leica 0 n ° 122   belonging to the 1920s.

Of this model there are only 25 in the world, and of these 25 only 3 have remained original and have never been modified.

The Leica 0 n ° 122   is the most expensive camera in the world, whose value reached at auction is about 2.4 million euros , starting from an auction base of 400,000 euros, therefore it has managed to multiply its price by six times.

Source: Tuttoinformatico

Panoscan Mk 3 Panoramic

The Panoscan Mk 3 Panoramic  is a third generation panoramic camera.

The brand, being unknown to say the least, makes this camera not very mainstream, even if it is an excellence in the world of photography: in fact, it can scan a 360 ° image in less than 8 seconds.

The price of this machine is 40,000 dollars .

This panoramic camera was made in collaboration with Better Light Inc , known worldwide for producing the best parts for cameras of this type.

The Panoscan Mk 3 Panoramic takes full advantage of Better Light technology that has made this panoramic camera one of the most performing and innovative in the world. In addition, the battery has a charge that lasts a very long time.

Phase One P 65+

The Phase One P 65+ is a camera that allows the photographer to obtain prints of the highest quality even in 70 x 100 cm format. The camera manages to take one photo per second at 60.5 megapixels.

Its price is around   $ 40,000 .

Seitz 6×17 Panoramic

This more than a camera is considered a scanner and in fact it cannot be held in the hand but must necessarily be placed on the tripod. It has very long shutter speeds, it can be said that it is a tool for true professionals in the field.

The Seitz 6 × 17 Panoramic was released in 2007 at a price of  $ 40,000.

Source: YouTube

Canon Eos 1D Mark III

The  Canon Eos 1D Mark III is a professional digital SLR launched by Canon in 2007.

This machine is capable of withstanding difficult climatic conditions: in fact, it can be used with temperatures ranging from zero to more than 45 degrees. The resolution is 10 megapixels and the price is around $ 10,000.