During the developmental age, the bones of the human body are constantly growing and remodeling. In women, the longitudinal increase continues until the age of 16-17, while for men the statural growth stops at the age of 18-20.

So, once you reach your ideal height, you will no longer grow and on the contrary, as you age you will lose centimeters. So how do you manage to look taller ?

A big help comes from the wardrobe . Clothes chosen ad hoc will slim the figure giving a few more centimeters. It will no longer be necessary to wear high heels to look taller, just choose the garment that best suits the final purpose.

Let’s find out together the 10 tricks to look taller and slender in a few steps:

1) Shoes: heels and color

First and undisputed trick to look taller is obviously wearing a pair of heels. However, it will be precisely the type of heel to which you will have to pay attention to the choice. In fact, a thick and square heel will not help in the intent, better to opt for a shoe with a stiletto , finer and definitely more suitable for slimming the figure. The color of the shoe is also very important. Dark colors such as black tend to shorten the leg, therefore, better a shoe with light colors and without laces. The bare shoes will “merge” with the foot and create the illusion of having longer legs.

2) Horizontal lines: rejected

The fashion of the last few years has seen the return of patterns with many lines , but be careful; this type of dress is not very suitable for those who want to slim their figure, because the horizontal lines add volume . So watch out for the combination. It would be better to combine a striped shirt with a solid color skirt that reaches below the knee. In this way you will have the impression of recovering a few centimeters without weighing down the figure.

3) Yes to palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are a really good trick to recover important centimeters. They will be very useful to cover high heels, and worn with a short t-shirt they will also lengthen the waistline. Better to opt for a dark color and possibly a solid color, easier to match. If you do not have short shirts, slip it into your pants or tie it on one side, perhaps with a nice brooch.

4) The choice of bag and jeans

Large bags are beautiful and very comfortable, but not very suitable if the intent is to look taller. Better a small and flat bag , which will not weigh down the figure. Even jeans will have to be chosen with care. The high-waisted models are the most suitable for slimming the figure. Combined with a crop top and shoes with heels they can solve the problem.

5) T-shirt dresses: never without a belt

A dress with a t-shirt cut matches any body type. But attention to details. Essential to recover centimeters and a belt that marks the waist. Also, in order not to weigh down the figure, in the case of long sleeves, roll them up.

6) Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are a useful trick to slim the figure. Even this better in plain color , easier to match. If a short shirt is missing from the wardrobe , no problem. As with the palazzo trousers, you can put it inside or tie it on one side. If the combination will be with a blouse or a shirt, a cut that marks the waistline is better.

7) Goodbye belts

Better to put them in a drawer or even give them to a taller friend, because thick belts are not at all suitable to slim the figure. Being an indispensable element in the wardrobe, it is better to choose thin belts that help enhance the waistline, giving the illusion of a few more centimeters.

8) Hair: better collected

Even the hairstyle can help to recover some centimeters. A nice crop will give more prominence to the neck, which will immediately seem longer. The suitable hairstyle and a high chignon, because in addition to showing the neck it will give precious centimeters in height. Finally, wear wide necklines to highlight the neckline even more.

9) Vertical lines

By choosing dresses or trousers with vertical lines you will immediately create the illusion of being taller. With a pair of vertical striped trousers your legs will seem longer and your figure even more slender.

10) Necklaces that slender

Another useful trick is to wear long necklaces or chokers over wide V-necks; in this way the figure will immediately recover a few centimeters.