Do you have to take care of the little ones in the house and you don’t know how to make them have an entertaining time
? Or, are you at a meeting with friends and you can’t help but bring out your nice side?
Whatever it is, if for you humor is key in your way of being, we have prepared an assortment with the best jokes for young and old children, which will make you win the sympathy (hopefully) of those who are with you.

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The 40 best jokes for young and old children that will make you laugh
the most Show your funniest side with one of the following jokes for children of all ages.

1. In a store:

– Give me a bunch of pipes

+ A bag of
Some jokes for children are older than Methuselah, but they never go out of style .

2. In English class:

– Miss, what does “nothing”

+ “Nada” mean?

– I want to say something, isn’t it?
It’s all a matter of points of view…

3. Why do hens love their chicks so much?
Because they cost them an egg

. So much effort has to be worth something.

4. A cat was walking across a roof meowing: “Meow, meow!”

In that another cat approaches him repeating: “Woof, woof!”

Then the first cat says to him:

– Hey, why do you bark if you’re a cat?

And the other one answers:

+ Is it that one can’t learn languages?

The relationship between dogs and cats makes for many jokes for small children.

5. The policeman tells the detained math teacher:

– You have committed a mathematical crime.

+ I take it.

– Well, I arrest him.
We have to be consistent with our actions.

6. In language class, one of the students asks the teacher:

– How do you write “bala”

+ As it sounds.

– “Pum-pum”
I think this student has not understood well.

7. Where do fleas go when they die

Thumbs up if you like this joke for children and adults. Don’t kill us.

8. Two friends, one tells the other:

-I bought a new watch!

+ What marks?

Well, the time!
Drum roll, please.

9. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make that girl fall in love…

– Do you have cows and sheep

? + Yes.

– Well, you already have a lot of cattle.
You can try to seduce someone using some jokes for children like this, but we can not tell you if you will have much success.

10. What does a jaguar say to another
“Jaguar you”.

Inexplicable how she was able to fail English…

11. A very conceited boy tells his father:

– Dad, when I grow up I want to be like you.

+ Why, my son

– To have a son like me!
There is no room for you and your ego in this room, my son.

12. “And to end the interview… tell me what your favorite hobbies are His

-Bilbo, Frodo and Samwise…”
And Merry!
Does nobody think of Merry, fools!

13. What is the name of the chemical compound that prevents pregnancy
Nitrate to put
Good play on words.

14. Mom, mom, can I use your car

+ Not without my supervision, Jaimito!

– Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you had to have superpowers…!

Jaimito is the protagonist of mostof jokes for children for decades.

15. A couple:

– Honey, can you change the baby

+Uff, what a relief, I thought you were never going to ask me! Do you think they’ll give us a PS4 for the? We
have to look on the bright side of things: at least the game console would make less mess and not make such a fuss.

16. – Tell me a word that starts with “D”

+ Yesterday.

– Yesterday doesn’t start with “D”.

+ Why not
? Yesterday was Sunday!

That sympathetic…!

17. What is the bird that always makes its nests in the churches
The Ave Maria


18. – Dad, dad, will you come to my graduation

+ No, son. When you get home, you will show me your new glasses…
Puns are perfect ingredients for great jokes for children . You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to find it funny.

19. A boy to her mother and asks her:

– Mommy, mommy, do chocolate candies walk on the wall

+ Well, no, Jaimito. Candies don’t walk.

– Ah, okay… well, then I ate a cockroach!
And he says it so calmly…

20. A prisoner in jail says to the other:

– Hey, and why are you here?

+ Well, for the same reason as you. Why won’t they let me out!!!
As Cristiano Ronaldo would say…

21. What is the last letter of the alphabet

– The “O”…

+ You mean the “Z”!

– No man! If it wouldn’t be “alphabecedarioz”
One of those jokes for children that has a lot of reason to be , isn’t it?

22. During the astronomy lesson:

– Pedrito, what planet comes after Mars

+ Wednesday
This one goes for September, at least.

23. Another suspense in English son
´You have to try harder!

– Okay… But now I’m hungry…

+ Tell me in English or there won’t be anything…

– I ambre
Another one who repeats this year.

24. Honey, give me the baby.

– Wait till I cry.

– I’m crying
but… Why?

– Because I can’t find it!
Surely it is the protagonist of other of our jokes for children from before . Do you remember the one on the PS4

25. Gentleman, did you come with the steak

– No, I came by myself.
Enjoy the evening, then.

26. Two friends meet and one goes very sad:

– But Carlos, why do you have that face

+ I just came from burying my mother-in-law…

– Wow! You miss her, don’t you?

+ No, the priest has said that I will see her again in heaven when she dies!

It may not be a very appropriate children’s joke , so find a better one.

27. Conversation between friends:

– Do you have wi-fi

+ Yes

– And what is the key

+ Have money, call an operator and hire him, that’s all…
The great secret revealed thanks to this great joke for children and adults.

28. Dad, do hearts have legs

? – No Jaimito, why do you say that?

+ I heard you say last night: “Open your legs, sweetheart!”
A peculiar way to discover what mom and dad are really doing in the room.

29. Please help me, my daughter is lost!

+ Let’s see, what is her name

? – Esperanza

+ Impossible! Hope is the last thing lost
The words of support that a mother is longing to hear at times like this.

30. -Have you seen how my son plays the violin
? What do you think of his execution

? – Man, executing it seems excessive to me, but two hells if it gave him
It will not be one of the most appropriate jokes for children, but with this one,a server has let out a laugh .

31. What does a walrus say to another walrus
? “Let’s have lunch” or will they be

relatives of the jaguars of old…

32. What does Enrique Iglesias do in a wheat field
? Being with wheat, living with wheat, dancing with wheat!

You cannot be the author of one of the cursive hits of the summer without starring in one of the best jokes at the expense of it.

33. At school, the teacher says:

– Let’s see Pepito, how do you imagine the ideal school

+ Closed, teacher!
Children and drunk people always tell the truth.

34. Again, in class:

– All right, class, can someone name me three members of the rodent family?

+ Me!: Rodent dad, rodent mom and rodent baby.
The outstanding students of the class offer us the best jokes for children.

35. Mom, what’s to eat

– Food.

+ Ok, so you know that they already gave me the result of the last exam.

– And what did you get

+ Note
To bed without dinner, for funny.

36. + Waiter, put one of Romanian squid, please.

– It will be “Roman style”…

+ Irina, darling, tell the waiter where you’re from, come on

Nationalities have also been a recurring theme for many jokes for children and adults.

37. The curtain opens and you see a carton of cheap wine. The curtain closes. What is the name of the movie
… “It’s basic red”

Please don’t kill us, but we love this joke.

38. Why do ships have a total of eleven anchors

– No idea, why

+ Because when they set sail, the captain always says: “raise anchors!”
One of those jokes that both children and adults would like.

39. +Soldier, raise the flag!

– Congratulations, Sergeant, it turned out very well!
Anyone who has been in the army knows that it is better not to be funny.

40. That he tells a goose to a goose
“Come on!”

And with this we finish this curious list with the best jokes for children and adults