The tattoo descends from ancient tribal traditions , and the tribal style still resumes its main characteristics today. However, there is a tattoo art called Realistic Tattoos .

What are realistic tattoos?

They are always drawings engraved under the skin, but in this case they are executed with maniacal skill by true portrait painters.

In this case, the design will have dimensions, nuances and details so well cared for as to appear as a photo rather than a graffiti . Many people use them to have the faces of loved ones or missing persons tattooed on them. Or just to be admired on the street. Every so often, therefore, we see around a beautiful woman’s face emerging from a powerful back, or a roaring lion that seems to detach itself from a bicep.

Realistic Tattoos – Brand new art born in Germany

Conceived by two German tattoo artists, Simone Pfaff and Volko Merschky , in the very early years of the 21st century and initially they only involved the use of black ink, with red as a contrast on the backgrounds. In the course of a short time, however, their style has evolved to adopt the use of all colors and this adds realism to realism.

If Pfaff and Merschky were already two manic artists, eager to express their skills “on the skin of others”, today their students have perhaps become more perfectionists than the masters. These are in fact able to revive Audrey Hepburn on a human shoulder, to make a tiger roar on an abdomen, to create gigantic eyes that peep from the back of the neck and so on.

How realistic tattoos are done

The realistic tattoo is done with needles and inks to be applied under the skin , just like any other tattoo. The only difference is the initial preparation , and that of the person who performs it. Before engraving such a perfect design on the skin, it is necessary to do a lot of photographic and digital tests, and tests with printed applications on the skin of the person concerned. 

Once the drawing has been defined, it takes the skill of a true painter to render it with needles. The sessions, needless to say, are very long, must be repeated several times and the finished work must be protected for several weeks before being able to show it. The better the tattoo artist, the more detailed and likely the drawing will come and only those who really have a lot of experience can afford to use color too.

Here is an example of a realistic tattoo that is truly breathtaking:

Pros and cons of realistic tattoos

The points in favor of realistic tattoos: they are beautiful, they strike the beholder, they help to make conquests for sure. If you do them to remember a loved one, it will be like truly having them with you forever. The plus point is also to have a truly original mark on the body, which few can afford, even for economic reasons.

However, realistic tattoos are very expensive and require long sessions over time. These can be two downsides. Among other things, to have the nuances that make the drawing almost photographic , the tattoo artist does not use contour lines , so over time the tattoo is erased more quickly. Finally, the amount of ink inserted under the skin is much higher and varied, due to the colors, and this not all organisms can tolerate it.