Furnishing a home is not easy. Especially today, where, paradoxically, with the wide range of choices you risk not finding the solution you want. One of the sore points is certainly what concerns the entrance to the house and, in particular, which wallpapers to use. As well as what style to adopt. 

In this regard, our guide on the subject may be useful to you.

Evaluate the size of the walls

In recent years , the trend is to buy small apartments . Or, in any case, live in buildings that are not too large. In any case, the result of very specific personal or professional choices linked to metropolitan life.

However, this entails the fact that the choice of design wallpapers totally changes depending on the entrance. In the sense that, however, if it is spacious, there are no particular problems regarding its choice.

Even more complex patterns or styles may be more or less suitable, given that there is space to ‘welcome’ them. It is more difficult, however, when the meters of the walls are reduced or the entrance is narrow.

The first goal, in fact, is to expand the space , albeit only visually. 

A trend that, however, is leading to very specific stylistic choices

There is a little trick in this sense: if you want to give more height then the choice can fall on wallpapers with vertical lines. If, on the other hand, you prefer to increase the square meters (we repeat that it remains, however, only an optical illusion) then the lines must be horizontal. 

Precisely for this reason , light colors are preferred with drawings, obviously not too large. Both because, however, they risk being ‘incomplete’ in a small space and because, in any case, they are not exalted properly.  

Without forgetting that, especially when the entrance is very bright , it is important to make the most of the sunlight . And light colors can have this function too. 

An important aspect, moreover, is the possible presence of furniture or, in any case, tables placed at the entrance. The wallpaper must enhance this context.

Understanding the type of entrance

Choose a wallpaper for the entrance when you live in an open and relatively simple environment. The reason? Just opt ​​for a model that goes well with the overall design of the house.

Trivially, if the trendy color inside the property is brown , then the wallpaper must also have this color. Or, at least, get very close. Also because the modern style , the one that is currently the most trendy, provides that there is a certain continuity of style and tone between one room and another.

The lighting, in any case, plays its role since, depending on the light – whether natural or artificial – as well as where the lighting of the light itself starts, that the design of the wallpaper can be decided. Maybe, for example, you can ‘play’ with the light itself , creating really good shapes. Superb all those who enter that house.  

Decide on a ‘personal’ style

We have already written about the stylistic continuity between one environment and another. Here, in this last paragraph, we focus on something that is often not given the right importance. Even if you choose a particular trend, it must still make the people who live in that house talk. Here, giving a touch of personality doesn’t hurt in cases like these.

Do you prefer the vintage style? It is okay to follow the chromatic lines of this timeless style but, for example, also put a small decoration that tells a little about those who live in it is not bad at all. Or do you prefer something more aggressive? Well, let’s say you are a nature lover. An entrance with plants, flowers and ‘greenery’ would not be a bad idea (if combined, of course, with the entire style of the house).

Same goes if you like the sea or the mountains. In short, beyond the specific example, it is important to understand that even the wallpaper ‘speaks of us’. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer something more modern, there is no escape here. Being a very precise style, it is necessary to resort to geometric figures such as squares, parallelepipeds and so on. The soft colors are in line not only with the whole environment but also with the closest object.

Is the chair in that corner gray? Then the wallpaper must also have this color. 

Finally, we invite you to always remember that the entrance and the business card. Of your home and yourself. Take care of it!