How many of us are always attentive to their beauty ? And how many experiment with grandma’s tricks and secrets to remain fascinating for as long as possible? The female universe, always very attentive to cosmetic news, still has an eye for what nature offers as a beauty secret.

Stars and ordinary women from all over the world are always looking for the beauty elixir and if the ingredients to stay young and beautiful were found in our pantry , would you be surprised? These beautiful TV and runway stars proudly reveal their totally natural magic potions to always look perfect from head to toe.

Pimples, dull complexion, dry hair will be just a memory! By following these little tips and preparing natural cosmetics with the ingredients you will find in your kitchen, body care will be a simple and really economical gesture.

6) Blake Lively

Let’s start revealing some secrets for dry and fine hair. The super blonde Blake Lively has publicly shared her formula for maintaining her perfect hair without using unnatural products. The beautiful actress has stated that she uses an egg and oil-based hair mask whipped with a whisk. The compress, or rather the mayonnaise , must be left on like a normal mask and then rinsed off. To see from Blake Lively’s hair the results are truly a prodigy, why not give it a try? And if it doesn’t work for your hair, we could always console ourselves by enjoying the delicious sauce on sandwiches!

5) Candice Swanepoel

We all wake up in the morning with a slightly wrinkled face and the sign of the pillow, but to give a good boost of energy it takes very little. The beautiful angel from Victoria’s Secrets , model Candice Swanepoel , said he washes her face with a jet of very cold water every morning as soon as she wakes up. Even if the hot water is always very pleasant, the low temperatures speed up the relaxation of the facial features and make her skin immediately appear fresh and more rested.

4) Kate Moss

The timeless Kate Moss seems to have made a pact with the devil for her splendid and enchanting beauty. The English model, famous not only for the catwalks, despite her somewhat unruly life, continues to be one of the most fascinating women among the VIPs of the whole planet. The merit of her wrinkle -free face ? Simply oil and a gentle daily lymphatic massage on her face. Massaging her face with outward movements favors the distension of the epidermis, visibly reducing the skin folds.

3) Joan Smalls

With winter approaching and temperatures rapidly plummeting, a targeted solution is urgently needed to deeply hydrate the skin of the face. Even the beautiful Joan Smalls reveals her beauty secret about her: for spectacular skin she adds a drop or two of oil to her Di lei moisturizer . The functions of olive oil are innumerable and added to the normal beauty routine certainly has its beneficial effect on skin exposed to cold.

2) Molly Sims

Goji berries and flax seeds , here’s Molly Sims ‘ beauty recipe . Her secret for her radiant skin are the smoothies of these two ingredients with the famous and ancient anti-aging properties.

1) Olivia Culpo

Perfect skin without traces of pimples and blemishes, it all starts with good nutrition. The example is the beautiful Olivia Culpo who said she snacks a lot of fresh vegetables every day.