Tell me what bag you have and I’ll tell you who you are . We came up with this motto, but every woman will know it’s true. Elegant, ethnic, alternative, sophisticated, for daytime, for ceremonies, the list is endless.

The choice of the bag is like the choice of a dress, we match it according to what we wear, according to our character and our emotions of the moment.

Then there are those bought for fashion , for designer labels , which we show off to be admired in the eyes of other women, who squint when they see us pass, to ascertain whether it is fake or original .

There are bags that have made history, designed by great designers and bags recently, but kept a lifetime. There are bags that we can only dream of, so much so that the price is unapproachable, but we know how to dream is beautiful and is good for the soul.

12) The Lady Dior by Dior

An iconic bag. Commissioned to Dior in 1995, by Bernadette Chirac , to be given to Lady D , who is wearing it for the first time at an exhibition on Cezanne at the Grand Palais. The original is small and black, to be carried by hand; with the cannage of Napoleon III chairs, so loved by Christian Dior. The price starts from € 2300 , up to € 3600. 

11) The Gucci Jackie O

This bag also made history. Created in 1950 , this “bag” was often worn by Jacqueline Onassis, first lady, wife of John Kennedy . From there, over the years it has taken her name, becoming the Jackie O. Today celebrities like Kate Moss and Jessica Alba love to wear it. In the Gucci store it is possible to buy the model with the classic GG print for € 1290; while the basic version, larger in leather for 2390 € .

10) The Speedy by Louis Vuitton

This is the one you see the most around. The Vuitton print is famous all over the world and this bag model, its icon. It was made famous by the splendid Audrey Hepburn , who wore it frequently. Today it is possible to find it in different patterns and materials. In the store you can find from the most expensive, the Speedy Amazon for € 2600 , to the least expensive, the Nano Speedy for € 650 .

9) The Double Bag by Prada

Unlike its colleagues, this bag does not have an exciting history in its past, but it has still been able to establish itself as a classy and desired bag by most women. As the name implies, inside it is divided into two compartments . It is made of calfskin and features the classic Prada crest in the middle of the handle attachment. It can be found in different colors depending on the model, including classic or with the famous “saffiano” weave , invented by Prada. The figure for this basic bag is around € 2100 .

8) La Birkin di Hermes

Symbol par excellence of luxury and glitz. Bag with prohibitive costs and infinite waiting times; it seems that you can even have to wait 6 years for a Birkin. It is in fact one of the most expensive bags in existence, in 2016 the “ Nilo Crocodile ” version was auctioned for 300,168 dollars . The story goes that Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas created the bag for actress and singer Jane Birkin. An additional curiosity is that Victoria Beckham owns a private collection of Birkin Bags, the value of which amounts to 1,500,000 pounds .

7) The Baguette by Fendi

Icon of the Fendi brand. Just as the name implies, it must be carried under the arm. It essentially has a small and rectangular shape, it is then made in various patterns and materials. The cheapest are the micro baguettes, whose price is around 500, 600 € ; while for the largest and most luxurious, it can even cost € 3400 . This bag was made famous by the character Carrie, from the famous Sex and the city series.

6) Gucci’s Soho disco

Loved by many celebrities and fashion bloggers, Gucci’s Soho line is very extensive, including bags and backpacks, but the Disco version is smaller, rounded and if we want to say it all a little cheaper than the others. We can find it black, scarlet, powder and chalk for the modest sum of € 790 .

5) The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag

Like the Soho disco, it is not a bag famous for making history and its celebrity owes it to Kate Moss , who fell in love with the Balenciaga brand. They come in a very wide range of colors, sizes and materials. Their characteristic is to be thin, but very resistant. Made of soft lambskin , prices range from € 1045 to € 1495 .

4) Stella McCartney’s Falabella

Stella McCartney, daughter of the famous Paul McCartney , has depopulated in recent years and what most of all distinguished her, compared to other designers was the fact that she is a convinced vegetarian . The making of her bags and the proof of her: there is an alternative to luxury that uses animal skin. The Falabella line includes a series of creations, from bags, to wallets, up to hats; strictly in denim or imitation leather . The Falabella bag par excellence is the square made in different colors, with the edges bordered by chains.

3) The Chanel 2.55

Let’s go back to the great classics. Another icon of style and class; the 2.55 is one of those timeless bags. Made by Coco Chanel herself, the name derives from the month and year of its creation . Conceived to meet the needs of women of the 50s, modern, active and dynamic. This bag embodies a little of Coco Chanel’s history , from the colors to the materials used, the designer wanted to tell her childhood in an orphanage. Prices range between € 4000 and € 5000 .

2) The Kelly of Hermes

Icon of femininity. The Kelly bag takes its name from the one who enchanted the world with her charm and her beauty, that is Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco . Grace used to always carry her bag with her, especially during pregnancy to protect her baby bump from paparazzi shots. Prices, like cousin Birkin, are high, ranging from € 5000 to € 10,000 depending on the inserts and the leather chosen.

1) Celine’s Luggage

Let’s go back to talking about bags of modern times, but no less fashionable. Celine started to be popular in 2010 when some celebrities started using it. Obviously made in leather and in different colors combined with each other. The model is always the same, only the size changes, from mini to maxi. Prices are around € 2450

Obviously the list of coveted bags would not end here, we have not mentioned many brands, such as Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Louboutin, Burberry, Michael Kors and more. The bag is “THE WORLD” of a woman and like a treasure chest that knows everything about you.