If you are going to do squats, sit-ups or go for a run, it is better that you do it following the rhythm of these songs to exercise or start dancing , and if you are too lazy to move from the sofa, one of these songs may help you to win. laziness.
According to a study by Keele University in the UK, physical endurance during cardiovascular exercise improves by up to 15% if you’re listening to music. And what are the best songs?
Stop running playlists, the right music is the one you like the most.

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If you are uninspired, we give you a hand with this list of songs to give you the push you need.

20 songs to exercise or go for a run
We leave it to your choice if the exercise is inside or outside the home. If you go running, make sure you wear good helmets and let yourself go with the pace.

1. Eye of the tiger (Survivor)
The quintessential exercise song . It sure makes you want to climb stairs Rocky Balboa style.

2. Thunder (Imagine Dragons)
The formation of Las Vegas has songs with tremendous power. The most recent single is Thunder, although Radioactive fits perfectly into this list.

3. TNT (AC/DC)
Another classic among motivational songs. If you don’t get up from your chair after the first bars of this great song, you’re a hopeless case.

4. Call on me (Eric Prydz)
Any production of Eric Prydz has that rhythm so marked ideal for exercising . I’m also worth Pjanoo or Proper Education.

5. Wakanda (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike)
Wakanda is the most brutal tech house song on this list, for those who want to push their body to the limit listening to a hypnotic rhythm.

6. Du hast (Rammstein) Rammstein
‘s pounding tracks are perfect for hitting the treadmill. We have chosen ‘Du Hast’, but any of his discography is worth it.

7. Sail (Awolnation)
They don’t have to be heavy songs. This Awolnation theme is calm, elegant and with that epic touch that invites you to go for a run even on days when the sun doesn’t shine.

8. Eraser (Ed Sheeran)
The young English prodigy has several good workout songs. This last one belongs to the album ‘%’ and is one of the songs that has played the least on the radio.

9. More than you know (Axwell & Ingrosso)
An essential song in any gym, and it has everything to motivate the staff.

10. Lead the way (Carlos Jean)
This great song by the Spanish producer Carlos Jean came out a few years ago, but either because of the lyrics or the rhythm of the beat, is ideal to accompany any training.

11. Levels (Avicii)
Our particular tribute to the Swedish DJ who passed away in 2018. Avicii has a few that could fit perfectly in this list of songs to work out.

12. Play (Marmozets)
One of the unknown songs on the list but that will surely surprise you. Halfway between alternative rock and post hardcore, this band will recharge your batteries in no time.

13. Kids (Soulwax Remix) (MGMT)
This electronic anthem is motivating enough on its own, but the Soulwax remix is ​​pure adrenaline. Ideal for a long and exhausting spinning session .

14. Heavy Dirty Soul (Twenty One Pilots)
Twenty One Pilots songs are always a breath of fresh air. The background breakbeat will come in handy to accompany any repetition of the exercise in question.

15. Waiting for the end (Linkin Park)
It’s always a good time to pay tribute to the great Chester Bennington, may he rest in peace . This isn’t one of Linkin’s most remembered songs, but it’s perfect for going out for a sweat.

16. Genesis (Justice)
With this song you will not only find enough energy to start jumping and dancing, but you will feel like a boxer about to enter the ring.

17. The day is my enemy (The Prodigy)
A good song to exercise is one thatinvites you to follow even if your body says otherwise . The Prodigy is one of those bands that will give us the extra drums.

18. Let’s go surfing (The Drums)
If you’re tired of so much electronica, move to the rhythm of the indie guitars of The Drums. Perfect for surfing the waves on the beach .

19. Hello (Martin Solveig)
There is no house song that transmits as much good vibes as this one. We can always play tennis and imitate the protagonists of the video clip.

20. Summit (Skrillex)
We finished with a song to go running at nightwhen everything is calm. The slow rhythm of the beat accompanies the incomparable voice of Ellie Goulding, one of the sweetest records we have heard.

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