In the same way that happens with English, French as a language continues to have an  important weight  in our country. For this reason, it is one of the languages ​​most demanded by companies, especially those of some sectors that are dedicated to the attention of tourists. Many companies will be able to  interview you in this language , especially in order to determine if you know how to function fluently in French or not.

Precisely for this reason, we bring you a series of  tips and wildcard phrases  that you can put into practice and that will help you to overcome the job interview that you will have soon.

Don’t lie about your language level

Lying may help you get a job interview, but it certainly won’t help you get the job itself, especially if the interview is in French, as they will realize that you have  exaggerated your level  and, in In that case, you could give up your job. Our advice is to always be  honest  about your abilities.

Bring the necessary documents

Of course, we are not only talking about the curriculum vitae, which will be the  guide  of your presentation and which we recommend that you memorize. We are also mentioning all the documents that you have and that prove your  training and experience , such as diplomas or course titles or letters of recommendation that you have from other employers or professors at the University, for example. Everything that appears in the curriculum will require a document that certifies it as  true .

Some of the phrases that will help you  present yourself personally, professionally and academically are: “ Je suis actuellement etudiant… ” (I am currently studying…), “ J’ai faut un stage dans… ” (I have done internships in…), “ J’ai travaille comme… ” (I have worked as…).

Learn about the company

This will not only be essential for interviews in French, but for any type of company, as the HR specialists at Bizneo HR remind us. It will always be recommended that you go to the  interview knowing the company or the employer  and what the work activity is. In this way, you will show that you are really  interested  in the job. In addition, the vast majority of interviewers will want to know what you know about the company, precisely to determine what your level of interest is.

On the other hand, we advise you to try to say why you think you are  the right person for the job , for example, through the phrases: “ Mes forces sont… ” (my qualities are…), “ Ce que je peux contribuer au travail, c’est… ” (what I can contribute to the job is…), “ Je suis tres travailleur et toujours ponctuel ” (I am a hard worker and always punctual).

Master the specific vocabulary

Not only to pass the interview, but also about the sector in which the job is developed. This will allow you to  answer the questions  that will surely be asked in the job interview.

Some of the specific words that you may find useful are “ le parcours scolaire ” (the academic journey), “ experience professionelle ” (professional experience), “ le role ” (the job), “ j’ai retire de cette experience ” ( the experience I have) or “ postuler pour un poste ” (apply for a job).

Answer the questions you are asked

It is easy for you to be somewhat scared if you do not know the questions that are going to be asked, but remember that it will always be important  to remain calm . If you haven’t understood, be frank and ask for the question to be repeated. If you are not very fluent in French,  do not try to elaborate  your answers too much, but we recommend that you keep them short and simple, so that you can answer more confidently.

If they ask you what you can contribute to the company, answer: “Mes competences professionnelles understanding” (my skills for the job include…), “J’etais le premier dans ma classe de…” (I was the first to my class of…), etc.

make questions

It will never  be advisable for you to say that you have no questions about the position or company policy, as this may show a  lack of interest  in the job. Some of the questions that we recommend you ask during the interview are: “ What is the competence plus important that you seek? ” (what is the most important competition you are looking for?) or also “ Combien de personnes formment l’equipe? ” (how many people make up the team?).