Capricorn is the sign that represents time and responsibility and often its representatives are traditional people and sometimes serious by nature . All despite the fact that in this list of actresses and actors born under the sign of Capricorn we find some of the most well-known and recognized comic interpreters of modern cinema. Capricorns have a state of independence that allows them to progress both in their personal and professional lives, although this can be a handicap on some occasions.

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Actors and actresses who are Capricorn
People born under the sign of Capricorn are those who come into the world between December 22 and January 20 and, along with Taurus and Virgo, belong to the earth element.
The team of signs whose main element is the earth is characterized by being practical, self-sufficient, stoic, ambitious and somewhat serious, and throughout this list of Hollywood stars who are Capricorn we will see to what extent these characteristics are met.

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1. Bradley Cooper
Bradley Charles Cooper, born January 5, 1975, is a renowned American actor and producer. He was one of the highest paid actors in the world for three years , and has been repeatedly nominated for some of the world’s most prestigious film awards, including two BAFTA Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.
He was featured on the ‘Forbes Celebrity 100’ in twice and on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2015. As Capricorns are characterized, their ambition has taken them to the top of stardom, however this luck does not accompany them on a sentimental level . 2. Marlene Dietrich
Born as Marie Magdalene Dietrich, on December 27, 1901 in Berlin,Marlene was the highest paid actress of the 1930s and in 1999, she was voted the ninth greatest female movie star of all time. Like many of the protagonists of this post, this German actress culminated a successful career thanks to her stubborn personality. His serious and imposing style marries perfectly with the characteristics of the Capricorn , in addition this sign provided him with the dramatic impact necessary to become the center of attention of the cinematographic scene of the years 30. 3. Jim Carrey
The third in the list of actors and actresses of Capricorn sign is the actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer Jim Carrey. Born on January 17, 1962, Jim Carrey is known for his comedic and grotesque performancesand for his capacity for gesticulation and imitation.
However, behind this comical appearance, a much more serious person is hidden than it may seem at first glance , and that is that his determination and perseverance are just some of the Capricorn traits that have helped him achieve world fame. . Jim Carrey has had to overcome dramatic situations that have made him stronger.
Jim Carrey is a comic actor who hides a serious personality | Agencies 4. Diane Keaton
Another tireless and ambitious Hollywood actress who is not surprisingly a Capricorn is Diane Keaton. This American actress, director and producer has been a muse of cinema and intelligent humor for many years .
A great friend of Woody Allen, Diane Keaton was born on January 5, 1946 and made her screen debut in 1970. Just two years later she landed her first major film role as Kay Adams-Corleone in ‘The Godfather’. One of her characteristics as an actress (and as a Capricorn) is that she has always tried to reinvent herself. 5. Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom is the perfect example of a Capricorn who has achieved his ultimate goal in life. Born on January 13, 1977, Orlando Bloom has become a successful, energetic and award-winning actor who finds himself extremely adept at playing leading roles in both film and theater and on the small screen.
This Capricorn chooses his job thoughtfully and thatmakes just about everyone an almost instant hit . Examples of this are ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or his recognized role as Legolas in the saga of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’. 6. Denzel Washington
Award-winning film actor, screenwriter, director and producer, Denzel Washington was born on December 28, 1954, when the Sun was in Capricorn. His career has spanned decades of success, starting with television commercials to starring in blockbuster movies for which he won numerous awards, including an Oscar for Best Actor for ‘Training Day’ .
As a good Capricorn, Denzel Washington likes to plan his life in the long termand he has great ambition and with Mercury, the planet of communication, also in this sign it is easy for his roles on the big screen to become a success. 7. Nicholas Cage
At 55 years old, Nicolas Cage is one of the highest paid actors in the world. Born on January 7, 1964, Cage hails from Hollywood royalty, the Coppola family, but chose not to use the family name so he could achieve fame on his own merit , something very much in the nature of headstrong, ambitious but hard-working Capricorns.
Although Capricorns are usually good at managing their money and assets, this is not the case with Cage, who has come to be in serious financial trouble due to his excessive spending and tax evasion.8. Kit Harington
Known above all for playing Jon Snow in the famous television series ‘Game of Thrones’, Kit Harington is another of the Capricorn actors and actresses that we can find on this list. This young but promising actor was born on December 26, 1986 and although he already had some jobs behind him before ‘Game of Thrones’, this was the role that earned him his rise to fame and surely the one that has given him many of his next jobs.
With tireless energy, this Capricorn has just entered the Marvel family by being cast in the upcoming ‘The Eternals’ movie. 9. Jude Law
Born on December 29, 1972, Jude Law is an American actor, producer, and film director.whose personal life is probably as well known as his professional life .
Like many Capricorns, Jude Law is a hard-working person who knows how to recognize trends and good opportunities when he sees them , and his fantastic portrayal of him in Paolo Sorrentino’s series ‘The Young Pope’ is a good example of this. Another reflection of the actor’s keen eye for choosing jobs and his intense dedication is his appointment as one of the 10 most profitable movie stars in Hollywood. 10. Mel Gibson
And closing this list of Capricorn actors and actresses we have Mel Gibson. Born on January 3, 1956, we can categorically affirm that his behavior and character are not entirely appropriate for his sign .
As we know, Capricorns have a great capacity for self-control, they are responsible and conservative in their actions and Mel Gibson is practically the opposite of all this. Only his ambition and his achieved success give him away as a goat , and also by the keen sense of intelligence that accompanies his strong personality.