You know, love is blind . When you are in love there is no braces, acute acne, poor cleaning, empty head to keep. You just fall in love. And this is precisely the beauty of love .

How many times, letting yourself be seized by a moment of melancholy, have you looked at the photos of the old flames asking yourself: “But how could I go out with someone like that?”. Well, this is precisely the demonstration of how powerful love is in changing reality.

However, there are couples who demonstrate it more than others: they are in love with unusual interestsextravagant tastes  and questionable passions that they share and that make them particularly tender or… ridiculous!

Are you ready to see the craziest soulmate couples around? Have a good time!

We therefore present to you our Gallery of 15 COUPLES  who, meeting on the street, you could not but comment like this: “ they are MADE FOR EACH OTHER “! Read on!

15) Super Mario and Princess Peach (aka “Cosplayers in love”)

How can you not smile in front of this couple of cosplayers (that is, men and women who dress up as comic or cartoon characters at rallies and events) who are a bit  mature ? He is a huge Super Mario fan: an eternal big boy who collects all the video games of his favorite character. But she loves him as he is and what is the best way to show his unconditional love for him? Dressing up as Princess Peach, of course!

14) A “stellar” love

Finding a soul mate is an arduous undertaking: there are those who rely on the horoscope, some on the fortune teller, some on dating sites, those who seek her with all her might, those who let her fall into their arms. When you find it, however, the most difficult thing becomes to hold on to it : love is not just a game of looks, the first encounters, getting to know each other better but cultivating a feeling, making each other better, also putting up with and esteeming each other in difficulties. Or dress up as a Star Wars character! The girl you see is probably the dream of any nerd in the world: a seductive Dart Veder, also armed with a lightsaber. He limits himself to the role of subordinate as an evening Stormtrooper. A truly stellar couple!

13) Soul mates between twin brothers

Incredible coincidence that sees twin brothers falling in love with twin sisters! It cannot be said that they had different tastes! These couples live in their fantasy world between spaceships and lightsabers, between elves and goblins. If this isn’t love! Discover the other EXILARANTS IN LOVE and read on.

12) A love born of the hairdresser 

One morning you wake up and realize that you want to make a break with the past life. What do you do then? For starters, go to the hairdresser! Right there, where you least expect it, between a shampoo and a styling, he appears , in all his splendor: he and his wild hair, his forelock of questionable beauty but with an indubitable character. It is love at first sight. The photo immortalizes the extended family: a cute little animal has joined the hairy couple… A sloth with a splendid fringe!

11) Make love, not war!

The motto of the hippie movement fits perfectly in the case of these two lovers! Apart from the obvious belonging to the pacifist movement, isn’t it wonderful that a man and a woman share a political thought and a philosophy of life that binds them forever ? She has a beard like a goat and he has a necklace of fake marijuana leaves! Peace and love, guys!  What would you say if you happened to meet these couples? Are they soulmates?

10) The two cats can’t wait for this couple to break up 

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of these two poor pets (we are talking about cats). The day before, their owners are all for them: she spends her evenings eating ice cream, watching romantic movies and cuddling him, he eats greasy take-out that she shares with her feline roommate. Then, out of the blue, everything changes: she eats carrots and salad without dressing and he starts going to the gym. Cats begin to spend a lot of time, perhaps too much, alone. And now, there they are. Love makes everyone happy. Except your feline friends, who prefer you alone, sad but cuddly.

9) Adam and Eve

Weren’t Adam and Eve the first biblical couple on Earth ? The couple in the photo was most likely inspired by it! Or they are two lovers of nudism. In any case, it takes a real harmony to get the idea of ​​posing without clothes for souvenir photos! Who knows how happy the family will have been in receiving the postcards for the summer holidays!

8) As in fairy tales

This couple wanted to reproduce their mood: a magical relationship, in which he sees her as a beautiful fairy to be adored and contemplated for eternity.

7) We love each other so we dress the same 

This is the typical image of a couple who considers love as a standardization: they become one, so much so that they go around dressed the same. It’s not tender, it’s ridiculous.

6) A disturbing love

Strange that you have never seen this couple on some television news, accused of some terrible crime.

5) There is hope for everyone

Bets are accepted as to whether the blond figure is a boy or a girl.

4) Two hearts and … two bellies 

Enchantingly ironic this photo that portrays lovers who are about to become new parents. So that she doesn’t feel too fat during her pregnancy, he loves her so much he makes her belly cum. In short, a caring husband.

3) Love in the time of body building 

Will they love their sculpted muscles and their golden tan more or their partner?

2) Perfect fit

How to be a video game addict and love yourself madly!

1) Not only is love blind but it also blinds! 

… But you imagine the children!