Types of Piercings: the trendy ones

There are many guys who decide to do the piercing , or a particular earring that can be easily adapted to any part of the body.

Many do it for a purely aesthetic reason, while others decide to do the piercing as a sign of belonging to a group . But there are many other reasons why guys get a piercing: according to recent data, it seems that 20% of young people have a piercing . It is not just something additional but, especially in the case of girls, it becomes an authentic jewel to be worn with style and elegance. You can choose from many variations of accessories to wear, all of which satisfy the various aesthetic tastes of people and different needs. Without forgetting that many see the possibility of having a piercing as a clear sign of the passage of age, from adolescence to more mature age. A distinctive signand which can often be combined with tattoos that reflect a person’s characteristics and style. 

The most common piercing types

Here we are at the moment to find out what are the most popular types of piercings of the moment. In the next few lines we will see together which are the most fashionable ones right now.

Ear piercing

There are many types of piercings that can be chosen and that every year are enriched with new fashions and innovative trends. Surely the classic one and that has literally opened this fashion and the  ear piercing also called ear hole in jargon .

Lip piercing

You can choose from many varieties of earrings to customize your face: from larger models to small and almost invisible ones, all depending on the aesthetic needs of those who decide to have a piercing.

Without forgetting the lip piercing which is one of the most modern and always trendy. Ideal for both boys and girls, and a very simple hole that many men consider extremely sexy in women.

Tongue piercing and nose hole

A very delicate hole that must be made only by relying on competent people who guarantee excellent hygienic conditions and the tongue piercing,  a trendy piercing that dates back to the Mayan and Aztec era.

Personalizing your face with piercings is also possible thanks to the hole in the nose that can be done without major dangers. Many innovative trends and accessory models to choose from.

Why choose to have a piercing

Undoubtedly, many are wondering what are the advantages of a piercing.

First of all we are talking about modern and certainly pleasant aesthetic characteristics. An effective example is the septum piercing , or the hole that is made at the level of the nostrils of the nose. It is a trend of recent years and many prefer to focus on this type of piercing which guarantees elegance and refinement to their face.

You can choose many models of accessories with which to decorate your face without being excessive or inappropriate. On the other hand, a piercing is no longer a simple fashion but can become an authentic jewel that reflects one’s personality. If earlier the earrings were mostly made of metals such as steel or titanium, today there are several variants in gold and silver, which guarantee a remarkable elegance.

Headbands, balls and much more: you can find countless models of earrings to decorate your face or other parts of the body with top-level accessories. Everyone can find the piercing model that suits him best.