The arrival of a newborn is always a great joy and good news. The closest and most intimate people with parents can’t wait to meet the newcomer but there are some rules of behavior to respect when visiting him .

In fact, despite the interest in the little one is absolutely appreciable, it often happens to find people, who perhaps without realizing it, adopt behaviors, and say things, not very delicate and appropriate to the situation.

The arrival of a baby is always an intimate moment , which requires understanding and a certain discretion even on the part of people with more experience and a more intimate relationship.

For this reason, there are some behaviors and precautions on the part of visitors that all parents would like to enforce in order to better establish the relationship with the newcomer in the family.

Let’s find out together the 10 rules to follow to visit a newborn:

1) Avoid visits within 24 hours of delivery

The first hours of a baby’s life are essential for establishing a bond between the mother and the newborn. Consequently, it is advisable to avoid receiving visits within 24 hours of giving birth , because at this stage the midwives recommend trying the first approach with breastfeeding. The only exception in this case are the pope and closest family members.

2) Be interested but not pushy

The second rule to respect, if you want to visit a newborn with education, is not to be intrusive . For example, it is absolutely not advisable to raise the child without parental permission. The appropriate attitude is to pay interest, without too much intrusiveness , to ask a few questions of courtesy, respecting the wishes of the mother and father. Obviously, this rule is one to keep in mind for both close relatives and friends.

3) Share words of comfort

While it is true that parents are not born but it is a role that is learned in the making, there are people who, by virtue of their experience, believe they know everything about motherhood and, consequently, allow themselves to both give advice and to scold the new parents , believing it to be for their own good. Nothing more wrong ! In such a delicate and precious moment it is much better to avoid reproaches and rather support them with words of comfort.

4) Don’t make long visits

Another rule to keep in mind is not to stay too long during visits . In such a particular moment the new parents have a thousand things to think about, without underestimating that the mother may need a lot of intimacy and silence with the newborn. So, unless you ask explicitly, it is advisable to pay a short visit .

5) Don’t hold him too much in your arms

It is truly irresistible the desire to take the baby in her arms but even this behavior is not appropriate , unless the mother has nothing to complain about. In fact, for a newborn child, contact with their parents is important because the mother and father’s body give the child the security that the child needs, intervening on the sensory aspect.

6) Avoid kissing babies

In addition to not holding him in your arms, it is advisable to avoid kissing the baby . In fact, kisses on the face or on other parts of the body are not the best, because the child’s body is very delicate and the risk of transmitting infections , even trivial ones, can be high, without forgetting the possibility of easily irritating the skin .

7) Don’t use very strong perfumes

The newborn, protected inside his mother, for nine months was in a sheltered, sterile and above all without the possibility of perceiving odors. Strong perfumes can therefore annoy him , as can happen to the mother due to her sense of smell which is still very sensitive due to pregnancy.

8) Don’t keep your voice very loud

Another important rule for visiting a newborn is that in his presence it is advisable to speak in a low voice and not make him listen to too loud noises that could disturb him. For example, if you want to bring a gift to your little one, don’t bring noisy toys. This is because too high-pitched sounds could annoy the very sensitive hearing of the newborn .

9) Do not use the flash

It is now inevitable to immortalize every moment, especially those full of emotion, such as the birth of a baby, with a photograph and share it on social networks. In this case it is absolutely forbidden to use the flash to immortalize the baby. Exposing a baby to too bright light the first few days of life is not appropriate behavior.

10) Do not think you are better than your mother

Finally, a rule that applies to everyone but above all for those who are already mothers, and to think that you know everything the newcomer needs or does not need . In truth , every mother is free to make her own choices , as her child without the need to conform with those of others