Mom is the most important person in our lives, and finding the most beautiful message for many years for Mom is not an easy task. Expressing love and gratitude requires special words.

In this article, we have compiled a collection of the most sincere messages Happy Birthday of birth for Mother and children’s name day.

When you find that exciting birthday text, you will feel it. Without a doubt, words are the best gifts for your beloved mother!

Beautiful messages Happy Birthday for Mother

On holidays, a large circle of the most expensive and trusted people usually gather. And what could be more beautiful than to prepare a sincere and heartfelt greeting card, such as a birthday message to Mother, if she is the heroine of the occasion?

For this purpose, we have selected beautiful messages Happy Birthday for Mother, from which you can choose the most suitable one.

 πŸ‘©  What can I wish my dear mother? Of course, kindness, love, health, happiness and many beautiful, memorable moments, resulting in a huge number of pleasant encounters!

 πŸ‘©  Sincere smiles, warm hugs, pleasant conversations and only positive emotions! Mommy, happy birthday!

 πŸ‘©  Mother, today the sun shines with pleasure for you, all the pleasant and warm words are addressed only to you and all the smiles and admiring looks are yours!

 πŸ‘©  Allow me, with all my loving and grateful soul, to wish you a happy birthday and wish you all the purest, brightest and best! Be happy, healthy and loved!

 πŸ‘©  On this birthday, my mother, I want the Bird of Happiness to come to you and never leave again! I want the love of your loved ones and relatives to serve as a talisman for your illness and trouble! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ‘©  I want, my dear mother, just to smile and, if you cry, only to rejoice! Love you mommy!

 πŸ‘©  The happiest and brightest holiday for me is the day my Golden Mother was born! I want to express all that love, that tenderness that is in me! Mom, I love you and appreciate you indefinitely! Be the happiest!

 πŸ‘©  My dear mother! Happy birthday, congratulations! Thank you to heaven for the opportunity to be with you and to feel the care with which you have surrounded us since childhood. I wish you a peaceful old age, without illness and sadness.

 πŸ‘©  You are my ray of sunshine, mother! For your birthday, allow me to wish you to remain that light that guides me all my life. Be happy and shine brighter, blind your enemies, warm your grandchildren. May your years be as bright as your soul.

 πŸ‘©  Today is also my holiday, as nature has given me the most beloved person – Mother. A woman who, from birth, tried to give me the best, investing part of it in my education. Let your kind words, affectionate attitude and love, in which I bathe from childhood, return to you.

 πŸ‘©  My soul, my dear, happy birthday. I am proud of my Mother, who is celebrating her angel day today. I wish you strong nerves, strength and patience. You are our support, the keeper of the home and the inspiration. He lives for many years.

Happy Birthday Mother! It flourishes and enjoys every moment, it becomes wiser, but not older. Always stay strong, energetic, to the delight of children and grandchildren.

 My  dear mom! Your birthday is the best opportunity to confess your main thing – love. Thank you for the hope and faith that helped me reach any height!

 πŸ‘©  Mom! I wish you generous life rewards – health, smiles and warm words of gratitude from your loved ones.

 Dear  mother! On this holiday, I want to tell you how lucky I am to have such a mother. On your way to life you get the best things: health, vitality, harmony and creative satisfaction.

 πŸ‘©  Mom! Thank you for your love, wisdom and endless patience. Thank you for always supporting me! Happy Birthday!

 Dear  mom! Birthday is a special holiday for those who have done many good deeds in their life. The light and warmth that come from you has helped not a single person on the path of life. May your forgiving love never go out. And the day of the angel to bring you the fulfillment of your wishes.

 Dear  mother! Please accept my wishes wholeheartedly on this great holiday. Let your friends’ list be completed by loyal, friendly, and grateful people. May health be strong, happiness be abundant, and charm and femininity never disappear.

 My  dear mother! For your birthday, thank you for always being there. May your dreams be calm and in the morning there is always a reason to remember the good events of the past day!

 πŸ‘©  My dear! Congratulations on the angel’s birthday! Sweet mother! You are an example to me of how to walk the path of life. You never cease to amaze me with your sincerity, wisdom and humanity and infect me with the love of life!

 πŸ‘©  My precious golden mother! I’m in a hurry to wish you a happy birthday. Don’t let the heat go out over the years. Let romance and peace of mind be present in your life!

 πŸ‘©  Congratulations! Be full of power and energy. I want every day to bring you inspiration, positive thoughts and a feeling of absolute happiness.

Happy Birthday Messages for Dear Mom (from son)

What could be more beautiful than the emotions and the smile on the mother’s face? We take care to make her happy and we offer you many unique texts and happy birthday messages for dear Mother, from her son.

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  Mothers belong to the category of the dearest and most significant people in the life of each person, and their birthday is, without a doubt, a reason for each son to remind them once again how much I love them. I will take advantage of you too and thank you for always being by my side, my dear. Happy celebrations!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  The kindest, caring, attentive woman who is unmatched on this Earth! On this day so important to you and our whole family, I would like to express the desire of all people: to live at least another century and not know any disease. Happy Birthday Mother!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  As a child, when I was sick, you could sit by the bed for days and look for ways to heal me. When I began to go through the difficult process of schooling, you were the most loyal and devoted ally. And now that I’m a student, you help me even more. Happy Birthday Mother. Thanks for everything!

 Ami  Mommy! On your birthday, I want to thank you once again for the enormous amount of help you have given me in my life and for the truly invaluable contribution you have made to the difficult process of personal development. I will never forget that!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  My fantastic mother! Usually, on birthdays, many uninteresting things are written in greeting cards. I’ll go around them and just tell you: thank you for being with me and be happy!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Dear  mom, congratulations! You are the dearest person in my life. Every time I feel like I can’t stand an obstacle, I come to you, because I know that you will help me with advice and tell me how to proceed! I wish you to remain the same wise mother!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  Happy birthday! The first word I said was the word “mother.” Now I’m growing up, and the word “mother” is still my favorite word. We overcame all the difficulties and troubles together, thank you very much for always being by my side. I wish you a lot of vitality and patience!

 Mom  , our relationship is not exemplary, but every time we argue, I feel really bad. Forgive me if I offended you and know that I love you very much. For your birthday, I want to wish you everything you deserve!

Mom, congratulations! May the most beautiful people surround you, may your smile light up your face every day and may all the flowers of the world be at your feet!

 Someone  said that the birthday is a sad holiday, because you get a year older. But I believe that your birth is such a great event that it can only bring joy to those who know and love you! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  I wish you to stop regretting what you did and look forward boldly! Congratulations, Mommy!

 My  dear mom! I hasten to congratulate you on this important event! May the most wonderful roses bloom in your heart, and may only the most melodious birds be in your soul!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  Let the brightest and most beautiful star illuminate your long and happy path of life! Mommy, happy birthday to you!

 Mother  , on the occasion of your magical birthday, I would like your smile not to leave your face beautiful, and your deep eyes to shine with happiness! I also want all your big dreams and small wishes to come true!

 You  are the best of the best and most loved people in the world! Congratulations!

 You  know, my dear mother, there is no one for me, all over the world, dearer, more important and closer than you. Today you have a lovely holiday and with all my loving heart I wish you all the spiritual and material benefits that exist and a great feminine happiness! Happy birthday, I love you so much!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  Sleepless nights by the cradle, first steps, lessons, first love… All this is familiar to you, Mommy! I’m so lucky to have you, thank you for always being there! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  Today is your holiday and I want to wish you endless happiness, impeccable health and only sunny mood! Happy birthday, my main woman!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  Happy birthday, Mommy! On this day, I wish you good luck and success in your work. I want you, mom, to always smile and never be sad!

 Ami  Mommy! I only want you to be surrounded by devoted, loving and sincere people! I also wish you to enjoy life with pleasant gifts and surprises! Congratulations!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  My dear, my faithful heart, my mother! Happy Birthday! I sincerely and sincerely wish you: pleasant moments, brilliant emotions, good mood, pure love!

 πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ  I want the Universe to favor you, and Mrs. Good Luck to be your faithful friend! Mommy, I love you and happy birthday!

Messages and Happy Birthday to Mom (Daughter)

These happy birthday messages and wishes for Mother are the kindest, most affectionate, gentle and beautiful words that can be uttered from the daughter, because they reflect your emotions in the celebration of the dearest and closest man.

 πŸ‘Έ  May my mother’s eyes always shine with joy, may the smile never leave her face, and may we, the daughters, bring her only joy and good news!

 πŸ‘Έ  Happy birthday, my dear mom! You are my dearest, most important, most trusted and most beloved man on earth. I want you to always be irresistible in your soul and full of brilliant energy!

 πŸ‘Έ  My dear! Live for many years, avoiding adversity, and rejoice in your love. Happy Birthday!

 πŸ‘Έ  Happy birthday, my dear mom! I want every new day to start with a French morning: aromatic tea and croissants. Do not know the troubles, worries and sorrows. You always stay so young and incredibly happy.

 πŸ‘Έ  Precious mom, I want to congratulate you on your birthday and wish you the brightest year, full of positive events and happy emotions!

 πŸ‘Έ  Mom! To tread on the heel of happiness and to drown in the ocean of uncontrollable love. Let the angel of peace and harmony accompany you everywhere. Happy New Year!

 πŸ‘Έ  Mom, happy birthday my dear! Always remain a beautiful, young, slender and benevolent person, who always has his own opinion and a strong social position. Always remember that you are irresistible, tender and beautiful.

  • Happy birthday, my dear mother! I love you very much. You are my support! I want to wish you brighter colors every year, and let life not dare to upset you with something!
  • My darling! Always smile and sing with your soul! Be on top of fashion and keep your lifestyle healthy!
  • My dear radiant mother – you are my treasure and a precious diamond! I want to wish you a happy birthday. May you always have an abundance of goodness and happiness. May life give you a bouquet of health, patience, longevity and romance.
  • My dear mother! Happy Birthday! May your heart never be visited by sadness and longing. You are my favorite mother all over the world! I am extremely proud that you are my mother and not someone else.
  • Mom, you’re like a bright spring sun! Today is your birthday! I hasten to tell you that you are my dearest man. You are my flowering rose! Enjoy every moment of this luxurious and at the same time fast-paced life.
  • Today is the most wonderful day on the calendar, your birthday, my incomparable mother. You’ve always been there. You are my ray of happiness and love. Happy Birthday!
  • Mom, congratulations! Let the troubles pass by your house and only the fun, sunny days and the great luck to fill the cup of your dignified life. You are the best! Never be discouraged and stay on top of optimism!
  • There is no one in the world who loves you more than Mother. He will not leave, he will always hug you and help you with advice. So be happy, mother, let the light in your eyes never go out and may it always be summer in your soul.
  • It is said that you will remain a child as long as you have a mother. Health and strength, Mommy! Happy Birthday!
  • Today, an amazing person has become a year older. During this time, a lot has happened, both good and bad, but the main thing is that we remain a family and will always be so. Unlimited happiness for you, mother! Problems should never enter your home, giving way to luck and prosperity.
  • Each of us has our own angel, in an earthly appearance, who will not leave us in trouble, will love us, and will take care of us, even if we are wrong. My angel has a birthday today – and this angel is you, mother. May you always have wings behind you that will protect you from any misfortune and give you strength in difficult times.
  • It is difficult for me to express in words all the love and tenderness that overwhelms me in the minutes when I think of you. Mother, you are my world, my sun, who has taken on such a great responsibility – to raise a new man. Thank you, Mommy, good health to you!
  • Mother! Catch your own bird of happiness that will fulfill all your dreams. Strength and patience for you! Even if I upset you sometimes, know that I love you forever.

 πŸ‘Έ  Dear Mom, congratulations on your birthday. You are the best mother in the world, I’m glad you’re my mother. I want you to always be just as young! Even your wrinkles are beautiful!

 πŸ‘Έ  Mom, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I know that you have tried and are trying to do everything to make me the happiest, you give your soul and heart, and I, in turn, want to make you happy, so that you do not need anything and every day to start it with a smile.

 πŸ‘Έ  Mom, happy birthday to you. Despite your age, the twinkle in your eye has not yet disappeared. Never look at your age, they mean nothing; the most important thing is that you feel young in your soul!

 πŸ‘Έ  Mom! May each day be the best for you and each man give you a sea of ​​flowers. Happy Birthday!

 Mommy  , congratulations! May the sun shine a little brighter today, may there be more smiles and gifts, and most importantly – may your loved ones be close.

 πŸ‘Έ  Mom! Never be discouraged and don’t forget that there is always a white one behind the black lines. Let this white line be much wider. Happy Birthday!

 Have  a happy holiday, mother! Today, all the congratulations and the whole world belong to you. Let the champagne flow like the river, let there be tears of joy in your eyes and be a shining ray for all your loved ones.

Birthday / Mother’s Day messages

I have prepared messages for many years for Mother, birthday or other holiday, which contain sincere and beautiful words. Choose one of these birthday messages / Mother’s Day / Name Day and give it to your loved one!

 πŸ””  If all the mothers in the world were like you, the world would be brighter, kinder and cleaner. And evil would have remained in the shadows. On this birthday, I wish you many years, job satisfaction, tears of joy, understanding your loved ones and peace of mind.

 Dear  mother! I would like there to be pleasant events in your life, instead of problems, and instead of anxious minutes – quiet moments. Let there be little room left in life for separation from loved ones, loss, eyes in tears, and the soul to be protected from resentment.

 Mommy  ! On this birthday, let luck become your friend for life, and let any disease get away from you! There are so many more important things waiting for you! Good luck and fulfillment of wishes!

 πŸ””  My mother, you taught me many things. Be polite. To be able to cook delicious. To treat the elderly with respect. To know the value of money. And many more can be listed. I am grateful, mother, for all your efforts! Happy birthday!

 πŸ””  Mom, I want to wish you a brilliant life, full of pleasant events. Let the communication with the family be a joy. I will never leave you in a difficult situation and I will always love you!

 You are the dearest  person in the world. You understand when it’s hard for me. You’re always ready to help me. Mom, now that I’ve grown up, you can already share all your hardships with me. I’m always ready to help you! Congratulations on today!

 πŸ””  On this holiday, I want you to keep bad things from happening in your life and to always share only good news with me. Congratulations!

Mother, I want you to become the president of the world and rule the rest of your life. And also to go down in history as the wisest woman! I love and appreciate you!

 There  is no one in the world who understands me like you, mother. You are everything to me – my support, my counselor, my most sincere friend. On this beautiful spring day, I want to wish you a pleasant time in your life, brighter colors, inexhaustible energy and, of course, longevity, mother!

 My  dear mother! On this wonderful day, I wish you mental youth and optimism, so that every day of your life is kind and sunny!

 Thank  you, Mommy, for your valuable advice, because you are always ready to listen to me and understand me. I never cease to be amazed at your beauty, energy and wisdom. I love you very much, I appreciate you and I am proud of you.

 Mommy  ! You are the most precious and dear person to me. For you, I will always be a child who feels that he is under the protection of the most wonderful person! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ””  On this holiday, I wish you to always stay with the same smile, nice, interesting and, most importantly, to always be loved and happy. I love and appreciate you!

 Dear  mother! May your eyes always shine with happiness and joy, and may any of your days begin with a smile and a lot of mood!

 πŸ””  Mom! I wish you wonderful flowers for no reason, interesting people on the path of life and a lot of happiness. You are always in my heart and I am proud of you.

 Dear  mom! You are the most beautiful, the most magical, the best. At this wonderful time, I wish you health and mutual understanding of your relatives. Make your wishes and dreams come true. I appreciate and love you very much!

Happy Birthday, My Mother (long messages)

Feelings always overwhelm us when we remember the main person in life – Mother. That means you have to congratulate her on the holidays in a special way. Below you will find the selection with the hottest and brightest lyrics of Happy Birthday, My Mother (long messages).

 πŸ“š  Today, the sun is shining brighter than usual; the birds sing louder than usual and there are more smiles on people’s faces. This day cannot be called ordinary, because this day is your birthday, dear mother! I want you to always enjoy life. Enjoy the sun, the raindrops, the nightingale’s trills, and the trees in the woods. All your family and friends love you! Just enjoy life!

 πŸ“š  Today we celebrate my dear mother’s birthday with the whole family! My heart is full of love for you and I want to wish you so much! I want all your dreams to come true. I wish you excellent health and I will do everything in my power to make you truly good. You deserve it all! You have taken care of us, your children, you have bathed us in your love and in your kind and gentle attitude towards us. Now it is our turn to surround you with love and care. We love you, mother, with all our hearts!

 πŸ“š  Today, on my mother’s birthday, I want to pray deeply to you for the happiness of enjoying every day! Mom, I want to give you all the flowers on the planet, but I’ll only give you my favorite roses. I love you with all my heart! I wish you a lot of wealth on this holiday. Wealth in your family, where children, grandchildren, beloved husband live together. Wealth in health. Wealth in friends. Wealth every day that comes. We are so happy that you are our Mother!

 πŸ“š  With tenderness and love, I congratulate Mommy on her birthday today. You’re like a friend to me, like an older sister. I can share my happiness with you, I can tell you my troubles. You are the guardian angel who leads me through life and does not allow me to stumble. You gave me the most precious thing – life. I will try to live it in such a way that you will be proud of me and never be ashamed of my actions. I will try to be the same good mother to my children. May today be a day full of joy!

 Ama  Mom! She is the main person who will never betray you! A person who will always love you. My heart is full of tenderness, mother, when I think of how much you have done for your children. Sleepless nights in our beds. Our diseases. Our successes and failures, which you have passed through your heart. Our first love, when it seemed to us that everyone was falling apart, and you were always with us. You always understood us without words. For your birthday, congratulations and worship. I sincerely wish that the song of spring always rings in your soul.

 It  is difficult for me to find the right words to fully convey all my love for my mother! May the Lord extend your life for many years and give you health, prosperity, love from your loved ones. Let trouble, anxiety, disease know the way to your door. May the doors of your home always be open to good and sincere people. May life give you happier and more pleasant moments and be enlightened by the love and care of your family.

 Mommy  ! The day you were born, the brightest star shone in the sky and became a constant companion on the path of your life. You have so much love for life, so much positive attitude towards it! Are you energetic and young at heart and sometimes I doubt which of us is older ?! By communicating with yourself, you understand that life is a wonderful thing! Live a long time and know that you have many happy years ahead, in the circle of children and grandchildren who truly love you. Thank you because your love for us, your children, knows no bounds! We feel it everywhere and always. And your wise counsel helps us to overcome the troubles of life! Always stay the way you are!

Happy Birthday, Mom (short messages)

On Mother’s Day, keep your mood and warmth and don’t hesitate to tell her how much you love her on this day. In this article, I have collected sincere words of concern and gratitude with Happy Birthday, Mother. Be inspired!

 Ami  Mommy! You are the most precious and irreplaceable person on the planet! Accept the warm wishes we have prepared for your holiday!

 πŸ’˜  Congratulations! I really want you to always smile and have a great mood!

 Ami  Mommy! I am writing you this SMS and I am glad that I am lucky to be the daughter of a mother as beautiful and wonderful as you! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ’˜  You are amazingly beautiful, intelligent and feminine! I want to be like you! I send you a big hug and happy birthday!

 πŸ’˜  Mom, you are my example. I really want the inspiration not to leave you and your amazing smile to continue to delight everyone around you!

 πŸ’˜  Beloved and irreplaceable mom! I want to thank you for everything! I would like your whole life to be bright and harmonious!

 Ami  Mommy! What you do for us deserves not only a medal, but a real monument! Lives up to 100 years and even longer! Hugs!

  • The gentlest mom! Happy birthday! I want to thank you for all the warmth, for your understanding and care. You are a real woman!
  • Mommy, you’re vulnerable on the one hand and strong on the other! But the fact that you are different delights me and inspires me! Congratulations!
  • Mommy, you’re number one for me! Catch my best wishes! Please always be the same smart and amazing woman.
  • Precious mother! On such a beautiful day, I want to write you the kindest words and best wishes! You have everything before you, so all problems are forgotten! I kiss you!
  • Dear mother! I really want today to bring you positive and kind emotions and good news to turn your life into a whirlwind of happiness!
  • How wonderful it is that we have you! With these words I want to begin my congratulations. You are beautiful, charming and good! I can’t imagine a better mother! Happy birthday!
  • I wish you incredibly pleasant events! Happy birthday and hug you, dear mother.
  • Mom, I sincerely congratulate you on your birth. You are the brightest, most extraordinary and kindest person. All friends respect you and appreciate your kindness!
  • Mother! Always stay open and warm-hearted! Happy Birthday!

 You are  a mother with a big heart. You are a capital letter. You always want the best for me. You always give me love, tenderness and care. Happy Birthday to You!

 πŸ’˜  Mom, you always come to my aid. Thanks for everything. I bow and send you my sincere congratulations!

 πŸ’˜  Mom! I wish you a long life, not to know diseases and sorrows. May the angel protect you!

  πŸ’˜ Ami  Mommy! I wish you a lot of energy, excellent health and good news! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ’˜  Thank you very much for always being there! Happy Birthday!