Paperblanks diaries: when your appointments become trendy

Paperblanks diaries are a useful tool to write down your daily tasks or notes related to your work on paper. But who tells us that a diary cannot also be a fashionable object? In fact, there are many models, which in addition to being functional, are also beautiful to look at, thanks to the covers that will give a cool touch to your commitments.

In this post we will show you some really beautiful models, which you can easily buy online thanks to Queekee, the online shop for purchasing paperblanks diaries.

Aurelia Diary

The Aurelia agenda has a royal motif , as it is inspired by the tastes of King Louis XV . In fact, the motif of this cover represents a wonderful profusion of Rococo gilding depicting birds, flowers and leaves. Specifically, the motif of this paperblank diary is the cover of a leather book bound in Paris in 1748, which contained copies of the king’s Holy Week procedures. Its original creator, Dubuisson , in the making of this motif, to celebrate the French kingdom, I use the binding in gold. Dubuisson himself, along with his father, was an expert in almanacs with gilded plates and was appointed bookbinder at the French court in the year 1758.

Amaranth agenda

Another fantastic motif, which will give a touch of class to your agenda is the Amaranth motif . This was born in 1736 thanks to its creator Johann Gottlieb Vierling , a well-known publisher of scientific, theological and philosophical works.

Moroccan leather, flexible and of a higher quality than the others, has been used for binding since 1500 and the colors of this diary match the beginning of autumn, with the leaves of the trees falling and with the heat that leaves room for cold winds from the North. The original binding comes from the 1736 book of Scriptures , bound in leather and published in Germany, in Hof. The filigree motif of this cover recalls stalks of golden wheat and cornfields, able to revive the creative energy even in the coldest autumn evenings.

Field of poppies agenda

The last theme that we will deal with in this post is different from the previous two, being a more contemporary and youthful style. Let’s talk about Mila Marquis ‘s “ Campo dei Poppies ” motif .

The works of Mila Marquis are ethereal and joyful images, painted by the Queekee site as “Little explosions of happiness that gladden the soul” . The work of the German artist shows the meeting between two fairies butterflies on a hot summer afternoon, full of details and shades, with bright colors that will make you forget the greyness of autumn.

The artist in all his works focuses on sublime emotions and portraits of fairies, fauns and flowers that relieve even the most difficult spirits to lift, creating small dream landscapes and using different materials such as pastels, colored pencils, gouache and acrylic colors. . They are works full of cheerful and refined details, among which to get lost and delighted.