Born in 1974, Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the most famous actors in the world. The public loves him for his  talent for him and for his great commitment to social causes . His efforts to protect the planet are relentless and his  Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation has promoted dozens of environmental causes, raising millions of dollars.

But Leonardo Di Caprio is not only known for this. He and “that” of the blonde models . Yes, the American actor is famous for the numerous girlfriends who have had the privilege of winning his heart and who are all united by 3 specific traits .

Leonardo Di Caprio’s girlfriends are always blondes , young people and models . The star, starting from the unforgettable Titanic , the film that consecrated him to the general public bringing him to the pinnacle of success, has always been seen alongside famous young supermodels, beautiful and with wheat-colored hair.

And the lucky ones are not few. Well, it could not be otherwise given that the actor has always stood out for his beauty and his charm . If you don’t remember them all , don’t worry!

15) Kristen Zang, the first official girlfriend

The first girlfriend of Leonardo Di Caprio, known to the public, was the supermodel Kristen Zang . The relationship between the two would last about two  years , from 1996 to 1998. They were important years for the actor who was at the height of his success, after Titanic, with another cult film,  Romeo + Juliet . And it would have been the fame achieved by the actor to have destroyed, according to rumors , the love story with Kristen, guilty of not being able to live with it.

14)  Eva Herzigova, an unforgettable flirt

The Czech super top model, known in Italy for having been the valley of Sanremo  in 1998 alongside Raimondo Vianello, would have had a flirtation with Leonardo Di Caprio. The flash relationship, born thanks to the presentation party of the film The Iron Mask  in which Leonardo and Eva met, would have lasted about 2 months .

13) Gisele B undchen, the most loved by the public

The Portuguese supermodel Gisele Bundchen lived a long romantic relationship with Leonardo Di Caprio, to the point of being considered by the public as the one who would take him to the altar. But the marriage proposal from the star never arrived, so much so that, after  5 years , the beautiful Gisele would have decided to definitively end the story with the actor.

12) Bar Refaeli, the longest story

The relationship with the beautiful Israeli model represents the actor’s second serious story after Gisele Bundchen. A story of ups and downs that united them for 6 years , from 2005 to 2011. Fans were almost sure that this time the couple would get married . But that did not happen and Bar, after a long stint as single, got married in 2015 with the Israeli entrepreneur Adi Ezra.

11) Blake Lively, the blonde from Gossip Girl

Blake Lively , known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl , won the heart of Leonardo Di Caprio after breaking up with Bar Refaeli. Unforgettable is the photo of the hug on the yacht in Cannes that revealed the story, making fans of both dream. But everything was resolved within 5 months . A short parable that has however invaded the international gossip reports.

10) Erin Heatherton, the shadow of Leonardo Di Caprio

Victoria ‘s Secret young model Erin Hearton has had a relationship with Leonardo Di Caprio for about 1 year, starting in 2012 . According to her indiscretions, she was always by the actor’s side in every moment of his private and working life. The problem , however, was that she never appeared with him in official events . Perhaps it was the signal that something was wrong between the two and, in fact, the story ended after a short time from its beginning.

9) Toni Garn, the German super top model

In 2013 Leonardo Di Caprio meets Toni Garn , born in 1992, and it is immediately love. She of German origin , like the maternal grandmother of the star, and managed to kidnap the actor’s heart despite his young age. The 2 showed themselves to the public without fear and rumors have accompanied them throughout the 2 years of their love story. But in 2014 it was all over and Leonardo Di Caprio turned 40 as a single with a super party in Florida.

8) Rihanna, the exception to the rule

A story never confirmed but strongly hoped for by the fans of both. Leonardo Di Caprio and Rihanna seem to have had a flirtation as shown by the shots that portray them together at the Golden Globes party and at the Coachella festival . An additional proof, in support of the story, would have been the participation of the star at the wedding of Rihanna’s cousin, in Barbados, as well as the singer’s birthday. To date, no denials or confirmations.

7) Kelly Rohrbach, the actress and model

In 2015, Kelly Rohrbach arrives, a model with a degree in acting and committed to environmental causes. She seems to be the right one for her for Leonardo Di Caprio who, according to rumors, falls madly in love with her. But at the end of 2015, the story ends and Leonardo Di Caprio returns single, to the delight of many of his fans.

6) Laura Whitmore and the night of the Bafta

She was the blonde host of  E! Entertainment and met the star during the Bafta , the awards ceremony that preceded the victory of Leonardo Di Caprio’s Oscar in February 2016. According to gossip, it seems that the actor has decided to celebrate the great event with the beautiful Laura Withmore . It would therefore have been a brief but passionate flirtation.

5) Nina Agdal, from love to friendship

They met in May 2016 and remained inseparable for about 1 year. Nina Agdal , Sports Illustrated model , and Leonardo Di Caprio have conquered the covers of the gossip columns. They have often been spotted together on Malibu beaches, along with the actor’s historic friends, and at numerous official events. But the alchemy soon dissolved. Love turned into friendship and the two remained very good friends .

4) Chelsey Weimar

In 2016 Leonardo Di Caprio is pinched together with model  Chelsey Weimar. According to her indiscretions, she would have made some shots that portrayed her inside the star’s house and which she would then have published on her Instagram profile . An action that perhaps the Hollywood actor did not like and which, probably, was the cause of the break between the two.

3) Roxy Horner, the British model

The supermodel Roxy Horner was paparazzi several times with Leonardo Di Caprio in tender attitudes at the beginning of 2017. No confirmation or denial, however, has never arrived.

2) Victoria Lee Robinson, the black model

Victoria Lee Robinson , also a top model, and Leonardo Di Caprio would have been spotted together at the exit of a Justin Bieber concert in New York. Not much is known about this probable flirtation , but what is evident is that what has probably bewitched the actor this time is a brunette girl.

1) Ela Kawalec, the summer flirt of summer 2017

Leonardo Di Caprio seems to have spent the summer holidays alongside a beautiful Polish modelEla Kawalec . The paparazzi would have surprised them walking, hand in hand, in New York and in a club to spend an evening together.