Sunglasses are not only used to protect the eyes from UV rays, but also to give a touch of style to your image. 

A true complement to the outfit, this article follows very specific trends also for what concerns men’s fashion , given that the utmost attention to the look, nowadays, is no longer the exclusive prerogative of the female world. 

Nowadays, it is possible to find the best trendy proposals also online, relying on specialized portals that can also ensure important savings on purchases. This scenario includes the men’s sunglasses offers proposed by LamaOptical , which in its online catalog boasts models belonging to the best brands in the sector to guarantee users durable and at the same time latest fashion solutions.

The most trendy men’s sunglasses models

The Ray-Bans represent one of the evergreens par excellence among men’s sunglasses, with their classic teardrop shape of the Aviator model that makes them elegant and trendy at the same time. But, in addition to these proposals, it is also possible to opt for versions with oval or more rounded lenses , depending on your tastes. 

Obviously, there are many other famous brands, such as Cristian Leroy , which offer models in line with the latest fashion needs: in this regard, the small and round solutions with essential frames and a single bridge on the nose are in great demand. 

Sunglasses with shaded color lenses are also enjoying great success, in the context of the so-called “mirror” versions , considered capable of conferring a unique and unmistakable style.

In any case, whether you opt for more squared cuts, with double bridge, colored plastic or metal frame, it will be important to pay attention to obtain the right balance between the effect of the model and the need to feel at ease. When choosing, in fact, it is necessary to look both at one’s personal tastes and at the shape of one’s face, identifying models that are able to enhance it to the maximum.

Men’s sunglasses: from frames to lenses

The frames for sunglasses, as mentioned, can be mainly of two materials : metallic or plastic

The former give a chic aura with their sober essentiality and can often be accompanied by a double bridge on the nose , which can be characterized by more or less rigid lines, depending on the model.

Sunglasses with plastic frames, on the other hand, almost always have a single bridge, a material that allows you to play with colors, opting for solutions ranging from simple solid colors to tone-on-tone shades . Currently, among the most popular colors in men’s fashion it is possible to identify classic colors such as brown, black and gold, but also more original solutions in blue , white , green and yellow .

As for the lenses, it is important that they provide the best protection from UV rays and, in this regard, it is good to remember that the darker they are, the greater the shielding. If black and gray , in this particular area, are the most common colors, to ensure maximum visibility in adverse weather conditions it is also possible to opt for lenses that turn green or brown . The blue lenses, on the other hand, are perfect in the snow or in any condition where it is important to benefit from the anti-glare. 

Finally, it is important to remember that these accessories, if equipped with lenses tending to red , can prove to be important allies even at night, specifically when it is necessary to drive and there is the possibility that the lights of the cars can disturb the vision.