The richest industry in Hollywood is certainly that of cinema and TV. To make a film or a television series, a lot of money is needed and not just to set up the set in which they will be shot.

Producers, actors, agents are all personalities that must not be kept on the sidelines when calculating the total cost of a Hollywood production.

The figures are truly mind-boggling and there are real experts who manage to win even a percentage of the proceeds on the proceeds .

Movie actors or stars of the small screen, the more famous a face is, the more the requests will be astounding. Not even the directors and lawyers of the stars are doing badly with cachet that everyone envies. In short, in this world it is difficult to find a profession that does not give food.

10) How much does a movie star earn

Surely the figures are always very high for those who work in the world of cinema but there are those who are really richer than a king. Think of Robert Downey Jr who earned $ 75 million in the last year . A sum of 12 million was paid to him thanks to a rich advertising deal. Not less is L eonardo Di Caprio who has closed a contract worth 25 million dollars , plus the percentage on final receipts. Generally speaking, if the actor is very famous, 30% will be deducted from his income and added to his final pay.


9) How much does an agent earn

In the world of the most famous and highest paid stars it is obvious to find good and very rich agents . In Hollywood, a good agent only needs to manage a single famous person to be able to earn envious figures. A senior agent manages to close contracts with fees that are around $ 200,000 . Then there are some real big players who are also able to win bonuses and fees that can reach up to $ 900,000 a year. For example , Tracey Jacobs earned $ 9 million a year.

8) How much does a TV star earn

Not even the actors of the most popular television series are doing badly. The trend is to double the cachet with the passing of the seasons, as the characters become more and more indispensable to the series. A perfect example of this is the sum requested by the cast of The Big Bang Theory . To renew the final season, protagonists Jim Parsons , Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco have asked for $ 1 million per episode.

7) How much does a director earn

Even for the directors, the discourse is not very different. In fact, if he is a big guy like Ridley Scott , he can get to ask really out of the ordinary figures, up to 35 million dollars to direct a film. Also for this category there is a general rule according to which a good name director costs between 3 and 5 million dollars.

6) How much does an animal actor earn

In general, the fee for animals varies according to the quality. Owners of a dog or cat actor make about $ 400 a day, between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 a year . The little monkey Crystal , who appeared in an episode of Animal Practice , managed to earn 108 thousand dollars.

5) How much does a lawyer earn in entertainment law

One of the highest paid professions in the Hollywood world is that of a lawyer specializing in entertainment law . The fee can be up to 30% on the procedures of its rich and famous clients. The most famous and highest paid attorney is Skip Brittenham with an income of $ 10 million a year.

4) How much does an appearance earn

The extras receive a fee of $ 148 per day . By working daily, being an assistant by profession , you can earn about 40,000 dollars a year.

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3) How much does a studio chief earn

A studio chief works on behalf of the producer and is responsible for making sure things go well. The best, work up to 18 hours a day, but manage to earn up to 15 million dollars.

2) How much does a cook earn

The highest paid cook is Christian Paier who works on the most prestigious sets in Hollywood. Paier brings home over $ 200,000 a year to his company.

1) How much does a screenwriter earn

Film writers earn $ 100,000 to $ 1 million per script, while TV writers only $ 6,000 a week.