Two Weeks to Fall in Love Review

Directed by Marc Lawrence for his first directing, Two Weeks to Fall in Love is a cult of romantic comedies . Shot in 2002, it is released in Italy on Valentine’s Day: February 14, 2003. The protagonists of this light and usable film are Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant , who will then again have the opportunity to collaborate with Lawrence respectively in Miss FBI and Write me a song.

As a good must of the pink comedies, the film is available on the major streaming platforms and is often repeated on digital TV (see for example the inclusion in the schedule next Sunday ed). Certainly this is not a novelty or an innovative comedy, but the New York setting and the completely unusual but plausible dynamics of the love story told still know how to make a smile. Small note of color that today makes you smile even more: an appearance of Donald Trump in the role of himself.

Two Weeks Plot to Fall in Love

One hundred minutes pass quickly and thoughtlessly in front of the lively story of George and Lucy . He is a womanizer construction tycoon , she is an environmental lawyer , the two meet when the commercial plans of the Wade Corporation, George’s multimillion-dollar company, threaten the Community Center where Lucy is growing up.

George needs a new lawyer; Lucy intercepts him to challenge the threatening real estate project. Misunderstandings and agreements that make both parties happy do the rest: Lucy becomes an employee of the Wade Corporation and George agrees not to demolish the community center she cares about so much.

They will work closely day and night, establishing a relationship in which they become each other’s counterpart . However, George’s often intrusive and inappropriate being turns into a big problem in Lucy’s life, so she notifies him of the famous two weeks’ notice of dismissal. Those fateful 14 days will upset their relationship.

The inevitable happy ending does not take long. In the middle, a comic component played on the bickering of Bullock and Grant, on the absurdity of situations and on a large group of spotted co-protagonists . Clumsy and uncoordinated Lucy, binging to relieve stress; George who can’t even make the simplest decisions on his own; her parents activists for her; his despotic brother; the new intern who poses as a provocative doll.

The city of New York is in the background , with its lights and buildings , which become another protagonist of this beautiful story with a happy ending all played out in the world of architecture and construction. Bridges, skyscrapers, luxury hotels and roofs with breathtaking sea views are a living component of Lawrence’s story and contribute to making the whole story magical.

Two Weeks Notice: Two Weeks to Fall in Love is a film with few pretensions, which entertains the right, mixing irony and embarrassing situations, squabbles at work and digs about private life. The director’s hand treads on stereotypes , which become a further comic motif and a source of amusement for the viewer.

George is the never-growing big boy who can’t take care of himself, Lucy the career woman who won’t let go. Right from here, however, the protagonists will meet halfway. While the maturation of the first is evident, there is no shortage of changes (with a lot of hangover to forget) for the second.

We can’t expect more from a romantic comedy

Less famous than other films of the romantic genre, the film remains recommended as an exponent of the vein, so in vogue throughout the first decade of 2000. As well as it is recommended for all those who want to spend a couple of hours in peace, smiling and touching. , getting angry and breathing sighs of relief. Sentimental at the right point.