Willpower, permanence and rootedness. Artistic sensitivity, sensuality and contact with nature. The natives of the Taurus sign receive from the earth element and the ruling planet Venus an extraordinary combination of stability and sensuality that make it one of the most special signs.of the zodiac.
The actors and actresses that we present to you below were born under the sign of Taurus and their personality is determined by the designs of the zodiac .

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Well-known actors and actresses who are Taurus
These international artists of proven prestige were born under the sign of Taurus, between April 21 and May 21. According to the horoscope, they have a special sensitivity and are great gourmets, as well as being practical and determined.

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1. George Clooney
The great seducer of Hollywood, George Clooney, was born on May 6, 1961 under the regency of Venus, which gave him that natural gift for beauty and seduction . Although the star of ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ and ‘The Descendants’ has had a hectic love life, he has finally found stability with Lebanese writer Amal Alamuddin.
In addition, he is a guy committed to humanitarian causes (he has organized several campaigns for the victims of natural disasters and the Darfur conflict), which reveals a sensitive personality, as befits the Taurus . 2. Al Pacino
On April 25, 1940, under the star of Taurus, one of the most famous actors in Hollywood was born: Al Pacino. Pacino perfectly represents what a bullfighting is in the artistic profession, since he is a recognized method actor who bases his success on his perseverance at work and the psychological deepening of the character.
In addition to cinematographic successes such as ‘Serpico’, ‘Scarface’ and ‘The Insider’, the long career of this rogue and seducer has dozens of theatrical performances that, due to the nature of Taurus, offer the artist the possibility of expressing the emotions of him with more intensity . 3. Ana de Armas
One of the revelation actresses of recent years in Spain, Ana de Armas, was born on April 30, 1988, and in addition to revealing herself as an actress of great skills, she conquered the scene thanks to her incomparable beauty and her seduction skills .
She did it in the famous Spanish bill series ‘El Internado’, and since then she has made a name for herself internationally. One of the traits of Taurus that define her is her stubbornness and her decision that led her, at the age of 18, to get her Spanish passport and leave her native Cuba with the clear objective of becoming a star . And she made it. 4. Dwayne Johnson
The canons of astrology mark that the Taurus have a short-medium height anda robust and solid body in which the neck area predominates, above all . A pattern that fits the description is that of Dwayne Johnson, born on May 2, 1972.
As a good Taurus, the actor known as ‘The Rock’ has not only stood out in the cinema but also in the field of wrestling . In addition to having maintained a stable sentimental life , Dwayne Johnson, actor in films such as ‘The Scorpion King’ and ‘The Fast and The Furious’, has stood out for his commitment to humanitarian work. 5. Megan Fox
Despite having an enormous capacity for attraction and a tendency to enjoy life, Megan Fox lived in her adolescence a strict and exclusive education that led her to seek her own path. ThusShe became, very soon, an independent and mature woman .
This is how this actress, born on May 16, 1986, under the sign of Taurus, became a tough and stubborn personality but, at the same time, a lover of the pleasures of life . In addition to coming out as bisexual, she has repeatedly shown a very self-assured personality: ‘I would never apologize for who I am or what I do in my life,’ she said. A true Taurus. 6. Penelope Cruz
On April 28, 1974, a Taurus came to the world in Alcobendas, Madrid, who would conquer the world cinematographic scene thanks to an exotic beauty and an unusual artistic sensibility . We are talking about Penelope Cruz.
She grew up as a star as Pedro Almodovar’s muse, in the films of which she demonstrated, as in ‘Volver’, that in addition to being a great actress she masters the technique of cante to perfection. As a good native of Taurus, she maintains, in parallel to an impeccable professional career as a result of her constant work, a stable family life with her husband Javier Bardem . 7. Michelle Pfeiffer
She conquered the big screen in the 80s and 90s with movies like ‘Grease 2’ and ‘Catwoman’, and in addition to having great acting skills , she used her powerful weapons of seduction wonderfully . We are talking about the Taurus Michelle Pfeiffer, born on April 29, 1958.
In fact, she started as a model to later carve out a career in the world of cinemain female roles of great sexual power. But something that perfectly defines the influence of the zodiac on his personality is that he abandoned his career for a few years to dedicate himself to his family, also educating his children in humility and austerity. 8. Jack Nicholson
In January 2019, Jack Nicholson appeared in the newspapers and on television with a very worn appearance: that actor that Hollywood turned into a kind of heartthrob appeared next to his son who was very overweight and somewhat disheveled.
And it is that the Taurus have a great physical potential thanks to the regency of Venus, but due to their appetite for the good life and gastronomy they are very prone to gaining weight.. Jack Nicholson was born on April 22, 1937 and, like a good Taurus, has become one of the best actors in the history of cinema for his ability to work and his artistic talent. 9. Pierce Brosnan
Known for being a great seducer thanks to roles like James Bond, few know Pierce Brosnan’s attachment to his family , both with his first wife who died in 1991 and with his second wife, with whom they also share a Very Taurus passion like food and wine.
Pierce Brosnan was born on May 16, 1953 and as a native of Taurus he built the character of James Bondin films like ‘Golden Eye’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ combining the virility of Sean Connery, the sensitivity of George Lazenby and the naturalness of Roger Moore, in addition to his contributions of drama and vulnerability. 10. Cate Blanchett
With the most important film awards to her credit (two Oscars, three Golden Globes and three BAFTAs) and recognized as one of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood,Cate Blanchett has combined a successful career with a stable and prosperous family life.
She and her husband, Andrew Upton, not only share love and passion but a common project: they are the artistic directors of the Sydney Theater Company. Born on May 14, 1969, this actress is not only endowed with a special beauty but also builds her characters with a mixture of sensuality and sensitivity that marks her character since she was a child.