It also happens to women, but much more often to VIP men: over the years, they become more beautiful. There are those who have always been a sex symbol, while others have become one over time. After all, with maturity also comes the awareness that (in addition to bringing advice for work choices) it can also benefit the physical aspect.

Finding your style, the perfect haircut, the right beard length, the best sport to maintain your body. These are all things that can make a difference, so much so that many VIPs get better as they get older. For some of them it seems that the hands have stopped, while for others the silver hair and some wrinkles have given a charm that perhaps was not so marked before. Whether it’s local actors or Hollywood stars, the recipe is always the same: let time take its course, learning to enhance style and strengths.

From the protagonists of the most popular series of the 90s, to the most admired characters on TV, up to the great American actors, let’s discover together 10 famous men who, like good wine, improve as they age:

1) Jared Leto

Jared Leto was first listed in People magazine’s list of the most attractive men in the world back in 1996 and has practically never appeared there since. Known for being also the frontman of Thirty Secondo to Mars , founded together with his brother Shannon in 1998, Jared Leto’s appearance has not suffered at all from the severe changes it has undergone over the years. The actor in fact lost and put on a lot of weight depending on the roles played. Last among these, in which it is absolutely unrecognizable, that of Paolo Gucci in the film House of Gucciwhich tells the story that revolves around Patrizia Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga. The American actor born on December 26, 1971, seems to have made a pact with the Devil. To give you an idea, between the 1st and 2nd images there are 17 years of difference.

2) Elio Germano

Elio Germano is one of the most interesting protagonists of Italian cinema. Although he was only born in 1980, he already boasts about 30 years of career, having made his debut on the big screen at 12 with the film You broke dad. It has been a crescendo ever since. He has already won 4 David di Donaltello , various film awards and was the first Italian actor, after Marcello Mastroianni, to win the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2010. As a boy with glasses and voluminous curly hair, Elio Germano became a real sex symbol and now, after the age of 40, it seems to have reached its golden age.

3) Owen Wilson

‘What is beautiful is not beautiful, what pleases is beautiful’ . This proverb is really perfect to describe the American actor, born in 1968, Owen Wilson. Crooked nose, thick and untidy hair, facial features that are anything but harmonious yet… Yet in the rankings of VIP men it never fails. And there is one thing to say, over the years the actor much loved by director Wes Anderson has learned to value his own characteristics. Turning flaws into strengths : We should learn a lot from Owen Wilson.

4) Luca Argentero

Luca Argentero is one of those lucky swans who have never been ugly ducklings. The former barman from Moncalieri, born in Turin on April 12, 1978, stands out on TV for the first time in 2003 when he participates in the 3rd edition of Big Brother . He arrives 3rd, but his beauty does not go unnoticed and guarantees him a series of television hosts and engagements as a model. In 2005 he made his debut as an actor and, since then, his career has taken off. From 2020 and Andrea Fanti in the television series Doc – In your hands , a sort of dr. Douglas “Doug” Ross in the Italian style.

5) Joshua Jackson

Born in 1978, Joshua Jackson cannot be missing among men who get older as they get older. For those who were adolescents between the 90s and the 00s, the American actor will always remain Pacey Witter from the legendary teen-drama Dawson’s Creek . After having covered that role and having made the hearts of millions of teenagers beat, the interpreter has also achieved great success starring in other series, one above all Fringe , in which he is the scientist Peter Bishop. Today, close to blowing out 44 candles, Joshua Jackson has not lost that eternal boy aspect that has been enriched but with a charm that perhaps he did not have before. A clue is the news, released a few days ago on the magazine dedicated to Hollywood Deadline, in which it is announced that the actor will be the protagonist of the TV series of Paramount + Fatal Attraction , based on the 1987 film of the same name with Michael Douglas.

6) Brian Austin Green

And speaking of cult series, how can you not mention Beverly Hills 90210 ? Of course, in that cast there were many 90s pieces like Jason Priestley (Brandon) and Luke Perry (Dylan), who passed away in 2019. But we want to talk about Brian Austin Green, interpreter of DJ David Silver ? The actor, born in 1973, is certainly the one who matured best, becoming a beautiful man. It is no coincidence that he had 3 children and was married for 10 years (a record for a Hollywood couple) to the splendid actress Megan Fox.

7) Raz Degan

Born in 1968 in a small kibbutz in northern Israel, Raz Degan is now a gorgeous (almost) 54-year-old. Of course, not that he was less handsome before. Her modeling career begins immediately after her military service and, in a very short time, appears on the covers of the most famous fashion magazines. Subsequently he embarks on a film career, cultivating a particular bond with our country. In Italy he becomes a famous television personality thanks also to the turbulent relationship, which lasted from 2002 to 2015, with the showgirl Paola Barale. Always handsome, his journey towards the age of awareness has enriched him with spirituality and a splendid silver beard that highlights his fascinating gaze even more than him.

8) Keanu Reeves

The incredible beauty of Keanu Reeves is probably due to the genetic mix that his parents gave him. From his father, an American geologist, he inherited Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, English, Italian and French origins while his mother was of English descent. Born in Beirut in 1964, his adolescence is marked by difficulties in studying (he will only discover later that he is dyslexic), by the divorce of his parents and by many removals. The only constant, the passion and talent for hockey. After a series of jobs (including the lumberjack and the sharpener of ice skates) he begins to pursue a film career. Success begins to arrive in the early 90s and culminates with the Matrixthat in ’99, will make him one of the highest paid and appreciated actors in the world.

To really put him to the test, private life took care of it. Keanu Reeves lost his best friend River Phoenix to an overdose, his first child a few days after birth due to a heart malformation and, in 2001, his partner in a car accident. Marked by grief , he could have let himself go to despair and depression instead, with tenacity and resilience , today the actor is experiencing one of his most prosperous periods from a working point of view. His face, marked by time and the past, is now more fascinating than ever.

9) George Clooney

George Clooney has been named the Sexiest Living Man 2 times according to People magazine . Despite this, the American actor born in 1961 had to do a long apprenticeship before being able to get noticed. The fame of him, we know, is due to the interpretation of the pediatrician Douglas “Doug” Ross in ER – Doctors on the front line when Clooney was already 35 years old. Before then, the semi-anonymous sex symbol had starred in many series with supporting roles and in various B-movies such as The Return of the Killer Tomatoes.and other unlikely titles. At the end of the 90s the cinema world finally realizes him and the arrival of the new millennium consecrates him in the Olympus of celebrities. Just like his career, his beauty has also matured over time. Today, at the age of 60, he is considered one of the most fascinating men ever.

10) Richard Gere

We could only conclude the ranking of vip men who improve with age without mentioning him, the sex symbol par excellence. American Gigolo, Officer and Gentleman, Pretty Woman, Chicago . Richard Gere has populated the fantasies of millions of fans for more than a generation. The actor born in 1949 is undoubtedly the one who best managed to capitalize on what nature had offered him. Handsome when young, magnificent middle-aged man, gorgeous over 70 years old. He who knows if the others present will also know how to keep themselves so well …