Libra is an air sign that is represented by a balance, an association that reflects the fixation of its natives for balance and harmony. Librans strive for symmetry in all areas of their lives . In the workplace, Libras do very well in creative activities, including acting.
For that reason, we are going to meet some of the best known actors and actresses who were born under the regency of Venus .

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Well-known actors and actresses who are Libra
These 10 renowned actors and actresses were born between September 23 and October 22, that is, their personality is influenced by the sign of Libra: creative, tireless and methodical people who have managed to get there to the highest spheres of interpretation and performance.

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1. Will Smith
Born on September 25, 1968, Will Smith stands out as one of the most charismatic Hollywood actors out there . Since his beginnings in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, when he played the charming and idealistic young man who bore his name (and not by chance), Will Smith already proved to be a person capable of dazzling anyone.
As a good Libra, Will Smith was known to be a brilliant student , however he decided not to attend college in order to pursue his music career. This perfectly reflects some basic characteristics of the Libra: intelligence and diplomacy, such as idealization. 2. Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet is, without a doubt,one of the most popular and beloved actresses in Hollywood . Born on October 5, 1975, the Oscar-winning actress for ‘The Reader’ achieved colossal success in less than a decade after her entry into Hollywood. Kate has also achieved international recognition for her talents as a singer, as well as for her humanitarian work.
Undoubtedly, the influences of the sign of Libra have been clear throughout the life of the artist since her charming personality, her artistic concerns and her good deeds for the peace and well-being of others are some of the Libra traits. 3. Hugh Jackman
This renowned actor born on October 12, 1968 is known for his ability to adapt to changes in his record,for his avid imagination and creativity and for his ability to connect with emotions.
His charm, his ability to connect with the public and his love of music and singing also make Hugh Jackman a textbook Libra, we only have to check if he also includes the less positive aspects of Libras such as the lack of decision-making capacity or superficiality. 4. Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke was born on October 23, 1986. Of English origin, the actress rose to world fame thanks to her role as Daenerys in the acclaimed series ‘Game of Thrones’. From a very young age, Emilia was clear that she wanted to be an actress and not abandoning her ideals has led her to success.
Influenced by the sign of Libra, this actress is characterized by her sincerity and honesty . On the other hand, other qualities of the Libra are that apparently they can seem firm and decisive, but sometimes behind the mask of stability, they can hide their internal insecurities. 5. Matt Damon
With the Sun in Libra at the time of his birth (October 8, 1970), Matt Damon displays the civilized and gentle characteristics of his sign , as well as a good education. In addition, all these characteristics marry very well with most of the roles he has played, from ‘Good Will Hunting’ to ‘The Talented Mister Ripley’.
He comes from a wealthy family, he studied for the first time at the prestigious Harvard University and in his youth he was an intellectual boy with revolutionary overtones , something very typical of his sign: a brilliant mind with the will to find his place in society. 6. Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon, born under the influence of Libra on October 4, 1946, is a world-renowned American actress and winner of several awards in the world of cinema, including an Oscar. In addition, as she characterizes Libras, Susan is also known for her social and political activism, becoming a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador .
Sarandon has appeared in dozens of movies such as ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, ‘The Witches of Eastwick’, ‘Thelma & Louise’ or ‘Little Women’. The Sun in Libra and in conjunction with Neptune, the planet of illusion, creativity and imagination , has led him to great success. 7. Michael Douglas
Born on September 25, 1944, under the influence of the sign of Libra, Michael Kirk Douglas is an actor who reflects great intellectual sensibility, being refined and sensitive. Known for their devastating charm and ability to pronounce the right words at the right time , Libras are endowed with a great talent that attracts the sympathy of others.
Regarding his career in the world of acting and art, Michael Douglas has starred in successful films such as ‘Basic Instinct’ or ‘Wall Street’, a film for which he won an Oscar for best actor , and produced others such as ‘Someone I flew over the cuckoo’s nest. 8. Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those Hollywood stars that arouses both desire and aversion. That is, either you hate her or you love her, something very common in Libra. Born on September 27, 1972, this actress is also distinguished for being a sensitive person with great artistic ability.
Born with the Sun in Libra and conjunct Mercury, Paltrow is also known for her social work, her commitment to the environmentand for his diplomacy when facing any vital situation. Gwyneth Paltrow reached the peak of her career with the interpretation of Viola Lesseps in ‘Shakespeare in Love’. 9. Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on September 25, 1969, and like the rest of our famous people, she was born under the influence of Libra, which makes her characterized by sweet charm but also by a personality. strong , both in perfect balance. A curiosity: she shares a zodiac sign with her husband, Michael Douglas.
Her idealism and ambition led her to become a Hollywood star at a very young age. Her intelligence and her artistic sensibility, with the mastery of several languages ​​and her training in the musical discipline, make her a textbook Libra. 10. Christoph Waltz
And the last in this list of actors and actresses of Libra sign we have Christoph Waltz, actor of German origin born on October 4, 1956 known for his versatility when acting , for being one of the favorite actors of Quentin Tarantino and for starring in renowned films such as ‘Django Unchained’, ‘Inglourious Basterds’ or ‘A Wild God’.
Christoph Waltz is known for knowing how to communicate at all levels of languageespecially when it comes to non-verbal language. This actor is known to be a great fun lover, but he also dazzles with his charming and generous personality.