Important women in history: those who changed history

March 8 is Women’s Day : so first of all, best wishes! We too want to celebrate this important occasion in our own way. In fact, in this post we want to talk to you about the important women in history , that is, those who with their actions have changed the course of events and fought for their rights. Thanks to them the world is a better place. Let’s find out together on our portal!

Giovanna D’Arco

We could only begin our story about famous women with Joan of Arc, called “The Maid of Orleans”, who was the French champion, a heroine who fought against the British in the 100 Years War. Her courage and her dedication to her French cause did not save her from the stake, to which she was sentenced for heresy in 1431.

Canonized in 1920, and today she has become the Patroness of France.

Madame Curie

Another woman entered by law in world history and Madame Curie , winner of two Nobel Prizes: in Physics for the study of radiation, and in Chemistry for her studies on radium and polonium. She was the first woman to teach Physics at the prestigious La Sorbonne University of Paris. A famous and important woman in the history of science, she has also made a very important contribution to medicine for her studies on radioactivity, capable of defeating skin cancer.

Anna Bolena

Queen of England from 1533 to 1536, Anna Bolena and the second wife of Henry VIII who gave birth to another great woman, Queen Elizabeth I of England . She is gifted with intelligence, cultured and able to govern the Kingdom of England in an excellent way, she unfortunately made enemies at court and was the subject of terrible torture by the King for her inability to give him a male heir. She was executed by beheading when she was under 30.

Emmeline Pankhurst

Perhaps not everyone knows Emmeline Pankhurst , but if women today have greater rights than in the past, it is partly due to the battles of this English activist, who lived between the 19th and early 20th centuries. She was in fact the protagonist of the feminist suffragette movement in the United Kingdom, helping British women to obtain the right to vote. She was named by the Times in 1999 as one of the most important women in history.


Amelia Earhart

Among the famous women in history, a place of honor certainly deserves Amelia Earhart, the pioneer of flight, the first woman able to cross the Atlantic in flight and alone, and by far the first person capable of flying over both ‘Atlantic than the Pacific. She was one of the bravest women of the 1900s, but she mysteriously disappeared while she was flying on her attempt to travel around the world by airplane in 1937. Even today it is not known what happened to the plane, but in all probability the remains were found following a research conducted by experts in 2018.

Rita Levi Montalcini

Italian woman and our pride, Rita Levi Montalcini won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for her studies on the identification of the nerve fiber growth factor (NGF). She left us a few years ago but she remains one of the most important women in our recent history, not only in Italy. Simply a MYTH!

Maria Montessori

Another excellent Italian who enters our list of famous women and Maria Montessori , Italian educator, pedagogist, doctor and scientist, was one of the first women to graduate in medicine in Italy and creator of the Montessori method, adopted today in thousands of nursery and primary schools , secondary and superior schools around the world.

The Montessori method starts from the study of boys and girls with mental problems, subsequently expanding to the study of education for all children, applying a completely innovative method to fully develop all their potential through the freedom to express themselves, thus releasing creative energies. that the adult has compressed within himself, rendering them inactive.


Coco Chanel

Since ours is a fashion magazine, we could only pay homage to the great Coco Chanel , capable on her own of innovating and renewing world fashion, founding her own brand and successfully launching many fashions still current today as well as her famous perfume, Chanel No. 5 , which was her favorite number.

She is also famous for helping to establish the image of the career woman:

“Up until that moment we had dressed useless, idle women, women that the maids had to put on their sleeves; instead, I now had a clientele of active women. An active woman needs to feel comfortable with her in her dress. You have to be able to roll up your sleeves. “


Margherita Hack

We want to end our post dedicated to the women who inspired us the most with Margherita Hack , another Italian who gave prestige to our country.

Scientist, astrophysicist and scientific popularizer, Margherita Hack, Florentine by birth, has dedicated her entire life to the study of the stars and the secrets of the Universe. She also left us a few years ago but her studies are still relevant today.

Our post on important women in history ends here. There would still be many to mention in this post, but time passes and so we just have to say goodbye: see you next time!