Gisele Caroline Bundchen, one of the highest paid Brazilian supermodels , never ceases to dictate the law with her charm, even if she doesn’t always get on the catwalk now. About her di lei The beauty of her di lei who imposed herself on her in the nineties and equal only to her di lei determination di lei, which led her to be an example for many young models of the following years, who still admire her without envy. Today she is over forty years old but she does not show them and they do not weigh on her, on the contrary she has welcomed them with philosophy and charm, as always. How much time has passed since that day in Sao Paulo ..!

From Sao Paulo to the world

Gisele Caroline Bundchen was born in Horizontina, Brazil, on July 20, 1980. Normal, middle-class family, with father university professor and mother employed. Gisele, together with her twin di lei Patricia, plays modeling from an early age. As a teenager, she attended a modeling course in order to make a good impression at a school dance. And during a trip to Sao Paulo, scheduled for the course, she is noticed by a real talent scout,  who works for the Elite Model Management agency. The chance encounter takes place in a Mac Donald’s.

Take part in the Elite Model Look final, where she comes second, participating in the international final in Ibiza, where she ranks in the top ten. From here she starts auditioning and moves alone to Sao Paulo.

It is then immediately projected into the golden world of fashion but it does not mount the head. Initially the sacrifices and disappointments are many but luck begins to turn in New York. 

Success, travels, tours, fashion shows… Gisele – as everyone now calls her – does not forget however the difficult beginnings and above all the humiliations and the “ body shaming ”, suffered during the first appearances. About her di lei Her di lei angular features di lei, her nose di lei “too big”, the criticisms of her bearing di lei have made her more determined but also more sensitive to this ugly aspect of fashion.

Meanwhile, her career takes off: she parades for Yves Saint-Laurent, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Vuitton, Cavalli, Bulgari, Ferragamo and many other brands choose her for their fashion shows.

Forbes names B u ndchen highest paid supermodel in the world for several years and meanwhile becomes the face of Victoria’s Secret, participating in its fashion shows.

A supermodel that never goes out of fashion

Girlfriend for six years with the American actor Leonardo Di Caprio , it is she who leaves him to follow her life on the catwalk with more passion. Her collaboration di lei with Victoria’s Secret takes a lot of time and energy, representing a school of life she will never forget. She becomes one of the highest paid supermodels in the world and in the early 2000s she is a real star. 

He still collaborates with other super brands: Chanel above all, but also Versace , confirm his skill.

In 2011 she launched her own company, an underwear fashion line that she designs and wears (Gisele Bundchen Intimates)!

In 2015, surprisingly, she retired from the fashion world. But she doesn’t lose enthusiasm. Since her retirement di lei she writes, shoots commercials, does a lot of charity and is the UN ambassador.

Very committed to “her” Amazonia, she also knows how to dedicate herself fully to her family. She marries American football player Tom Brady, with  whom she has two children, Benjamin and Vivian.

Gisele today

Today Gisele is always active and has become a source of inspiration for many other young models. She teaches them to model, to dress but also to accept themselves without filters. She herself often appears natural, without make-up, proud and confident in her beauty di lei, despite the passing years of lei. She is proud of the message she brings to the world of fashion, which is that you can become a great model despite those limitations and many small and big flaws. Despite the criticisms and malice of others, Gisele made it and became the “angel ” of fashion.