The premium television channel Starz announces that it is extending the miniseries ‘The Spanish Princess’ by eight more episodes and, added to the five of the first and only season, it will end with a total of thirteen installments . We tell you everything about this long-awaited return.

Eight more episodes in the court of ‘The Spanish Princess’
Critics baptized her as the ‘Catalina de Aragon of millennials’. For the most demanding, it is about tricky fireworks behind which there is nothing more than a great void and manifest historical errors, although from the point of view of entertainment, some consider it a good mixture of eroticism, intrigue and evocation .
The production companies All3 Media, Playground and New Pictures, famous for their frivolity and commercial character, condensed in five chapters the most important facts of a truly fascinating character, Catherine of Aragon, who as a teenager possessing great beauty was also called to inherit the throne of England .
Now, the Starz channel announces the broadcast of eight new episodes that will end the story and that will arrive, supposedly, in 2020. For this task, the writers and executive producers Emma Frost and Matthew Graham will get down to work , and they will have the continuity of Charlotte Hope and Ruairi O’Connor as cast leaders.
According to the writers, the latest batch of episodes focuses on Catherine of Aragon’s negotiations on war, politics, and the marriage of England’s most dangerous king. This will close a new miniseries with which Starz completes a trilogy also made up of ‘The White Queen’ and ‘The White Princess’ .
‘The Spanish Princess’, the new series about Catalina de Aragon. | Starz.

The good and bad reviews of ‘The Spanish Princess’
Fans of historical and royal court series will welcome the new batch of episodes of ‘The Spanish Princess’. For viewers accustomed to the genre, the series is not as disastrous as some paint it , although it has good things and bad things.
The series focuses heavily on the arrival of a teenage Catherine of Aragon in rainy England where she intends to inherit the throne. When her fiance, Prince Arthur of Wales, dies suddenly, she begins a fight to defend her right to her throne , for which she tries to seduce the candidate Prince Harry, who will be the future King Henry VIII.
Much of the criticism has agreed to praise the efforts of the producers to take care of the setting, costumes and photography down to the last detail, trying to convey with baroque fidelity the spirit of the English court of the high modern age. Something much commented on are, for example, vintage hats.
However, many have cried to heaven for the lack of respect for historical facts and their sacrifice to achieve only a commercial and effective product. One of the most notorious mistakes is, for example, presenting a flamenco dance group despite the fact that this genre was born two centuries later than the time of Catherine of Aragon.
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