Boho-chic term: the origins

Actually the term boho-chic is quite recent, but it is in fact a reinterpretation of the hippie, ethnic and casual precedents with an extra touch of sophistication. In fact, this is the formula that characterizes this style, which winks at ethnic cultures, not neglecting the importance of elegance, which always reigns supreme in fashion.

Boho chic style: a timeless style

The term actually says a lot about this trend: partly  bohemian , partly  chic,  which might seem contradictory but instead works great.

The origins of the boho chic style come from two cities very distant from each other in terms of lifestyles and architectural features: Paris and San Francisco. Europe then and the United States, united by taste and the search for a new fashion style.

The first to adopt the boho-chic style and the Paris of the late 19th century, where the term was used as a name for all those unconventional artists, writers, musicians and actors, who began to gather in the lower classes of the gypsy quarter and from here the use of the word gypsy, which in French translates into bohemian.

In fact, in France at that time it was customary to combine the idea of ​​the gypsy-traveler with the Bohemians, the inhabitants of the present Czech Republic.

The other city is San Francisco in the 70s , the one that became famous for the flower-power movement, the so-called flower children, free sex and the battles against the war in Vietnam.

At the base of the common thread that unites two so different realities are the romantic and revolutionary ideals that together have been an inspiration, not only for the world of fashion, but also for that of art in general.


What about the  chic note instead ?

Added later and with  Kate Moss  and  Sienna Miller,  who pioneered this style ever since they started dressing in suede boots, cowboy hats, loose and loose dresses, oversized bags and ethnic accessories. From that moment on, the boho chic look has never ceased to be imitated in the world, from the most important famous fashion houses to the most popular and visible fashion chain stores.

But what does a boho chic look consist of?

The diktat is to wear fluttering clothing, vaguely gypsy, comfortable and with a romantic and hippie inclination. It is a style that has at its base the idea of ​​being nonconformist and provocative through an apparently unkempt look but rigorously studied at the table, down to the smallest details.

The predominant motifs are tie-dyes from the seventies, feather earrings and soft pants.

The funniest part is finally linked to the colors, which should not be combined as well as they should not be coordinated in patterns or shapes.

Black is obviously banned, as well as leather, tulle, silk and above all sequins and glitter: colored stones, fringes and laces dominate in their place.


The boho chic style really does not seem to go out of fashion because it is capable of speaking transversally to different cultures and different styles. Moreover, since it is celebrated annually thanks to events such as Coachella in the USA, it has truly become a synonym of great style.