Unless you have very high salaries, all of us mere mortals have typically stocked our wardrobes in low-cost chain stores , compared to high-end competitors. And who has never bought a cardigan or a T-shirt even at the market?

However, it is known that the main problem of low cost clothing  consists in the imperfect quality of the fabrics (and their premature wear ) or in the defects of the garments that are worn. If we don’t have the budget to buy all our dresses in boutiques, we need to arm ourselves with patience and find solutions.

Tricks to make clothes look cheap, that is cheap, in chic there are and now we will let you discover them. We assure you that it is possible to appear wearing a haute couture suit, made to measure, even if in reality you have not paid more than 40 €, only the right touches are needed.

Do you remember Cinderella’s mice, who with a needle, thread and a few pearls taken from a broken necklace, transformed the dress of the protagonist into a dream dress? Here, this is what we will do. Let’s see in the next pages the 6 tricks to transform a cheap dress into chic :

1) Break down the budget

Do you have a certain budget that you have set yourself not to exceed? It will be essential to allocate at least one third of the total to the purchase of frills and decorations, or even to small tailoring jobs to improve and personalize your dress. Have you ever thought about it, that you don’t need to wear things as you bought them? Maybe you find a color that is enchanting, but “falls badly” on your body? Take it to a seamstress and ask her to fix it for you in the critical points. At the next party, it will look like a boutique dress.

2) Colors are important

Not only the choice of models is important, for a garment to fit well, but also the fabrics and above all the colors. Just like make-up, even the colors of the clothes can make a person worse or better, even a lot. For example, you prefer a tone on tone , or the timeless total black and if you want to dare, even a total white . On the other hand, avoid too bright patterns, otherwise the cheap effect is guaranteed.

3) The “below” is also important

By “under” we do not mean the pants, but what you put under your clothes, that is the underwear . Pay absolutely attention to the type of fabric you are going to buy, because one of the first things you notice in a cheap dress is a poor fabric. A dress that is too thin could let you see in transparency, or even worse, the embossed seams of your lingerie. Always prefer a soft and seamless underwear, and remember that for good taste , leggings should not be worn alone, but the backside should be covered by a dress or at least a long t-shirt. 

4) Il make up

Didn’t you really think you were exempt from this key? Make-up is essential everywhere. A well done, precise, not vulgar make-up and above all made with colors that enhance your complexion and your features does a lot. An exaggerated make-up can make even the best dress look horrible, on the contrary, even if you wear unsigned clothes, but wear a light and flattering make-up, you will look like a goddess and no one will notice what you wear or at least not with a critical eye. Seeing is believing.

5) Hair and hats

Same story of make up. Hair is also essential for a chic and trendy look. Whatever your hair type, curly, wavy or straight, you can opt for many hairstyles and if what you want is a “disheveled” look , it must be done to perfection. If you really don’t see each other, learn to wear hats , especially now that they are also in fashion.

6) Accessories

Finally the accessories , they too are important, but even here do not exaggerate. If you are wearing large and gaudy earrings, it is better to avoid wearing a necklace as well, vice versa, it is better to strategically match the colors of the accessories, to enhance your look. As for rings, bracelets and watches, aim for the end.